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2000_Oct-31: IBM Japan to Install 15,000 Linux Servers in Lawson Stores
2000_Oct-31: Taiwan’s Chi Mei Sticks to Spending Plan
2000_Oct-31: Korea Successfully Enters New Economy
2000_Oct-31: Fujitsu, TEPCO, Others to Unify Cable Businesses, Set Focus on CATV/Internet
2000_Oct-31: Taiwan Petrochemical Industry Slows Investment at Home, Considers China Instead
2000_Oct-30: Linux Seen Winning Nearly 8 Pct. of Japan’s Server OS Market in 2000
2000_Oct-30: Hitachi to Deliver Crusoe-Based, B5-Size Notebook
2000_Oct-30: Notebook Orders Expected to Rise by Around 50 Percent in 2001
2000_Oct-30: Fujitsu Posts Sharp Rise in First-Half Net Profit
2000_Oct-30: Siemens Expands Mobile Business, Other Operations in China
2000_Oct-27: Quanta Display Aims to Turn LCD Business to Black in 2002
2000_Oct-27: I-Mode’s Wireless Image Distribution Depends on Displays: DoCoMo Director
2000_Oct-27: UMC Raises Full-Year 2000 Profit Forecast by 66 Percent
2000_Oct-27: Anti-Counterfeit Group Asks Yahoo Japan to Ensure Auction Fairness
2000_Oct-27: Telecom Carriers Have High Hopes for China’s Mobile Industry
2000_Oct-26: NTT President Believes FTC Will Clear NTT East of Wrongdoing
2000_Oct-26: LCD/PDP Market Retains Favorable Tone in 2000
2000_Oct-26: LG Electronics Agrees to Cooperate on Notebook PCs with Intel
2000_Oct-26: AMD, LSI Logic Team Up to Develop Chip Tech for Mobile Handsets
2000_Oct-26: DRAM Chip Spot Prices Likely to Recover in Early 2001
2000_Oct-25: Matsushita, Toshiba, 12 Others to Standardize STB for Satellite Digital Broadcasting
2000_Oct-25: MOF Issues Suspension Order to Online Securities Brokerage
2000_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Q3 Net to Record US$1.5 Billion
2000_Oct-25: Mitsubishi Electric Markets Thin, Front-Type LCD Projector
2000_Oct-25: Taiwan’s Telecom Equipment Industry Sees Boom Fading
2000_Oct-24: NEC’s Biglobe Lets Users Preset TV-Recording Times via I-Mode
2000_Oct-24: Testing Companies Slow Down Expansion Plan on Sluggish DRAM Sentiment
2000_Oct-24: China Unicom Mobile Users Top 15 Million
2000_Oct-24: Japan, Korea to Unveil 3G Wireless Telecom Services
2000_Oct-24: Home Appliance Maker Haier Opts to Produce Robots
2000_Oct-23: Palm Preps Web Clipping Service for PDAs Based on Packet Communication
2000_Oct-23: Marubeni Telecom to Offer Service to Save Melodies, Images on Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-23: Semiconductor Photoelectric Industrial Park Set up in Ningbo
2000_Oct-23: Matsushita-Kotobuki Develops Technology Enabling 32MB FD Storage
2000_Oct-23: China’s Central Committee Highlights Role of Science, Technology
2000_Oct-20: NTT’s Changes Will Let Carriers Provide Wider xDSL Coverage
2000_Oct-20: Advantest Obtains Next-Generation CDMA Technology License from Qualcomm
2000_Oct-20: LG Electronics to Invest US$80M for Brand Marketing
2000_Oct-20: Five Japanese IC Makers to Revise Interim Results Upward
2000_Oct-20: PC Industry Faces Earlier Winter on Weak Market Growth
2000_Oct-19: Over 30,000 Sign Up for At Home Japan’s Broadband Net Service
2000_Oct-19: Korean Venture Launches Travel Site for Japanese Tourists
2000_Oct-19: China, Singapore to Continue Supporting Suzhou Industrial Park
2000_Oct-19: Number of Korean Venture Start-Ups Falls to 2,630 in September
2000_Oct-19: MCI Worldcom Japan to Offer VoIP Service with Softswitch
2000_Oct-18: Sun, Cisco, Seven Others Begin Promoting for Internet Data Center Business in Japan
2000_Oct-18: Tomy to Launch Low-Priced Digital Camera for Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-18: Taiwan’s LCD Manufacturers Slash Prices to Take Advantage of Mounting Demand
2000_Oct-18: China to Build More Export High-Tech Industry Parks
2000_Oct-18: NEC, Hitachi Team Up to Develop Optical Transport Systems
2000_Oct-17: Samsung Electronics to Repurchase 2 Pct. of Shares, Consider Retirement
2000_Oct-17: Price of Small-, Medium-Sized TFT-LCDs Falls by 5 Pct. in 2000
2000_Oct-17: Fujitsu to Sell 1/4-In. Color CMOS Image Sensors with Lens
2000_Oct-17: Matsushita Assesses Outsourcing Phone Handsets from Taiwan
2000_Oct-16: Japan’s PC Server Shipments Rise 20.7 Pct. in First Half
2000_Oct-16: Oki, Cisco, IBM Japan to Tie Up in Network Infrastructure Field
2000_Oct-16: Ericsson, Guangdong Mobile Pilot GPRS Network
2000_Oct-16: Hitachi, STMicro Team to Develop SH-6, SH-7 Microprocessors
2000_Oct-16: Hyundai Electronics Holds 23.8 Percent Stake in DRAM Chip Market
2000_Oct-13: Japan Net Bank Kicks Off with Higher Savings Rates, Lower Fees
2000_Oct-13: Samsung Electronics to Mass Produce Low-Voltage SRAM Chips
2000_Oct-13: Canon Aims for Top Share in Stepper, Digital Camera Sectors
2000_Oct-13: Chip Makers Embrace 16Mb DRAMs to Boost Profits
2000_Oct-13: JPNIC Publishes Policy on General-Use ‘.jp’ Domain Names
2000_Oct-12: NTT Group Heads Support NTT as Group, Other Groups Demand Break-Up: MPT Hearing
2000_Oct-12: HP Japan to Sell Home PCs Remodeled for Japanese Market
2000_Oct-12: Vanguard International, Powerchip Post Record High September Revenues
2000_Oct-12: Hitachi, LG to Form Joint Venture for Optical Disk Drives
2000_Oct-12: Guangzhou Attracts Large-Scale Foreign Investment
2000_Oct-11: Zurich Insurance Starts Selling E-Commerce Insurance
2000_Oct-11: TTNet Opens Content Description Language Specifications for PHS Phones for Internet Connection
2000_Oct-11: LG Chemical Develops TFT-LCD Overcoat Photo Resist
2000_Oct-11: Linux Advances from Status of ‘Tested’ to ‘Guaranteed’
2000_Oct-11: Compaq, Info Leaders Ally to Tap Market for Storage Service Providers
2000_Oct-10: KDDI Seeks Registrar Title for Two New Domain Names
2000_Oct-10: TDK Shows Small Antenna for Bluetooth Technology
2000_Oct-10: Spot Price of 64Mb DRAM Set to Rise, But Recovery Could Be Short-Lived
2000_Oct-10: New Internet Domains ‘.web,’ ‘.site,’ ‘.info’ to Emerge
2000_Oct-10: Taiwan’s IT Manufacturers Invest in Production of Cell Phone Components
2000_Oct-6: Kenwood Exhibits PDA with Bluetooth to Challenge Mobile Phones
2000_Oct-6: TollBridge of U.S. Gears Up to Assist Taiwan’s Network Industry
2000_Oct-6: Sanyo Electric to Launch Digital Camera with 730MB Magneto-Optical Disk
2000_Oct-6: Lingsen Upgrades to High-End IC Packaging for Japan Firm
2000_Oct-6: NSI Ready to Start Registration Service for Domains in Asian Languages
2000_Oct-5: NEC Enters Reflective Color TFT-LCD Market
2000_Oct-5: Korean Companies Launch B2B MRO Consortium
2000_Oct-5: Matsushita, Toray Agree on Joint Venture for Plasma Displays
2000_Oct-5: DRAM Shortages Easing, But Price Recovery Still Debatable
2000_Oct-5: Tohoku Pioneer Develops 2.1-In. Active Matrix Color Organic EL Panel
2000_Oct-4: JPNIC to Delay Registration of New Domain Names to Protect Trademark Holders’ Rights
2000_Oct-4: FTC Warns Apple Japan; Two Parties Show Divided Opinions
2000_Oct-4: China Unveils Comprehensive Telecom Regulations
2000_Oct-4: KDDI President States ‘Direct Rivalry’ with NTT
2000_Oct-4: TU-KA Group Exhibits Head-Mounted Audio Player with Bluetooth Interface
2000_Oct-3: SagaC.com to Open Missing Persons I-Mode Homepage
2000_Oct-3: Otsuka Shokai, IBM Japan Team to Sell TurboLinux Version SMILE alpha
2000_Oct-3: Chipset Manufacturers’ September Revenues Fail to Meet Market Estimates
2000_Oct-3: PCs with 1.2GHz Athlon Chips to Be Highest Models at Year-End
2000_Oct-3: Internet Service, Content Eating Software Sales
2000_Oct-2: Carrier Heads Give Ministry Views on Dispute over NTT
2000_Oct-2: Au Group to Debut Digital Camera, Keyboard for Its WAP Phone
2000_Oct-2: IC Industry Cheers Sharply Increasing Orders from Japan
2000_Oct-2: Murata Manufacturing Markets Built-In Antennas for Notebook PCs Using Bluetooth
2000_Oct-2: U.S. Firms Find China Attractive for Tech Research


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