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  • NEC to Sell Windows CE 2.0 Mobile Info Terminals
  • March 18, 1998 (TOKYO) -- NEC Corp. unveiled two models of its Mobile Gear II handheld personal computers, or mobile information terminals, that run on the Japanese version of Microsoft's Windows CE 2.0.
    The release of the Japanese version of Windows CE 2.0 was announced by Microsoft Co., Ltd. of Japan on March 11, the same day as NEC's announcement.

    Two models of NEC's Mobile Gear are available. They are the MK series with a DOS-based operating system and a large 16.5mm pitch keyboard, and the CS series running on Windows CE 1.0 and smaller in size than the MK.

    The Mobile Gear II (See chart.) has a 16.5mm pitch keyboard and it runs on Windows CE 2.0. Its body is almost identical to the that of the MK model. The Mobile Gear II will go on sale along with the MK and CK series.

    "NEC has sold 119,000 units of the MK series, and that accounts for 83 percent of the total number of Mobile Gear units shipped. We expect the MK series to be popular, with Windows CE 2.0 and the large keyboard," said NEC senior vice president Yoshi Takayama.

    The MC-R500 has a super twisted nematic (STN) liquid crystal display (LCD) with back light and retails for 120,000 yen (US$930), and the MC-R300 has a liquid crystal display with black and white four-gray scale tones and retails for 94,000 yen (US$729). The specifications of the two models are almost identical except for the displays.

    The main specifications include an NEC VR4111 (RISC) processor, 16MB of main memory for the color model and 8MB for the black and white model, a 33.6kbps fax modem, IrDA 1.0-compliant infrared interface, TYPE II PC card slot, and a slot for small-sized memory compact flash, NEC said.

    The color model runs for 8 hours on special lithium-ion secondary batteries. Batteries used for the black and white model are two sets of A3 alkaline dry batteries, and they last for 30 hours.

    NEC said the size of a color model is 245mm (w) x 138mm (d) x 31.4mm (h) and it weighs 850g. The black-and-white model measures 245mm (w) x 122mm (d) x 30.5mm (h) and it weighs 670g.

    Shipments of both models will start March 20. NEC targets combined sales of 15,000 units a month.

    Chart : Mobile Gear II

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