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  • Use of Japanese Language URLs to Begin in 1999
  • March 5, 1999 (TOKYO) -- Japan's Research Institute for Computer Science Inc. is developing a technology that can write uniform resource locators (URL) in Japanese on a Web page.
    Institute officials said that they have already used URLs in Japanese on a trial basis. They will begin providing a service of Japanese URLs this year after setting rules for using them.

    The service is made possible with the cooperation of Internet ONE of the United Kingdom. Since Internet One manages the [.io] domain of server addresses that end with .io and free descriptions in a URL are possible, the officials said.

    For example, a Japanese URL will be: http://www. (a Japanese company name in Japanese language, or others).jp.io (jp here means the Japanese language instead of Japan.)

    In addition to using the Japanese language, the institute also plans to use two-byte languages to write URLs other than in Japanese, the officials said.

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