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2000_Jun-30: Mitsui Teams with U.S. Carrier, Cable & Wireless, Others to Offer DSL Service
2000_Jun-30: Microsoft China Reports 83 Pct. Growth
2000_Jun-30: PCs, Mobile Phones Continue to Set Demand Pace for ICs, EIAJ Says
2000_Jun-30: UMC Helps Fill Up Driver IC Supply Gap
2000_Jun-30: Kyocera to Invest US$47M to Increase Production of STN-LCDs for Moblie Phones
2000_Jun-29: Toshiba Ships Samples of Reflective TFT-LCD Panels for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-29: Taiwan Gov’t Holds Key to Success in Genetic Info Industry
2000_Jun-29: LG.Philips LCD Wins US$1B Deal from American Panel
2000_Jun-29: VIA Set to Capitalize on Intel’s Woes
2000_Jun-29: BEA System, Beida Jade Bird Join to Promote E-Commerce in China
2000_Jun-28: Sotec Makes Leap in Japan’s PC Market
2000_Jun-28: Korean Gov’t to Pick Three License Recipients for IMT-2000 Services
2000_Jun-28: IDO/DDI to Offer CdmaOne Mobile Phone with Color LCD Screen
2000_Jun-28: Acer to Launch E-Project Focusing on Information Appliances
2000_Jun-28: Internet Association of Japan Merges with Two Network Organizations
2000_Jun-27: Japan’s IT Market Grew 3.2 Pct.to US$47.7B in 1999: IDC Japan Survey
2000_Jun-27: Taiwan’s Paging Operators Target Third-Generation Mobile Systems
2000_Jun-27: New Adobe President Says His Firm ‘Will Lead Japan’s Internet Era’
2000_Jun-27: Lucent Builds Joint Telecom Lab in Shenzhen
2000_Jun-27: Matsushita to Launch Color E-Mail Device with Built-In Camera for DDI Pocket
2000_Jun-26: Sony to Market Hard Disk Video Recorder
2000_Jun-26: Sanyo to Debut Headphone-Shaped Silicon Audio Player
2000_Jun-26: Samsung Electronics Records 10 Millionth RDRAM Shipment
2000_Jun-26: Winbond’s DRAM Contract Price to Hit US$9 in Q3
2000_Jun-26: IBM, Xian Group Launch Software Development Platform
2000_Jun-23: TDK Unveils Digital Audio Player with Semiconductor Memory
2000_Jun-23: Bertelsmann-Kadokawa to Offer Lowest Delivery Charges for Online Book Store in Japan
2000_Jun-23: Samsung Completes Handset Production Factory in Spain
2000_Jun-23: NTT Labs Makes High-Definition Display System with Large LCD
2000_Jun-23: C&S; Technology Wins US$53M Deal from China
2000_Jun-22: Japan Unit of U.S. Venture to Start Wireless Net Connection Service in Japan
2000_Jun-22: Kenwood Technology Improves Sound Quality by Filling in Missing Data
2000_Jun-22: Online Ad Business to Reach US$28B by 2005, Jupiter Says
2000_Jun-22: JVC Develops Innovative 1.3-in. QXGA Reflective TFT-LCD Panel
2000_Jun-22: Cisco, Dongnan University Cooperate in R&D; for Internet Technology
2000_Jun-21: Toshiba to Sell DVD-Audio-Compatible Player from August
2000_Jun-21: Olympus Unveils Digital Camera with 10x Optical Zoom, Correction Function
2000_Jun-21: Korea, China to Form CDMA Telecom Specialist Conference
2000_Jun-21: Chung Hwa Picture Tube’s Market Share Jumps
2000_Jun-21: Samsung Reinforces Internet Biz
2000_Jun-20: Business Cafe Begins Venture Incubation Business in Japan, U.S.
2000_Jun-20: China Western Region Replicates Utah’s E-Commerce Model
2000_Jun-20: Oracle Japan Struggles to Get Oracle Exchange Off the Ground
2000_Jun-20: Microsoft Launches Windows CE 3.0, Development Tool in Taiwan
2000_Jun-20: Japan’s IT Ventures to Build Digital Hollywood Stream
2000_Jun-19: Bill Gates Receives Honorary Degree from Japan’s Rikkyo University
2000_Jun-19: Sharp to Market 15-in. LCD Monitor with Improved Color Purity
2000_Jun-19: Samsung Techwin Develops High-Speed Chip Mounter
2000_Jun-19: Japan’s Largest ISP Starts ADSL Test Service in Limited Areas
2000_Jun-19: UMC, Other Suspended Wafer Fabs Pass Environmental Impact Assessment
2000_Jun-16: NTT President Calls for Early Revision of NTT Law
2000_Jun-16: New Service to Keep Firms from Ill-Natured Rumors on Web Sites Flourishes
2000_Jun-16: Hinet, Seednet Cut ADSL Internet Access Rates
2000_Jun-16: Japan’s Internet Users to Reach 20M Mark, More Use at Home: Survey
2000_Jun-16: Chinese Army Develops Mobile Telecom System
2000_Jun-16: Sega Adapter to Connect Dreamcast to CATV for Online Games, Software Distribution
2000_Jun-15: Nintendo to Sell Pikachu Model Nintendo 64
2000_Jun-15: Mitsubishi Electric’s Eco-Spending Amounts to 16.9 billion yen in FY99
2000_Jun-15: LGIC Joins Forces with Ericsson for IMT-2000 Biz
2000_Jun-15: MPT Revises Security Measures, Incorporates Opinions from Public
2000_Jun-15: Taiwan’s Compal, China’s Legend Develop Closer Ties
2000_Jun-14: FTC Says NTT Reshuffle Insufficient to Boost Competition
2000_Jun-14: Kato-Denki, DDI Pocket Develop PHS-Based Auto Theft Protection Device
2000_Jun-14: Microsoft Helps Train Laid-Off Workers in China
2000_Jun-14: Wholesale Circuit Sales in Asia to be Valued at US$5.78B in 2003
2000_Jun-14: Taiwan to be Home to Four of World’s Top 10 TFT-LCD Makers by 2002
2000_Jun-13: IBM Eyes Online E-Business for Chinese SMEs
2000_Jun-13: IBM Japan Begins Mail-Order Sales of Low-Cost A4 Notebook PC
2000_Jun-13: Asian Web Info-Service Provider to Make Inroads into Japan
2000_Jun-13: LG Electronics, LGIC Boards Approve Merger in Stock Swap
2000_Jun-13: Zenrin, Cybird to Provide Detailed Urban Map on I-Mode Phones
2000_Jun-12: Sony Computer to Launch Sales of PSone Game Machine
2000_Jun-12: Taiwan’s Motherboard Industry Sees Good Prospects
2000_Jun-12: Hitachi Sells Sign Language Translation Software for Hearing Impaired
2000_Jun-12: Tianjin Becomes Trial City for E-Commerce
2000_Jun-9: IBM, Toshiba, Hitachi, Others Join to Create US$1B Parts Market on the Net
2000_Jun-9: Many U.S. Web Consulting Firms Venture to Japan
2000_Jun-9: LG Electronics to Establish B2B Venture with 12 Overseas Firms
2000_Jun-9: NTT DoCoMo Unveils E-Mail Device with Keyboard, Digital Camera
2000_Jun-9: China.com to Invest US$100M in Korean Internet Firms
2000_Jun-8: No Palm for You, Dad: Parts Shortage Severe for Palm
2000_Jun-8: China’s Internet Development Hindered by Narrow Bandwidth
2000_Jun-8: Sharp to Sell CMOS Sensor Module for Mobile Phones
2000_Jun-8: H.K. Issues Consultation Paper on Net Domain Name Management
2000_Jun-8: Number of Chinese Cybersurfers Exceeds 10 Million
2000_Jun-8: Mobile Phone Internet Subscribers Top 10 Mln. in May
2000_Jun-7: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Panels to Get 15-18 Pct. Market Share in 2000, Acer Display Says
2000_Jun-7: Taiwan ISPs Vie for WAP E-Commerce Market
2000_Jun-7: Samsung Corp. Scraps Spin-off Plan for Internet Unit
2000_Jun-7: Neocom Tech to Introduce B2B Web Site for DRAM Microchips
2000_Jun-6: NEC Aims to Develop ‘Ultra-Computer’ System with 40TFLOPS
2000_Jun-6: China Times Inter@ctive Joins Hung Kuo in Online Venture
2000_Jun-6: Samsung, Hyundai Notch Up Chip Prices
2000_Jun-6: Matsushita Electronics Develops Color LCD Panel Using Plastic Substrate
2000_Jun-6: Sony, Matsushita to Market HDD Video Recorder This Year
2000_Jun-5: China/HK to Outshine Taiwan as Largest Semiconductor Market
2000_Jun-5: Sintek Opto-electronic to Enter TFT-LCD Color Filter Market
2000_Jun-5: Hyundai Electronics Aims to be One of World’s Top-Three Foundries
2000_Jun-5: NTT DoCoMo to Offer Roaming Service to Cover Korea
2000_Jun-2: Formosa Komatsu Fights for Share of Taiwan’s Silicon-Wafer Market
2000_Jun-2: Dedicated Net Access Line Subscribers Rise 30 Pct. in Six Months
2000_Jun-2: Korea’s Mobile Service Subscribers Rise 5.4 Pct. in April
2000_Jun-2: Silicon Foundries Venturing into Design Services
2000_Jun-2: NEC Debuts Virtual ‘Life’ Game for I-Mode Users
2000_Jun-1: Photographer Arrested for Selling Pirated Software Worth US$9,300 in 5 Months
2000_Jun-1: CarPoint KK E-Commerce Sales Exceed Expectations, President Kikuchi Says
2000_Jun-1: TSMC Seeks DSP-Related Product Orders from Analog Devices
2000_Jun-1: Asia/Pacific Online Advertising to Exceed US$1B by 2004, IDC Says
2000_Jun-1: Sina.com Teams with Aurora Systems to Tap E-Commerce Market
2000_Jun-1: Linc Media Plays Matchmaker in IT Deals


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