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  • Gov't Urges Firms to Devise XML Data Broadcasting Format
  • March 17, 1999 (TOKYO) -- The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications requested the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) to draw up a standard format based on extensible mark-up language (XML) for digital data satellite broadcasting, according to ARIB officials.
    XML is a data format for structured document interchange on the Web.

    In response to the ministry's request, ARIB set up a working team March 10 at the Satellite and Terrestrial Common Technology Committee of the Satellite Digital System Development Council to design the standard format.

    At the initial meeting, a goal was set to work out the format before the end of 2000, when a Broadcasting Satellite digital broadcasting service is to be launched, a participant at the meeting said.

    Japan has been pushing forward with the development of a data broadcasting format based on Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group (MHEG)-5.

    However, an ad-hoc subcommittee at the Digital Broadcasting System Committee of the Telecommunications Technology Council concluded Jan. 29 that it is necessary to develop the XML-based format.

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