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2001_Oct-31: NEC Exhibits Design Models for Entertainment-Oriented Mobile Terminals
2001_Oct-31: NTT Regional Carriers Set Mid-Nov. Launch for FOMA-Compatible ISDN Videophone
2001_Oct-31: NTT Submits Plans to Encourage Healthy Market Competition, Lower NTT DoCoMo’s Stake
2001_Oct-30: KEPCO to Resume Privatization Negotiations for Powercomm
2001_Oct-29: China Mobile Teams Up with Four Taiwan Telecom Leaders
2001_Oct-29: Alcatel’s JVs Consolidate to Form Alcatel Shanghai Bell
2001_Oct-29: DDI Pocket to Delay 128kbps Packet Data Service Until Spring 2002
2001_Oct-29: Toyota Displays Demo Consumer Vehicle With Network Service at Tokyo Motor Show
2001_Oct-29: Overseas Telecom Firms Seek Partners in China
2001_Oct-29: Media EXchange Begins IPv6 Data Center Trial, Commercial Launch Set for April
2001_Oct-26: Taiwan Cellular, Taiwan Fixed Network Team Up, Merger Possible
2001_Oct-26: Korea Launches Digital Television Broadcasting
2001_Oct-26: Carriers Oppose Proposed Plans for Revised Telecom Business Law
2001_Oct-26: Keio Univ., Toyota, NEC to Conduct ITS Experiment on IPv6 in Spring 2002
2001_Oct-25: Trial IPv6 Service for Japanese Consumers to Begin in January 2002
2001_Oct-24: Corporate Users Show Interest in ADSL: Nikkei Market Access Survey
2001_Oct-24: Honda, NTT In-Car Information System to Provide Info on Time, Place
2001_Oct-23: U.S. Telecom Gear Firms Eyeing Higher Sales in Japan
2001_Oct-23: Marconi’s DWDM Technology to Enhance Northwestern China’s Network
2001_Oct-23: Furuno to Market Business-Use Mobile Terminal With SS Wireless, Bluetooth
2001_Oct-23: Vodafone, NTT DoCoMo Compete Fiercely
2001_Oct-19: NEC Tops in Cell Phone Shipments in 1st Half
2001_Oct-19: Samsung Electronics to Manufacture Mobile Phones in China
2001_Oct-19: Taiwan’s MOTC Announces Floor Bid Prices for 3G Telecom Licenses
2001_Oct-19: KDDI R&D; Labs, Others to Test Multicast Video Delivery Using IPv6
2001_Oct-19: Siemens Increases Asia Investment, With Eye Toward China Market
2001_Oct-18: LG Telecom to Cooperate with KDDI in Japan
2001_Oct-18: KG Telecom Orders ‘Taiwanese Version of I-Mode’ Core Platform System from NEC
2001_Oct-17: Japan’s DSL Contracts Hit 651,000; Rival Outpaces NTT in September Growth
2001_Oct-17: China Mobile to Launch 3G Service in 2003 or 2004
2001_Oct-17: Japan’s Telecom Ministry Asks U.S. to Change Wireless Investment Rules for Foreigners
2001_Oct-16: Japan’s FTTH Circuits in Service Reach 3,500 as of End of September
2001_Oct-16: China Unicom’s CDMA Wireless Network Nearing Completion
2001_Oct-16: Samsung SDI, UDC to Develop AM-Type Color Organic EL Panel Using Phosphorescent Material
2001_Oct-15: Qualcomm Starts Shipping CDMA2000 1x Chipset Supporting Bluetooth Ver. 1.1
2001_Oct-15: Wireless Roaming Technologies Start to Spread in Earnest with PDAs
2001_Oct-15: NTT DoCoMo’s FOMA Service Gets Only 5,700 Subscribers after Three Days of Launch
2001_Oct-12: Japan’s August Mobile Phone/PHS Shipments Fall on Soft Demand for Replacements
2001_Oct-12: Nortel Upgrades Multiservice Backbone for China Telecom in Jiangsu, Shandong
2001_Oct-12: TU-KA Suffers Loss of Subscribers for Third Consecutive Month
2001_Oct-12: GM and Toyota to Tie Up on Information Service for Car Devices
2001_Oct-12: Citizen, IBM Japan Develop Bluetooth Wristwatch PC Using Linux
2001_Oct-11: TEPCO to Launch FTTH Business, Lease 100Mbps Fiber-Optic Lines to ISPs
2001_Oct-10: Wide Telecom Exports CDMA Phones to Europe
2001_Oct-5: Fusion Communications Tops 700,000 Subscribers, Forecasts 1 Mln. by March 2002
2001_Oct-4: Ericsson, Sony Start Joint Venture
2001_Oct-4: ‘Short Battery Life’ is Top Complaint Among Business Mobile Device Users
2001_Oct-4: Global Cellular Handset Sales to Grow Only 8 Pct. to 440 Mln.: Strategy Analytics
2001_Oct-3: Telecom Ministry to Loosen Regulations on 2.4GHz Wireless Communications
2001_Oct-3: Mobile Internet Service to Start Outdoor Wireless LAN in Tokyo
2001_Oct-3: NTT West to Test Hot Spot Service, Test Security Using Cisco Gear
2001_Oct-3: NTT DoCoMo, Video Conferencing System Makers to Organize Industry Association
2001_Oct-2: Agilent Japan Pres. Says 3G Mobile Phone Market to Show Solid Growth
2001_Oct-2: WebTV to End Service March 2002
2001_Oct-1: NTT Com, NTT DoCoMo to Launch FOMA-Capable VPN Service for Mobile Phones
2001_Oct-1: Price Declines for Wireless Internet Connection Service at 2Mbps
2001_Oct-1: Matsushita to Launch Trial Service for IPv6 Through its ISP Business


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