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2000_May-31: Japan to Deregulate Online Sales of Financial Products
2000_May-31: Justsystem to Launch ASP Business for Individuals
2000_May-31: DDI Sets US$37B Sales Target in Five Years as Post-Merger Strategy
2000_May-31: LG.Philips to Establish Fifth-Generation Production Line for TFT-LCDs
2000_May-31: JEIDA, EIAJ to Merge for Stronger Global Presence
2000_May-31: KT, Hyundai, Samsung, POSCO, Hanjin to Form Joint Firm
2000_May-30: Software Piracy Cheats Firms of US$12.2 Billion in ’99
2000_May-30: Samsung Electronics Develops 16M SRAM for IMT-2000 Handsets
2000_May-30: Olympus Optical to Sell Goggles-Shaped Display for PCs
2000_May-30: China to Speed Up Microelectronics Industry Development
2000_May-30: Hanaro Telecom to Set Up U.S. Affiliate
2000_May-30: ‘Free PC’ Boom Faltering in Japan
2000_May-29: NTT DoCoMo Discusses Capital Tie-Up with SK Telecom
2000_May-26: NTT DoCoMo to End Curb on Accepting New I-Mode Users
2000_May-26: DRAM Price to Maintain Status Quo Around US$6-6.5: Dataquest
2000_May-26: Samsung Electronics, Others to Join Forces to Build Linux-Based Supercomputer
2000_May-26: Wireless Palm Devices Due in Japan in 2001, Palm CEO Says
2000_May-26: Convenience Store Chains Stage E-Commerce War
2000_May-25: Fujitsu, Others to Offer Account-Settlement Service by Cell Phone
2000_May-25: Sony to Establish ‘Memory Stick Forum’ in Taiwan
2000_May-25: Hyundai Electronics to Spin Off Monitor Division in Latter Half of 2000
2000_May-25: Toshiba Accused of Violating Chinese Consumer Rights Law
2000_May-25: KG Gears Up Broadband Investment
2000_May-24: IBM Japan to Localize Screen Reader for Visually Impaired in Japanese
2000_May-24: Taiwan’s Nan Ya to Invest US$800M to Boost Production of Low-Cost DRAMs
2000_May-24: DDI Pocket’s New Gateway Allows PHS Phones to be Used as Intranet Clients
2000_May-24: China’s Telecom Reshuffle Sparks Fierce Competition
2000_May-24: Fujitsu to Boost Flash Memory Production Eight-Fold by 2002
2000_May-23: DDI/IDO’s WAP Service Subscribers Hit 2 Million
2000_May-23: Silicon Wafer Suppliers Set to Raise Prices
2000_May-23: Y2K Affects Mainframe Sales of Major Computer Makers in Japan
2000_May-23: Mobile Phone Users Top One Million in Guangxi
2000_May-23: Sharp to Launch Mebius Notebook with I-Mode-Capable Software
2000_May-23: Mitsubishi to Send Ads to Internet-Capable Mobile Phones
2000_May-22: NTTSC Pulls Plug On Satellite-Based Internet Service
2000_May-22: BOC Finances China Unicom’s GSM Expansion
2000_May-22: Canon to Debut Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera for US$3,300
2000_May-22: Korea’s Freechal Gets US$10M from GE Capital-Led Consortium
2000_May-22: Dalian to Open IT/Biotech Industrial Park
2000_May-19: IBM Japan Adds Color I-Mode Support to HomePage Builder Software
2000_May-19: U.S. Razorfish to Launch Japanese Operation
2000_May-19: More Security Holes Discovered in IE for Mac OS, Java ML Says
2000_May-19: China’s Online News Regulation Effective by July
2000_May-19: Hinet Cuts XDSL Rates to Compete for Market Share
2000_May-19: MKI Ties Up with U.S. Firm in E-Commerce Data Centers
2000_May-18: Japan FY99 Digital Camera Shipments Top 5 Million: JEIDA
2000_May-18: Leading Companies Present Clustering, Remote Monitoring Software at LinuxWorld Tokyo
2000_May-18: TSMC to Transfer Skills to Motorola, National Semiconductor
2000_May-18: Toshiba Criticized for ‘Discrimination’ against Chinese Consumers
2000_May-18: Korean Gov’t Mulls Auction for Wireless IMT-2000 Licenses
2000_May-18: Older Semiconductors Enjoy High Demand
2000_May-17: Asia-Pacific Region Ships Record 4.24 Million PCs in Q1 2000
2000_May-17: Hitachi Sells Lab Technology on Web
2000_May-17: Samsung SDI Begins Construction of World’s Largest PDP Factory
2000_May-17: Bestlot.com Opens Japan Site to Cross Search Net Auction Sites
2000_May-17: Serome Technology Seeks to List Dialpad.com on U.S. Nasdaq
2000_May-16: Dell Offers Optional Damage, Theft Warranty
2000_May-16: Lawson Convenience Stores Start Settlement, Distribution Service for E-Commerce
2000_May-16: Demand for Chips Surpasses Production
2000_May-16: NTT-ME to Offer Flat-Rate Internet Service for Home Users
2000_May-16: Korean VC Group Allix May Face Collapse
2000_May-15: Cell Phone Firms to Prevent Misuse of Prepaid Handsets
2000_May-15: Sony Computer’s PS2 to Debut in North America in October
2000_May-15: Korea’s Electronics Industry Hitches Up Sales Goals for 2000
2000_May-15: Fujitsu to Announce Fastest UNIX Server
2000_May-15: Samsung Electronics to Boost Non-Memory Sales by 15 Pct.
2000_May-12: NEC Ties with BroadVision on E-Commerce Site Construction
2000_May-12: Hungien Group Joins Jiang Zemin’s Son in Semiconductor Venture
2000_May-12: Tomy to Sell Low-Cost, Round Digital Camera in August
2000_May-12: Taiwan’s Motherboard Makers Hard Hit By Intel’s Recalls
2000_May-12: LG Electronics Sues Deliverer for Its Missing PDP TV Sample
2000_May-11: Sanyo Electric, Kodak Jointly Develop OLED Display
2000_May-11: E-Mail a Key to E-Commerce Success: ActivMedia Research
2000_May-11: PCCW, Taiwanese Groups Join to Create Chinese Internet Content
2000_May-11: Wuhan Emerges as Popular City for French Investors
2000_May-11: Daeheung Multimedia Q1 Net Up 155 Pct.
2000_May-10: Japan’s Domestic PC Shipments Jump 32 Pct. to 9.94M in FY99
2000_May-10: DDI Likely to Adopt MC-CDMA for IMT-2000
2000_May-10: Winbond, Toshiba, Fujitsu to Co-Develop 0.11-Micron Technology
2000_May-10: Japan’s Dial-Up Net Subscribers Reach 15.7M: Nikkei Survey
2000_May-10: Beijing Nokia First to Join Xingwang Industrial Park
2000_May-9: IBM Japan to Ship I-Mode Search Software in Late 2000
2000_May-9: Sony, Taiwan’s MOEA Forge PlayStation2 Strategic Alliance
2000_May-9: ANA Tops Shopping Web Site List for Men, Cecile for Women: InfoCom Survey
2000_May-9: TriGem Computer Q1 Sales More Than Double
2000_May-9: Matsushita Companies Develop Power-Conservation System for Home Appliances
2000_May-8: Japanese Small Firms Set to Catch Up on Net Use: IBM Survey
2000_May-8: China’s DVD Player Market to be Upbeat in 2000
2000_May-8: LG Philips LCD to Launch Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon TFT-LCD Biz
2000_May-8: First International to Cooperate with Acer and Inventec
2000_May-8: Samsung Electronics to Set Up E-Commerce Business with 11 Others
2000_May-5: J-Phone Group to Sell Java-Capable Mobile Phone within 2001
2000_May-5: Cable Modem Makers Compete for Tuner Supplies
2000_May-5: China Strives to Boost High-Tech Exports
2000_May-4: NEC to Enter U.S. ASP Market Via Corporate Accounting Services
2000_May-4: China’s Datang Telecom Masters CDMA Wireless Technology
2000_May-3: Hitachi, Sanyo Push Music Download System for Mobile Phones
2000_May-3: China’s E-Commerce Web Sites Surpass 1,100, Survey Says
2000_May-2: ComTec, Korea’s E-Motion Establish Membership Giveaway Site
2000_May-2: Taiwan Makers Expect Rosy Prospects for DRAM Industry
2000_May-2: Study Group Urges Gov’t to Help Fund Upgrade to Digital Broadcasting
2000_May-2: Taiwan’s CEPD Seeks No Duties on Online Commodity Transaction
2000_May-1: Toshiba Reports Results Of FY99 Environmental Accounts
2000_May-1: SK Telecom-Shinsegi Merger Wins Conditional Approval
2000_May-1: Taiwan Software Firms Establish Venture-Capital Fund
2000_May-1: Linc Media Establishes Company to Operate Job Search Site
2000_May-1: NEU-Alpine, Nokia to Develop Wireless Data Solutions


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