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2001_Aug-31: Supreme Magic, Sony/Tektronix Team to Make Bluetooth Protocol Tester
2001_Aug-31: China Unicom, Motorola Ink US$260 Million Deal on GSM Expansion
2001_Aug-31: Winbound Remains Cautious, Eyes Toshiba’s Drastic Streamlining
2001_Aug-31: KDDI to Start New Settlement Service for M-Commerce
2001_Aug-31: EA.com Enters Korea
2001_Aug-30: Visa Petitions Japanese Gov’t to Adopt Credit Card Settlement System
2001_Aug-30: Korean Gov’t to Extend Rescue Package to Hynix Semiconductor
2001_Aug-30: J-Phone Group Companies to Merge in Nov. to Rival NTT DoCoMo, KDDI
2001_Aug-30: Korean Market Healthier Than Other Asian Countries: Merrill Lynch
2001_Aug-30: Access Distributes Free Web Browser for PlayStation2 That Runs on Linux
2001_Aug-29: KDDI Group to Release Mobile Phone-Connectable Digital Camera with Flash
2001_Aug-29: Samsung Electronics to Jointly Develop Network Servers with Microsoft
2001_Aug-29: Sony to Use Ariba’s Indirect Materials Procurement System in Group Companies
2001_Aug-29: LG Chosen to Provide Synchronous IMT-2000 Services
2001_Aug-29: Wind River of U.S. Dominates Market For Japan’s FOMA Base Station OS Products
2001_Aug-28: Oracle Japan Shareholders Blame President for Plunging Share Price
2001_Aug-28: Samsung Electronics Develops New 16Mb DDR SRAM
2001_Aug-28: TV Programs Encourage Audiences to Participate by Cell Phone
2001_Aug-28: Privatization of Powercomm to Be Delayed
2001_Aug-28: Sony to Launch Digital Camcorder with Innovative Recording Media
2001_Aug-28: China IT White Paper Published in Japan
2001_Aug-24: Chinese LCD Market Sees Rapid Growth
2001_Aug-24: Shanghai Strives to Become World-Class Chip Production Center
2001_Aug-24: Fujitsu Lab Develops Magneto-Recording Technology for 110GB HDD for Notebook PCs
2001_Aug-24: Electronic Social Security IC Card Introduced in Shanghai
2001_Aug-24: Japan’s Broadband Content Users to Reach 12.9 Million in 2002: Survey
2001_Aug-23: Korea, Singapore and Japan to Launch Joint ASP Service Project
2001_Aug-23: Taiwan’s Brand-Name CD-R Producers Lead World
2001_Aug-23: Singapore Airlines to Offer In-Flight E-Mail Service for Japan Flights
2001_Aug-23: Samsung Develops 40-Inch TFT-LCD Monitor for Digital TV
2001_Aug-23: Gluon Partners to Deliver Low-Priced B2B Server Software in October
2001_Aug-22: UMC Registers Operating Loss in Q2, Cuts Operating Capacity to 30 Pct. in Q3
2001_Aug-22: Samsung Electronics Wins Supply Contract with Orange Telecom
2001_Aug-22: UMC, Hon Hai to Set Up Joint Handset PCB Plant in Beijing
2001_Aug-22: Sony Tackles Development of Fuel Battery Using Fullerene
2001_Aug-22: Taiwan’s ASE Maps Out Investment Strategy After Losses
2001_Aug-21: Compal Lands Mobile-Phone Contracts from Big Chinese Brands
2001_Aug-21: Sanyo to Launch Long-Lasting MnO2/Li Battery for Digital Cameras
2001_Aug-21: Korean Gov’t Not to Interfere with Hynix, Minister Says
2001_Aug-21: Chinese IT Enterprises Eye International Markets
2001_Aug-21: Lotus Japan to Release Domino Gateway Software for PHS in September
2001_Aug-20: Foreign Investment in China Surges in Jan.-July Period
2001_Aug-20: Korea’s Digital TV Broadcasts to Begin in November
2001_Aug-20: Coca-Cola to Start Experiments to Combine Vending Machines With I-Mode
2001_Aug-20: China Surpasses U.S. to Lead World’s Mobile Users List, MII Says
2001_Aug-20: Samsung Produces DDR333 SDRAMs
2001_Aug-17: China’s IT Expansion to Create 20 Million New Jobs in Five Years
2001_Aug-17: Matsushita’s Camcorder Has Detachable Digital Camera
2001_Aug-17: Samsung Electronics Develops ‘One-Chip’ LSI for Internet Audio
2001_Aug-17: Toshiba Debuts Satellite Broadcast Digital High-Vision TV with SD Memory Slot
2001_Aug-17: Guangzhou Hosts IP Protection Symposium
2001_Aug-16: EAccess to Reduce ADSL Connection Rate
2001_Aug-16: Taiwan Electric Fiber Firms Encounter Challenges in China’s Market
2001_Aug-16: Japanese Movie Distributor to Offer Movie Contents for FOMA 3G Service
2001_Aug-16: Shanghai, Dell Eye Sub-US$500 PC Market
2001_Aug-16: Taiwan Sees First Decline in Hardware Output Value in First Half of 2001
2001_Aug-15: Sony’s CLIE is Distant Number One in PDA Battery Life
2001_Aug-14: Japanese Enterprises Bring Mobile E-Commerce Innovations to the World Stage
2001_Aug-14: Matsushita, Town Joho to Develop Local Info Distribution Service Using Moving Images
2001_Aug-14: Indian Software Player Enters Korea
2001_Aug-13: TSMC Suffers Pre-Tax Loss in Q2
2001_Aug-13: Chunghwa Telecom to Set Up Investment Affiliate to Develop Cross-Pacific Market
2001_Aug-13: Melco to Launch 15-In. LCD for US$400
2001_Aug-10: Japan, China to Dominate Asia-Pacific Internet Subscriber Market, Gartner Says
2001_Aug-10: Korea’s Clipcomm Develops VoIP Gateway Compatible with Bluetooth
2001_Aug-10: Shanghai Allows More Local Firms to Join Foreign Trade
2001_Aug-10: Anritsu Offers Instruments for Testing Bluetooth’s RF, Connections
2001_Aug-10: CeBIT Asia Debuts in Shanghai
2001_Aug-9: Japan’s PC Shipments Flat in Units, Decline 6 Pct. in Value in First Fiscal Quarter
2001_Aug-9: Samsung Starts Volume Production of 256Mb Rambus DRAMs
2001_Aug-9: Matsushita to Offer Smallest Slim Speaker for Mobile Phones
2001_Aug-9: Concern About Intel Drags Down Korean Shares
2001_Aug-9: Compaq Beefs Up SI Business With NTT-ME
2001_Aug-8: Sharp Announces Success of Recycling Plan, Less Production Waste in Japan
2001_Aug-8: Price-Slashing Revamps Buying at Taipei Computer Application Show
2001_Aug-8: Sircam Computer Virus on the Rise, Japan’s IPA Reports
2001_Aug-8: LG Telecom, Hanaro to Pursue Joint Marketing, Product Development
2001_Aug-8: Sony Opens Broadband Facility in Osaka for Touch-and-Feel Experience
2001_Aug-7: LG IMT Consortium Applies for License
2001_Aug-7: KDDI Group Extends International Roaming Service to New Zealand
2001_Aug-7: Compal Wins 17-Inch LCD Monitor Orders from Compaq
2001_Aug-7: Kodensha to Offer Translation, Speech Service for Mobile Phone Users
2001_Aug-7: Korean Gov’t to Provide Funds for IT Venture Industry
2001_Aug-6: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Sales Show Negative Growth in June as Monitor Demand Settles
2001_Aug-6: Business Sentiment Falls for Six Consecutive Months
2001_Aug-6: NTT to Offer Bluetooth-Enabled Wireless Terminal Adapter
2001_Aug-6: Samsung Joins Forces with Sony in Memory Card Biz
2001_Aug-6: China Unicom Selects Cisco for Building World’s Largest VoIP Network
2001_Aug-3: Yamaha Begins Streaming Karaoke Distribution Service Via Internet
2001_Aug-3: UMC to Shift from 8-Inch to 12-Inch Wafer Production
2001_Aug-3: Next-Generation USB Version 2.0 to Take Off Soon
2001_Aug-3: Chip Exports Record Deficits in June
2001_Aug-3: NetPerceptions Japan Cuts Price, Strengthens Partnerships
2001_Aug-3: Sony Enters Hong Kong Broadband Market Through So-net
2001_Aug-2: KDDI to Offer Settlement Agency Service for E-Commerce Sites With EZweb
2001_Aug-2: Monopoly Broken in Macau Telecom Market
2001_Aug-2: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Data-Card PHS with Mobile Phone Connectivity
2001_Aug-2: Omron, Pia to Offer Mobile Information Service via Railway Ticket Gates
2001_Aug-1: Hynix Separated from Hyundai on Aug. 1
2001_Aug-1: Mobile Phone Contents to Make Inroads into China
2001_Aug-1: Taiwan’s Cell Phone Retailers Report Banner July Sales
2001_Aug-1: Widcomm, Oki, Tomen to Bolster Support Software for Bluetooth Gear
2001_Aug-1: New Indices to Evaluate IT Development in China


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