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  • JEIDA Sets Standards on Display, Info Appliance Interfaces
  • February 26, 1999 (TOKYO) -- The Japan Electronic Industry Development Association set interface standards to connect display devices such as LCD monitors with information appliances.
    The new standards are called "Digital Interface Standards for Monitor version 1.0."

    In connecting flat panel displays such as liquid-crystal display (LCDs) with digital appliances such as personal computers, digital interfaces are better than analog now in wide use in CRT displays in terms of image quality and cost. But there have so far been no standard specifications on digital interfaces for displays.

    The Digital Interface Standardization Committee, a voluntary group of Japan's electronic business industry, started to study standards in August 1997. JEIDA's Digital Interface Standards for Monitor Working Group proceeded to draw up work in cooperation with overseas enterprises and standards groups since June 1998.

    The interfaces are to connect IT devices such as PCs, workstations and various kinds of devices for industrial use with display devices, and interfaces among display devices. The standards define signal standards, electric characters, connectors, pin layouts and software. They adopt three digital transmission methods: TMDS, LVDS/LDI and GVIF.

    The full text of the standards is at JEIDA's home page in Japanese.

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