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2001_Feb-28: Microsoft Improves Japanese Accessibility Software Page
2001_Feb-28: Sourcenext Debuts Peripheral Series for Beginners
2001_Feb-28: WI Harper Raises US$31.25M Fund for High-Tech Investments
2001_Feb-28: SGI Japan to Strengthen System Integration Biz for FTTH
2001_Feb-28: China Telecom Sets Up R&D; Center in Shanghai
2001_Feb-27: Linc Media Forms Company to Support Developers of Java Mobile Phone Content
2001_Feb-27: HP Japan Displays Wireless LAN-Compatible Printer Server at Macworld
2001_Feb-27: Palm-Friendly Solar Charger, Movie Player on Display at Macworld/Tokyo
2001_Feb-27: China Telecom, Alcatel to Deploy First National Cross-Connect Network
2001_Feb-27: Baltimore Tech’s Digital Certificate Enables SSL for I-Mode Phones
2001_Feb-27: Beijing-Guangzhou Optical Link Construction Starts
2001_Feb-23: Jiangsu Mobile, Alcatel Sign US$94M Contract
2001_Feb-23: Justsystem to Sell Audio Software with Net Music/Image Replay
2001_Feb-23: SK Telecom to Invest in HDR Business
2001_Feb-23: KDDI to Launch ADSL Internet Service, Allot Global IP Address to Corporate Users
2001_Feb-23: InterQ, Sons Test Marketing Effect of News Display on Chat Site
2001_Feb-23: Apple CEO Expects No PC Sales Improvement for 6 Months
2001_Feb-22: Apple CEO Steve Jobs Unveils New Line of iMacs at Macworld/Tokyo
2001_Feb-22: KDDI Launches Global Satellite Data Communication Service at 64kbps
2001_Feb-22: National Datacomm Projects Profits for 2001
2001_Feb-22: Zenrin, Cybird Start ‘Vector’ Map Data Distribution to Java I-Mode Phones
2001_Feb-22: China’s CDMA Telecom Network to Begin Operations in October
2001_Feb-21: Mitsubishi, Samsung Unveil Phones Based on Microsoft’s Smart Phone
2001_Feb-21: B-BAT to Start Pilot Service for Internet Video Data Distribution
2001_Feb-21: MRV of U.S. Boosts Fiber-Optic Profile by M&A;
2001_Feb-21: Hitachi’s Storage Unit Ready to Compete with EMC
2001_Feb-21: CMOS Sensor Inc. Gets CCD Sensor Orders from Toshiba, HP
2001_Feb-20: Sanrio to Debut ‘Hello Kitty’ Character Crusoe Notebook PC
2001_Feb-20: CSK Network Systems to Support Internet Venture Firms
2001_Feb-20: Hyundai to Establish Telecom Subsidiary in North Korea
2001_Feb-20: Allied Telesis to Conduct NACSE Network Specialist Exams in Japan
2001_Feb-20: StarDSL Demos 700kbps Coded Delivery of VHS-Quality Video over xDSL
2001_Feb-19: Trend Micro’s Consolidated Revenues Up 58.9 Pct. on Good Sales to Europe, U.S.
2001_Feb-19: JTEL to Export PDA Operating System to Motorola in China
2001_Feb-19: Acer Labs Inks Intel Pentium 4 Processor Chipset Licensing Agreement
2001_Feb-19: Taiwan’s SYNeregy to Boost Production of its Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery
2001_Feb-19: Nanjing to Build Second-Largest High-Tech Zone in China
2001_Feb-16: Samsung to Use Agilent’s Miniature Duplexer for Watch Phone
2001_Feb-16: Macronix Expects EPS to Hit NT$5 in 2001
2001_Feb-16: Sumitomo Gets OK for DSL Modem after NTT Starts ADSL Service
2001_Feb-16: Synnex Sets Out to Raise Profile in Internet Appliances Market
2001_Feb-16: Sanyo to Debut CCD Camera Modules for Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-15: Hitachi Software to Open Microsoft’s .NET Enterprise Servers Technical Evaluation/Sales Center
2001_Feb-15: King’s International Engages in Agent Cooperation with TRGpro in PDAs
2001_Feb-15: Samsung Forms Consortium with Qualcomm to Bid for 3G License
2001_Feb-15: NEC Plans to Sell PDA in Japan by Fall
2001_Feb-15: ITRI Official Urges Cross-Strait Communications-Industrial Cooperation
2001_Feb-14: Alcatel SHDSL Modem Passes DSL Forum Interoperability Test
2001_Feb-14: PC Makers Face Dilemma of Sn-Zn/Sn-Ag Soldering
2001_Feb-14: Korea Development Institute Lowers Growth Forecast to 4 Pct.
2001_Feb-14: Nikon to Debut 5.47M-Pixel SLR Digital Camera
2001_Feb-14: ADI Contracts Production of ADSL Chipsets to TSMC
2001_Feb-13: Matsushita, Chinese Academy of Science Release Chinese-Japanese Translation Technology
2001_Feb-13: Value of 128Mb DRAMs Falls Below US$5
2001_Feb-13: NEC Allies with Chincom Group of China on Internet Services
2001_Feb-13: Procomp Informatics Muscles Into IA Contract Manufacturing
2001_Feb-9: NTT DoCoMo Recalls Java I-Mode Model that Powers Off, Loses Data
2001_Feb-9: Sony Jumps Toshiba to Place 4th in PC Shipments: Gartner
2001_Feb-9: Visa to Start Trial Operation of New Security System in Asia
2001_Feb-9: Lucent Signs US$17.4 Million Deal with CERNET
2001_Feb-9: Half of I-Mode Users Pay for Contents, NTT DoCoMo Executive Says
2001_Feb-9: Palm Seeks PDA Contract Manufacturers in Taiwan
2001_Feb-8: Survey Finds 40 Pct. of Japanese Net Users Turning to Online Financial Services: NTT-X, MRI
2001_Feb-8: Lehman Brothers Forecasts No Economic Growth for Q1
2001_Feb-8: JVC Develops Extremely Thin Speaker
2001_Feb-8: Samsung Electronics Gets Top Award for Corporate Governance
2001_Feb-8: NTT Com to Offer Online Music Service Using Matsushita’s SD Memory Card
2001_Feb-7: TV Tokyo, NTT East, Five Others to Set Up Net TV Broadcasting Company
2001_Feb-7: Matsushita-Kotobuki to Launch USB Super Disk Drive Using FD32MB Technology
2001_Feb-7: China to Develop Its First 32-Bit, 16-Bit Microprocessors
2001_Feb-7: Alan Demos Delivery of E-Tickets with Bar Codes to Mobile Phones
2001_Feb-7: Fujitsu to Give PDA Orders to Firms in Taiwan
2001_Feb-6: New KDDI Service Delivers CdmaOne Users Music Clips as ‘Voice,’ Not ‘Data’
2001_Feb-6: Sharp Develops Bluetooth CompactFlash Card
2001_Feb-6: BroadVision Stalls ASP Venture Project with Taiwan Partners
2001_Feb-6: Taiwan Investment Turns Suzhou into World Electronics Base
2001_Feb-6: Japan’s 2000 PC Shipments Break 10M Mark: JEITA
2001_Feb-5: Mazda Launches Build-to-Order Auto Service
2001_Feb-5: Hyundai Electronics Resolves Patent Dispute with Infineon
2001_Feb-5: Japan’s CATV Internet Users Reach 600,000 at End of 2000
2001_Feb-5: NEC to Boost Procurement of Electronics from Taiwan in 2001
2001_Feb-5: China’s Annual Overseas Investment Exceeds US$600 Mln.
2001_Feb-2: NTT Chief Wants Early Debut of ‘L-Mode’ Internet-Capable Fixed Phone Service
2001_Feb-2: Views Mixed on Sale of SK Telecom Stake to NTT DoCoMo
2001_Feb-2: Users Rail Against Yahoo Japan’s Plan to Charge Auction Fees
2001_Feb-2: Rosy Prospects Predicted for DVD Players in 2001
2001_Feb-2: KDDI Provides 10Mbps Net Access Supporting NTT Regional Telecoms’ FTTH Service
2001_Feb-1: Japan’s B2B Market to Expand to US$944 Bil. in 2005: Accenture
2001_Feb-1: NTT, Seven Makers Present Outline of Japanese VDSL Specs to ITU-T
2001_Feb-1: Asia-Pacific PC Market to Remain Strong Despite Global Slowdown: Gartner
2001_Feb-1: UUNET to Beef Up Data Centers; Provide Billing, Distribution, Monitoring Services
2001_Feb-1: Korea’s Industrial Output Growth Slows in December 2000


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