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2001_Jun-29: Korea Enters First Year of Cyber Education Era
2001_Jun-29: NTT Com, Pony Canyon to Launch Trial Streaming Distribution in July
2001_Jun-29: ASE Emerges as Transmeta’s Only Testing/Packaging Contractor
2001_Jun-29: NEC Announces Content Conversion Software for Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-29: Stock Prices May Impact Management of Taiwan’s LCD Panel Makers
2001_Jun-28: TFT-LCD Sales in Taiwan Remain on an Upward Path
2001_Jun-28: Infoseek Japan Begins I-Mode-Compatible Search Service for Temp Jobs
2001_Jun-28: Second Half-Year Profits are Expected to Shrink for Korean Companies
2001_Jun-28: Garnet Connections Abandons xDSL Business; Liquidation Starts
2001_Jun-28: MarkAny Sets Up Venture in Japan with ITX
2001_Jun-27: Samsung Outperforms Japan in Large LCD Display Business
2001_Jun-27: Hynix Develops Chips for Field Emission Display Products
2001_Jun-27: Matsushita Opts for Lead-Free LSIs, Electronic Components by March 2002
2001_Jun-27: SK Telecom to Consolidate Shinsegi Telecom in January 2002
2001_Jun-27: JEITA Sets Unified Methods to Measure Operating Time of Notebook PC Batteries
2001_Jun-26: Some 170 Out of World’s 500 Largest Firms Invest in Korea
2001_Jun-26: Nippon Ericsson, Handspring, Marubeni to Test Content Delivery Via Bluetooth
2001_Jun-26: Korea Telecom to Set Cover Value for Overseas Depositary Receipts
2001_Jun-26: Fast Food Chain to Start In-Store Wireless LAN Networking Service Experiment
2001_Jun-26: Investors Dump DRAM Stocks on Chip Inventory Woes
2001_Jun-25: Toshiba Provides Built-In CD-R/RW Drive for Very Thin Notebook PCs
2001_Jun-25: Major Taiwan Software Firms Reap Profits Despite Weak Economy
2001_Jun-25: XML Consortium Begins with 101 Companies in Japan
2001_Jun-25: Andrew Corp. Expands Antenna Output at Plant in Suzhou, China
2001_Jun-25: Access to Set Up Publishing House
2001_Jun-22: Technology Sector Emerges as Growth Engine in China
2001_Jun-22: Hitachi Maxell to Sell 3 Mil.-Pixel Digital Camera Designed by Zero Halliburton
2001_Jun-22: Xi’an High-Tech Zone Commences Third-Phase Construction
2001_Jun-22: BREW Outclasses Java in Run-Time Speed and Location Services: Qualcomm EVP
2001_Jun-22: Bank of Korea Downgrades Q4 Growth Forecast to 5.1 Pct.
2001_Jun-21: Nifty, Daiichi Kosho Distribute Karaoke Songs with Moving Pictures
2001_Jun-21: Taiwan’s Telecommunications Liberalization Expected in July
2001_Jun-21: Intel Aims for 20GHz Microchip in 2007, Executive Says
2001_Jun-21: Samsung to Establish R&D; Centers in Tianjin
2001_Jun-21: KDDI to Open EZweb Cell Phone Service Network
2001_Jun-20: NTT East to Offer Web Content Conversion Service for PDAs, L-Mode
2001_Jun-20: SK Telecom to Begin 2.5G Services Before May 2002
2001_Jun-20: Market for E-Mail Management Software to Reach US$40M in Fiscal 2001
2001_Jun-20: Patent Filing for Bluetooth Technology Doubles as of May
2001_Jun-20: Sony to Launch Video Delivery Service for Corporate Users Using New Format
2001_Jun-19: Telecom Council Reveals Plan for 4th Generation Mobile Communications System
2001_Jun-19: China Unicom to Link 13 CDMA Telecom Networks
2001_Jun-19: DRAM Demand in 2001 Likely to Be Lowest in History: Elpida GM
2001_Jun-19: Taiwan’s Cable Modem Service Providers Lose Ground
2001_Jun-19: NTT DoCoMo to Combat I-Mode-Only Spam E-Mail
2001_Jun-18: IEEE1394 Being Adopted in Automobiles
2001_Jun-18: Taiwan’s PC Peripheral Makers Leverage Production in China, Gain Competitive Edge
2001_Jun-18: Nortel Networks to Expand Chongqing Unicom’s GSM Capacity
2001_Jun-18: ADSL Service Less Expensive in Japan Than in U.S.: InfoCom Research Report
2001_Jun-15: Hanaro, Powercomm Move to Join Forces
2001_Jun-15: Some 840,000 Used Home Electric Appliances Collected in Two Months: METI
2001_Jun-15: Hynix to Make Multi-Chip Package Products for Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-15: Virus Infections in January-May Triple from Year Ago: IPA
2001_Jun-15: Far EasTone to Join Compaq Computer in Mobile Commerce Venture
2001_Jun-14: KDDI to Offer Flat-Rate, Best-Effort Service Using 1xEV-DO
2001_Jun-14: Acer Group Expects Flat Profits for Own-Brand Operations
2001_Jun-14: NEC to Offer 3.5-Inch Reflective Color TFT-LCD Module for PDAs
2001_Jun-14: Hynix Semiconductor Develops 128Mb SDRAM for Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-14: Kingston Technology to Boost DRAM Procurement from Taiwan
2001_Jun-13: AOL, Legend Form Venture to Develop Internet Services in China
2001_Jun-13: LG, Hanaro Face Obstacles on Negotiations for Synchronous IMT-2000 Service
2001_Jun-13: Softbank Will Start High-Speed Data Communications Using ‘Power Line’
2001_Jun-13: CD-R Firms Lead TSE-Listed Electronics Companies in May Sales
2001_Jun-13: Sony Computer Entertainment Says PS2 to Support Java
2001_Jun-12: Trend Micro, Others to Cooperate in Developing Content-Filtering Software
2001_Jun-12: Kodak to Manufacture Digital Cameras in Shanghai
2001_Jun-12: AGC Slashes 60 Pct. from Trans-Pacific, Leased-Line Charges
2001_Jun-12: Samsung Electronics to Boost Production of sTSOP SDRAMs
2001_Jun-12: Konami Begins Animation Movie Exclusively for Internet
2001_Jun-11: InternetNode to Demonstrate Network of 100 IPv6-Enabled Temperature Sensors
2001_Jun-11: Hynix Moves to Expand DDR SDRAM Biz
2001_Jun-11: Chipbond is Busy Filling Orders for Driver ICs
2001_Jun-11: Shanghai to Set Up E-Port
2001_Jun-11: VIA Hopes to Take Half of Market with DDR Chipsets
2001_Jun-8: Value of 64Mb Chips Falls to All-Time Low Level
2001_Jun-8: NEC Launches Desktop PC with ADSL Modem
2001_Jun-8: Shanghai to Host CeBIT Asia Technology Show
2001_Jun-8: Toshiba Develops High-Polymer OEL Panel Displaying 260,000 Colors
2001_Jun-8: Broadband Access Providers GigaMedia, ET Webs Adjust Earnings
2001_Jun-7: Sharp Develops Bitmap Format Fonts for Small Color LCD Panels
2001_Jun-7: Korea’s Foreign Direct Investment Continues Falling in May
2001_Jun-7: Matsushita Electric to Sell Bluetooth Terminal Adapter
2001_Jun-7: China to Focus on Incubating High-Tech Start-Ups
2001_Jun-7: NEC, Sony, Others Begin Service on PC Parts Procurement System via RosettaNet
2001_Jun-6: Palm to Authorize Acer Group to Use Palm OS
2001_Jun-6: China Predicts 20 Pct. Annual Growth in Information Industry
2001_Jun-6: Japan Falls Below 20 Pct. in World DRAM Production: IDC Survey
2001_Jun-6: SK Telecom Exports CDMA Technologies to China
2001_Jun-6: Four Mainframe Makers Team to Apply Linux to Enterprise System
2001_Jun-5: KDDI to Integrate New WAP Version in Au-Brand Cellular Phones
2001_Jun-5: Legend Holdings Signs Supply Deals with FIC, Mitac International
2001_Jun-5: Intel Struggles to Promote Direct RDRAM of Rambus
2001_Jun-5: Cable & Wireless IDC Opens Data Center in Tokyo
2001_Jun-5: SK Telecom Provides VOD Services on Mobile Phones
2001_Jun-4: Prices of 128Mb DRAMs Tumble to Below US$3 Level
2001_Jun-4: Kyocera Communication to Open Program for Web Pages for Various Cell Phone Formats
2001_Jun-4: Korea’s Output in April Falls Amid Declining Exports
2001_Jun-4: KDDI to Start Network Service Targeting Communication Battle Games
2001_Jun-4: Lycos Korea Enters B2B Fashion Biz
2001_Jun-1: Hanaro Opposes Consortium Formation Led by LG
2001_Jun-1: Konami Takes Two Korean Firms to Court Over Patent Infringements
2001_Jun-1: CdmaOne Mobile Phone Handsets with ‘Hello Kitty’ Character to Debut
2001_Jun-1: FIC, Mitac Win Legend Orders
2001_Jun-1: PowerComm May be Sold to Non-Telecom Company


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