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2001_Apr-30: LG to Export CDMA Telecom Equipment to India, Vietnam
2001_Apr-30: Wireless 3G Market Not for Companies with Shallow Pockets: In-Stat Predicts Bleak Prospects
2001_Apr-30: SK Telecom to Start Mobile Internet Services
2001_Apr-27: Minolta, Fujitsu to Set Up Joint Business to Develop Color Laser Printers
2001_Apr-27: Joint B2B Site for Tire Makers Established
2001_Apr-27: Intel, HP Japan to Conduct Video Content Delivery Experiment via Broadband Network
2001_Apr-27: Taiwan’s Online Population Could Reach 10 Million
2001_Apr-27: [NAB2001] Sony to Assign IP Addresses to All Products
2001_Apr-26: Internet Population to Reach 100 Million in Japan by FY2004, InfoCom Research Says
2001_Apr-26: Taiwan’s Helix Technology Diversifies into Wireless Technology Business
2001_Apr-26: Palm’s Japan Unit to Enter Corporate Mobile Market
2001_Apr-26: Internet Users Grow Rapidly in Korea
2001_Apr-26: Asia’s B2B E-Commerce to Reach US$51.6B in 2005: IDC Report
2001_Apr-25: E-Commerce Symposium Opens in Ningbo
2001_Apr-25: NTT DoCoMo Delays Launch of FOMA Next-Generation Mobile Service
2001_Apr-25: 14.1-Inch TFT-LCD Panels May See Price Rebound in Q4
2001_Apr-25: [EDEX] Many High-Definition, Low-Temperature Polysilicon TFT-LCDs Emerge
2001_Apr-25: Acer Expects Own-Brand Computer Sales to Rise 30 Percent in 2001
2001_Apr-24: Philips, Sony Seek Individual CD-R Patent Fee Deals Locally
2001_Apr-24: E-Recruiting Markets in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan to Grow Sharply: IDC Survey
2001_Apr-24: TSMC Introduces Two Advanced Microchip Foundry Technologies
2001_Apr-24: Borland Japan to Sell Linux Packages Starting in May
2001_Apr-24: China Makes Breakthroughs in BSCCO High-Temperature Superconducting
2001_Apr-23: Murata Obtains Logo Certification for Bluetooth Ver.1.0+CE
2001_Apr-23: Winbond Locates First 12-Inch Wafer Plant in Taiwan
2001_Apr-23: NTT Makes Basic Patents for Four Encryption Technologies Free of Charge
2001_Apr-23: Shanghai Seeks to Attract More IC Industry Players
2001_Apr-20: Motherboard Companies Mostly Report Healthy First Quarter Profits
2001_Apr-20: Hitachi Adds Embedded Wireless LAN Function to Internet Terminal with Midori Linux
2001_Apr-20: Korean Gov’t to Inject About US$37 Million to Expand IT
2001_Apr-20: Most Companies Boost IT Capital Investment Despite Economic Downturn: JUAS Survey
2001_Apr-20: HiNet Forms Strategic Alliance with Systex to Support ADSL Business
2001_Apr-19: NTT to Provide 10Mbps Optical Network at Half Price or Less
2001_Apr-19: Ritek to Scale Up CD-R Quotation after Renewing Patent Contract with Philips
2001_Apr-19: OMP to Offer ADSL Service for Corporate Users for Less Than US$400 Monthly
2001_Apr-18: Universal Music, Mitsubishi Adopt InterTrust’s DRM Technology for Music Delivery
2001_Apr-18: TOCIA to Sharpen Competitive Edge for Optical Communications Players
2001_Apr-18: China Develops Mouse-Enabled Input Software
2001_Apr-18: Samsung SDI Produces Plastic ‘Tough Panels’ for New Devices
2001_Apr-18: China Debuts ‘TD-SCDMA’ 3G Wireless Technology
2001_Apr-17: Hynix Expects US$750 Million in Sales from Non-Memory Sector
2001_Apr-17: Taiwan’s Arima Optoelectronics Starts Volume Production of Blue LEDs
2001_Apr-17: Korea’s 5 Shipbuilders Fail to Establish Joint B2B E-Marketplace
2001_Apr-16: China’s Mobile Subscribers Hit 85 Million in 2000, Gartner Says
2001_Apr-16: Oracle Japan Ex-Executive Invests in Korean Venture Business
2001_Apr-16: PowerChip to Install 12-Inch Fab Pilot Line in August
2001_Apr-16: Chartered, Ericsson Develop RF Chip Compliant with Bluetooth 1.1
2001_Apr-16: Korean Economy Expected to Grow 4.3 Pct. in 2001, KIET Says
2001_Apr-13: Oracle, Toshiba, Accenture Establish ERP-Based SI Company
2001_Apr-13: E-Commerce Becomes Driving Force for China’s Economy, Experts Say
2001_Apr-13: Korea’s Dacom, Trans Cosmos to Establish CRM Center in Korea
2001_Apr-13: TSMC Produces Graphic Chip for Xbox Game Console
2001_Apr-13: Public Key Cryptosystem ‘NTRU’ Slated for Japan’s Cell Phones
2001_Apr-12: EU Clears Philips, LG Electronics Joint Venture
2001_Apr-12: MP3.com Teams with Being Inc. to Launch Japanese Language Web Site
2001_Apr-12: Quanta Performs Well in March Notebook PC Sales, Shipments
2001_Apr-12: TSE Strives to Invite Korean Firms to List Shares on ‘Mothers’
2001_Apr-12: Motorola Looking to Transfer Maintenance Division in Taiwan
2001_Apr-12: Compaq to Aim 10 Pct. Share of Japan’s PDA Market with iPAQ
2001_Apr-11: U.S. Planetweb to Collaborate with Nifty for PS2 Browser
2001_Apr-11: SIS Deploys DDR Chipsets to Compete With VIA
2001_Apr-11: Impress Communications to Distribute Images to Pocket PCs
2001_Apr-11: Korea’s Telecom Industry Suffers from Overlapping Investments
2001_Apr-11: Optrex Develops 65,000-Color STN-LCD Panel for Mobile Devices
2001_Apr-10: Trend Micro Offers Free Software Downloads to Combat Palm OS Viruses
2001_Apr-10: Korea to Use IMT-2000 License Fees for Investments in Domestic IT Industry
2001_Apr-10: Mitsubishi, Space Communications, Tokyo Electric to Deliver Video via Satellite
2001_Apr-10: ET Webs Plans to Offer ADSL Service
2001_Apr-10: Nokia Adopts Sanyo’s OEM Folding Mobile Phone for J-Phone
2001_Apr-9: Nifty to Offer Access to ADSL through Five Broadband Service Providers
2001_Apr-9: Liaoning to Earmark US$2.4 Billion for IT Development
2001_Apr-9: Sankei Shimbun to Start Net Delivery of Newspaper that Looks Like Print Version
2001_Apr-9: Yulon Motor Group Acquires Two Local Microchip Companies
2001_Apr-9: Motorola Develops Japanese Input Software with Prediction Feature
2001_Apr-6: IIJ to Launch IPv6 Dual Stack Connection Service in Fall
2001_Apr-6: Wireless Handset Sales Plummet During First Quarter
2001_Apr-6: Java I-Mode Handsets Assessed: Discrepancies Seen in Processing Speeds
2001_Apr-6: Shanghai Establishes Center for Science and Technology
2001_Apr-6: Unipac Optoelectronics Enjoys Big Profits in 2000
2001_Apr-5: Philips to Build IC Assembly and Test Plant at Suzhou Industrial Park
2001_Apr-5: Cram School to Distribute Tests for Students via Mobile Phones
2001_Apr-5: Ultralife Taiwan Breaks Ground for New Factory at Hsinchu Industrial Park
2001_Apr-5: Japan’s PC Workstation Shipments Surpass 100,000 Units in 2000: IDC
2001_Apr-5: Powercomm to Invest US$740M in Telecom Networks
2001_Apr-4: Oki Electric to License 0.25-Micron Tech to China’s Grace Semiconductor
2001_Apr-4: Hynix Wins Certification for 288Mb Rambus DRAM
2001_Apr-4: Toshiba Establishes New Company for Location Information Service
2001_Apr-4: IT Products Face Low-Cost Era
2001_Apr-4: Matsushita, NEC Display Commercial IMT-2000 Handsets at CeBIT
2001_Apr-3: SK to Begin Venture Incubation Services in United States
2001_Apr-3: Sharp Establishes Mobile Phone Handset Development Company in UK
2001_Apr-3: SMIC Executive Says No Need for Rivalry in China’s Chip Market
2001_Apr-3: Gov’t. to Enact E-Commerce Law to Help Protect Consumers
2001_Apr-3: Global IT Firms to Attend Huizhou Digital Festival
2001_Apr-2: Sega to Develop Game Titles for Xbox
2001_Apr-2: Telecom Providers to Engage in Price War in International Call Services
2001_Apr-2: NTT DoCoMo Discloses Method to Obtain 503i Handset ID from Web Site
2001_Apr-2: LCD Display Makers Compete for Orders by Slashing Quotes and Cutting Profits
2001_Apr-2: HomePlug Power Alliance Establishes Working Groups in Europe and Japan


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