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2000_Aug-31: Compaq to Offer E-Commerce Solutions via Net in Japan
2000_Aug-31: Japan Units of U.S. Network Device Vendors to Partner on Market Development
2000_Aug-31: Chinese Linux Vender to be Aggressive with Embedded Linux
2000_Aug-31: Processing Trade Hits US$3.63 Billion in Shandong
2000_Aug-31: CDMA Subscribers Total 65 Million Worldwide
2000_Aug-31: Shanghai Aims to be Among World’s Most Wired Cities
2000_Aug-30: Yamaha Offers Free Trials of Mobile Phone Tunes via Internet
2000_Aug-30: Japan’s Package Software Market to Grow 12 Pct. in 2000: IDC Japan
2000_Aug-30: Online Bookstore BOL Gets Exclusive Sales Rights of Stephen King’s Book
2000_Aug-30: Compal Aims to be Taiwan’s Second Largest Maker of Notebook PCs
2000_Aug-30: JTM to Launch Video Camera That Can Send Moving Images via PHS Phones
2000_Aug-30: Korea’s Barunson Acquires Ubiz System for 6.7B Won
2000_Aug-29: PictureTel, Sharp Team Up on Videoconferencing Systems
2000_Aug-29: Japan’s Credit Card Firms Ally for Funds Transfer Protocol for Mobile Phone, Game Machine
2000_Aug-29: Korea to Announce Steps to Rekindle Venture Industry
2000_Aug-29: Usen, SGI Japan, NTT to Begin Satellite-Based Content Delivery Service
2000_Aug-29: W-CDMA Will Become Unnecessary, JTM President Says
2000_Aug-29: Canon to Launch Three Inexpensive, Thin Scanners
2000_Aug-28: Asia’s Internet Infrastructure Development Surpasses Japan’s
2000_Aug-28: Japan’s Appliance Server Market Growing Explosively, IDC Japan Says
2000_Aug-28: MITI to Formulate Measures for Used Home PCs, Set Standards for PC Recycling
2000_Aug-28: Taiwan’s ADSL Subscribers Grow Sharply
2000_Aug-28: Nortel to Offer Telecom Devices Complying with Japan’s ADSL Specs
2000_Aug-28: Acer Aims to Win Palm Authorization of PalmOS Chinese Version
2000_Aug-25: Chipmakers Outsource Output to Overseas Firms
2000_Aug-25: MITI Seeks Radical Changes with New Telecommunications Law
2000_Aug-25: Olympus to Release 4-Megapixel, 15 Frames/Sec. Digital Cameras
2000_Aug-25: Samsung SDI Develops 65-In. Plasma Display Panel
2000_Aug-25: ECBizz.com Adds Auto Translation of Buy/Sell Info in 5 Languages
2000_Aug-25: Toshiba Power Shortage Affects 1200dpi Scanner Shipments
2000_Aug-24: I-Mode Sites Growing Rapidly in Tandem with Gains in Users
2000_Aug-24: Nifty Ties Up with Samsung Group ISP, EC Site
2000_Aug-24: China’s Software Firms Form National Alliance
2000_Aug-24: Major PC Server Makers Eager to Expand Linux OS Share in Japan
2000_Aug-24: Chinese Firm, IBM China to Provide Electronic Parts to Nokia
2000_Aug-24: LG Electronics to Invest Heavily in IMT-2000 Projects
2000_Aug-23: Internet Offers New Opportunities in Copyright Business
2000_Aug-23: InterQ, Microsoft Venture Offers Web Hosting, Domain Registering Services
2000_Aug-23: EAccess Unveils Plans for ADSL Access Exchanges
2000_Aug-23: Taiwan’s Toppoly Optoelectronics Enters Low-Temp Polysilicon TFT-LCD Market
2000_Aug-23: Taiwan Computer Makers Entering China’s PC Market
2000_Aug-23: Samsung Electro-Mechanics to Mass Produce Set-Top Boxes for Internet TVs
2000_Aug-22: JCB to Close Virtual Mall
2000_Aug-22: Tokyo Metallic Celebrates 1,000th DSL Subscriber
2000_Aug-22: Korea Digital Line Chosen as SK Telecom’s IMT2000 Bidding Partner
2000_Aug-22: Chartered, Lucent to Jointly Develop 0.13- to 0.08-Micron Technologies
2000_Aug-22: Korea Telecom to Step Up Wireless, Internet Businesses
2000_Aug-22: Online Crime Sees Brisk Rise, National Police Agency Says
2000_Aug-21: DDI-KDD-IDO Alliance to Spin Off Cell Phone Operations
2000_Aug-21: JASRAC Submits Net Music Distribution Tariff Schedule
2000_Aug-21: Microsoft Sues Chinese Company for Piracy
2000_Aug-21: Makers of Passive Components Enjoy High First-Half Profits
2000_Aug-21: China Unicom Opens Telecom Data Network
2000_Aug-21: DDI, IDO to Expand cdmaOne’s Roaming Service Area to Australia
2000_Aug-18: Asia Internet Holding Ties Up with Internet Thailand
2000_Aug-18: Net Population in Japan for July Amounts to 21.9 million: Survey
2000_Aug-18: Asia’s PC Market is Outperforming U.S., Europe, Dataquest Says
2000_Aug-18: Livedoor to Offer Low-Rate Internet Service
2000_Aug-18: Fujitsu Korea to Sell 42-In. Plasma Display Panels in Sept.
2000_Aug-18: Groupware to Support I-Mode Debuts
2000_Aug-17: Cybozu Software to Allow Remote Groupware Access via I-Mode
2000_Aug-17: Market Share of Mobile Phones Rises in China
2000_Aug-17: EMachines to Expand Market to Europe
2000_Aug-17: Chinese Translation Software Firm Enters Australian Market
2000_Aug-17: BT to Join LG Telecom-Led Consortium for IMT-2000 License
2000_Aug-17: Motorola Cancels Orders to Wafer Foundry Manufacturers
2000_Aug-16: Japan to Allow Foreign Carriers to Lease NTT Networks
2000_Aug-16: Overseas Powerhouses Place IA Orders with Taiwan’s Firms
2000_Aug-16: Hyundai Electronics to Develop Semicon Chip for PCS Phones
2000_Aug-16: Shanghai Bell to Expand Telecom Capacity in Guizhou
2000_Aug-15: Sony, 39 Others Join to Standardize Car Navigation System
2000_Aug-15: Japan’s Mobile Phone Subscribers Top 60 Million
2000_Aug-15: Intrinsic, Zhejiang Mobile Join to Develop Wireless Internet Services
2000_Aug-15: Taiwan’s Packaging Sector Enjoys Promising Prospects Despite Some Cancellations
2000_Aug-14: Matsushita Electric Works Ties Up with Cisco Systems in ASP
2000_Aug-14: IBM, China Software Producer Promote E-Commerce
2000_Aug-14: DRAM Microchip Makers Expect High Q4 Profits
2000_Aug-14: Zhejiang Province Draws Overseas Funds to IT Industry
2000_Aug-11: Rakuten to Open Shopping Mall for Cell Phone Users
2000_Aug-11: PCCW to Acquire Jaleco, Set Foothold in Japan for Broadband Internet
2000_Aug-11: Intel, Matsushita Develop Music Distribution Mgt. Software for SD Memory Cards
2000_Aug-11: TSMC to Use 0.18-Micron Analog-Digital Mixed Signal Process
2000_Aug-11: Yahoo! in Talks to Buy Alumni Finder Site for US$45 Million
2000_Aug-11: Japan’s PC Makers Increase Orders to Taiwan OEMs
2000_Aug-10: NTT Comm, Covad to Offer DSL Phone Service in Japan
2000_Aug-10: Intec to Start ASP Business for Mobile Phone
2000_Aug-10: Securities Firms to Establish Company for Bond Trading
2000_Aug-10: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Begins Flash Memory Card Production
2000_Aug-10: NEC’s Valuestar T PC Supports Digital Satellite Broadcasts
2000_Aug-10: Taiwan’s IA Boom Season Comes in Ahead of Expectations
2000_Aug-9: Sony, Kyocera to Join Tests of Fast Cell Phone Technology
2000_Aug-9: Sotec to List on Nasdaq Japan Market in Sept.
2000_Aug-9: LG.Philips to Start Volume Production of Low-Temp Polysilicon TFT-LCDs
2000_Aug-9: Powerhouses Scramble for Taiwan’s Undersea Cable Leasing Business
2000_Aug-9: Chinese Linux Aims to Break Microsoft Monopoly
2000_Aug-9: Korea Grows to World’s Six-Largest Mobile Phone Country
2000_Aug-8: Yahoo Japan Sets New Fees for Demographic Targeted Ads
2000_Aug-8: I-Mode Subscriber Base Tops 10 Million Level
2000_Aug-8: Justsystem, Toshiba Team Up in ConceptBase System Integration
2000_Aug-8: Korea’s Locus Acquires Core Technology in All-Stock Deal
2000_Aug-8: Science and Technology Agency Reveals Two New Satellite Projects
2000_Aug-8: Hinet, Seednet Compete for Business in G2B E-Commerce
2000_Aug-7: Telecom Ministry Tags Three Firms for Innovative Support
2000_Aug-7: Asahi Chemical Industry to Enforce Its Lithium Battery Patent Right
2000_Aug-7: Korean Electronics Sector to See US$60B Worth of Exports in 2000
2000_Aug-7: Application Outsourcing Service Sales Rise 9.5 Pct. in 1999
2000_Aug-7: TI Set to Help Taiwan Upgrade High-Tech Products
2000_Aug-7: MITI Aims to Issue All-Purpose Smart Cards
2000_Aug-4: Japan’s PC Shipments Top 2M Level for 5th Straight Quarter: JEIDA
2000_Aug-4: Sharp Launches 5mm-Thin CMOS Sensor Modules
2000_Aug-4: China Starts Producing Color TFT-LCD
2000_Aug-4: Cisco-Motorola Joint Venture Invisix to Advance into Japan
2000_Aug-4: Exports of Chinese Software Firm Huajian Reach Record High
2000_Aug-4: Kyocera to Lift Exports of PHS Mobile Phone Gear to Asia
2000_Aug-3: Taiwanese Chip Designers Plan Stronger Push in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Oracle, Sun, Three Others Team to Support E-Commerce
2000_Aug-3: DigiCube, Others to Establish Company to Develop Multi-Functional E-Commerce Device
2000_Aug-3: Microsoft Taiwan to Cooperate with Yam.com
2000_Aug-3: Sony’s PlayStation2 Marks Shipments of 3 Million in Japan
2000_Aug-3: Nokia Wins Chung Hwa Telecom GPRS Contract
2000_Aug-2: Matsushita Electric Enters ADSL Internet Arena
2000_Aug-2: Zenith Expects U.S. to Pick Up Its VSB Digital TV Transmission Standard
2000_Aug-2: Cybird’s New Firm to Support Java Content Development for Cell Phones
2000_Aug-2: Shipbuilding B2B Sector Intensifying in Korea
2000_Aug-2: Leading Foreign Venture Capital Firms to Start Public Offerings
2000_Aug-1: ‘EZweb’ WAP Subscriber Base Tops 3 Million Level
2000_Aug-1: CATV Internet Leads Japan’s Fixed-Rate Net Connection Services
2000_Aug-1: Samsung, Hyundai Electronics See Increase in Chip Sales During First Half
2000_Aug-1: Korean Venture Sets Up MyPlanJapan.com for PIM Services in Japan
2000_Aug-1: Mitac Synnex Group to Build Data Center in Shanghai


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