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2001_Jul-31: Microsoft, Fujifilm to Tie Up for Online Photo Printing Business
2001_Jul-31: NTT-ME, Others to Launch Image-Distribution Service with Copyright Protection
2001_Jul-31: Japan's Internet Users May be Beginning to Decline in Number
2001_Jul-31: Chinese Vendors Propose Bluetooth Technology Commission in Beijing
2001_Jul-31: Sony Computer Ships 4.34 Mln. PS2 Units in Q1
2001_Jul-31: JEITA to Put 'PC Green Label' on Environmentally Friendly PCs
2001_Jul-27: Matsushita to Ship Wireless Display PC
2001_Jul-27: Shanghai Suntec Software Wins Microsoft Award
2001_Jul-27: Toshiba Discloses Details of New TFT-LCD Panel for Mobile Phones
2001_Jul-27: SK Telecom Sees Market Share Surpass 50 Pct.
2001_Jul-27: Sircam Virus Widely Spreads
2001_Jul-26: Korea-Japan Business Fair Attracts 41 Companies
2001_Jul-26: Pass21 Acquires U.S. Veridicom
2001_Jul-26: Qualcomm Begins Sample Shipments of Chipsets for 1xEV-DO
2001_Jul-26: Taiwan's Three Mobile Phone Retailers Sell 1.85 Million Handsets in First Half
2001_Jul-26: Hyundai Motor Develops Satellite Receiver for Buses
2001_Jul-25: NEC, Nippon Avionics Jointly Develop Smallest Bluetooth Modules
2001_Jul-25: Online Game Companies Eye China
2001_Jul-25: Ritek Plans to Invest in CD-R Subsidiary in China
2001_Jul-25: China to Allow State-Owned Banks to Offer Shares on Stock Exchanges
2001_Jul-25: Sony Adds New Model to PDA CLIE Series Featuring 65,536-Color Display
2001_Jul-24: Chip Exports Expected to Tumble Below US$1 Bln. in July
2001_Jul-24: Anritsu Debuts Signal Tester to Verify 3GPP-Standard W-CDMA Mobile Handsets
2001_Jul-24: Internet Restructures Business at Namdaemun Market in Seoul
2001_Jul-24: Hyosung to Invest 30 Bln. Won in CRM Biz
2001_Jul-24: AT&T; to Provide Frame Relay Service for China Telecom
2001_Jul-24: Matsushita to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Three-CCD Digital Camcorders
2001_Jul-23: EZweb's Subscribers Exceed 8 Million
2001_Jul-23: HP Plans to Outsource US$80 Million Worth of Digital Cameras
2001_Jul-23: Game Shipment Value Reaches Record High in 2000: CESA Survey
2001_Jul-23: China's Computer Network Passes Second-Generation Internet Test
2001_Jul-23: Tohoku Pioneer Shows 3-inch Color Organic EL Panel
2001_Jul-20: Chip Equipment Market to Fall by 26 Pct. in 2001
2001_Jul-20: NEC Develops Low-Power IEEE1394 Microchip for PDAs
2001_Jul-20: Apacer Technology Launches Second-Generation ATA-Disk Chips
2001_Jul-20: China Launches Northeast Asia News Web Site
2001_Jul-20: Korea's Conglomerates to Revise Management Strategy for Second Half
2001_Jul-19: Toshiba Announces First PDA With Pocket PC
2001_Jul-19: Sale of Daewoo Electronics to Kick Off as Early as End of July
2001_Jul-19: Taiyo Yuden, Tokyo Denshi Sekkei to Tie Up on Bluetooth Technology
2001_Jul-19: Compal, Arima See Handset Deliveries Grow in June
2001_Jul-19: KDDI Debuts Color Mobile Phone with Low-Temp. Polysilicon TFT-LCD
2001_Jul-18: Web Application Software Usage in Japan Reaches 24.7 Percent: Gartner Japan
2001_Jul-18: Twinhead Launches New Strategy to Increase Profits in Chinese Market
2001_Jul-18: Nettime to Ship Encryption System for Windows CE PDA in December
2001_Jul-18: China's Growth Momentum Continues
2001_Jul-18: Sharp to Market Color LCD Monitors with Wide Viewing Angle, Fast Response
2001_Jul-17: Hynix Semiconductor to Move Marketing Headquarters to the United States
2001_Jul-17: Lotus' New Domino to Enable Groupware Use from PDAs
2001_Jul-17: FTC Charges Sony Korea With Illegal Business Practices
2001_Jul-17: NEC to Integrate Design Rules for 0.1-Micron With Taiwan TSMC
2001_Jul-17: LG Electronics Exports US$100M Worth of Telecom Systems During First Half
2001_Jul-16: Toshiba to Sell 5GB PC Card-Type Hard Disk
2001_Jul-16: Korea's Recession to Continue into Second Half, SERI Says
2001_Jul-16: Sales at UMC Continue to Drop; TSMC's Business May Have Hit Bottom
2001_Jul-16: Hankuk Electric Glass Suspends Plans to Enter TFT-LCD Biz
2001_Jul-16: Korea Telecom Japan, EAccess Partner to Provide xDSL Service in Japan
2001_Jul-13: China Develops First 32-Bit CPU Chip
2001_Jul-13: Fujitsu Launches 3.5-In. MO Disk Drive, Able to Store 20,000 Photos
2001_Jul-13: Exports of CDMA Mobile Products Rise 37 Pct.
2001_Jul-13: NEC to Offer First PDA Product Within 2001
2001_Jul-13: Winbond, Macronix Report Banner First-Half Revenues
2001_Jul-12: Handspring Lowers Prices of Visor Up to US$55
2001_Jul-12: Taiwan's Chipmakers Face Worsening Sales in June
2001_Jul-12: Mitsubishi, Kyocera Jointly Develop Tiny Transmitter for Mobile Devices
2001_Jul-12: LG, Hanaro Form IMT-2000 Consortium to Win 3G Telecom License
2001_Jul-12: Motorola to Deliver 3G Telecom Devices to Hutchison Whampoa
2001_Jul-11: Ricoh Develops Graphic Data Compression/Expansion LSIs for JPEG2000
2001_Jul-11: LG.Philips LCD to Export Patented Technology to U.S.
2001_Jul-11: Mirror-i, Miyazaki Pref. to Utilize Engineers from India
2001_Jul-11: Taiwan's PC Makers Report Dismal Sales in First Half
2001_Jul-11: Number of DSL Subscribers to Reach 300,000; NTT Regionals Top 60 Pct.
2001_Jul-10: Korean Gov't to Lower Mobile Phone Fees by October
2001_Jul-10: Coca-Cola Model Notebook PC to Debut in Japan
2001_Jul-10: SK Telecom Likely to Close Equity Sale with NTT, Establish Venture Fund with Qualcomm
2001_Jul-10: IBM Japan's Collaboration with Taiwan's Chi Mei to Exert Big Impact
2001_Jul-10: Samsung Electronics to Enter Home Network Business
2001_Jul-9: Depression Looms Over Taiwanese Mobile Phone Production
2001_Jul-9: FKI Expects Recovery in IT Industry During Second Half of 2001
2001_Jul-9: ACCA Networks Plans 8Mbps ADSL Service to Rival Yahoo Broadband
2001_Jul-9: VIA, SiS Report Lower-Than-Expected, Second-Quarter Revenues
2001_Jul-9: Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens Launch Mobile Games Interoperability Forum
2001_Jul-6: Canon to Make Digital Cameras in Malaysia
2001_Jul-6: IBM Japan, Taiwan's Chi Mei to Set Up TFT-LCD Company
2001_Jul-6: Samsung Releases 512Mb Flash Memory Chips
2001_Jul-6: Oki, KDDI R&D; to Debut Voice-Recognition Navigation System for Cell Phones
2001_Jul-6: SK Telecom to Pull out of Fixed Line Telecom Market
2001_Jul-5: Etron Forecasts Global Telecom Market Recovery in Second Half of 2001
2001_Jul-5: Sony Starts ADSL Service for Businesses
2001_Jul-5: Guangdong Province Exports Half of China's High-Tech Products
2001_Jul-5: IBM Japan Unveils Super High-Definition TFT-LCD Monitor
2001_Jul-5: Casio to Offer Wristwatch Digital Camera for Color Images
2001_Jul-4: Compaq, Cybozu to Jointly Market iPAQ, Office4
2001_Jul-4: UMC to Form LCD Projector Alliance
2001_Jul-4: Number of Net Banking Users in Japan Expected to Rise to 17M by 2005
2001_Jul-4: Chinese, Korean, U.S. Firms to Produce DVD Disk Mechanism Chips
2001_Jul-4: SK Telecom Collaborates with 6 Firms to Offer M-Commerce Services in October
2001_Jul-3: VIA's C3 Processor Obtains Bridgehead in Server Industry
2001_Jul-3: Mobile Phones Used by 6.7 Pct. of Japan's Fifth-Graders
2001_Jul-3: Samsung, LG to Manufacture GSM Mobile Phones in China
2001_Jul-3: About 30 Pct. of Households to Connect to Internet at 64kbps or Faster in 2005: Gartner Japan
2001_Jul-3: Samsung Eyes System-on-a-Chip Market
2001_Jul-2: TBS, Two Others to Launch Broadband Video Distribution Business in 2002
2001_Jul-2: Korea Telecom Sets DR Value at US$20.20 per Share
2001_Jul-2: Access to Introduce IPv6-Compatible Bluetooth Protocol Stack
2001_Jul-2: Pantech to Export Cell Phones to Motorola
2001_Jul-2: Sony Sets Up Application Interface to Connect PCs to MDs, Eyes Music Distribution


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