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2002_Mar-29: Dell Computer to Sell Low-Priced China-Made PCs in Taiwan in April
2002_Mar-29: Omron, Tmsuk Develop Remote-Control Robots for Firms Using IMT-2000
2002_Mar-29: Beijing Endeavors to Attract More Foreign High-Tech Enterprises
2002_Mar-29: Mitsubishi, Store Chains to Begin Settlement Service Using Mobile Phones and 2D Bar Codes
2002_Mar-29: Color Organic EL Panel with High-Molecule Technology to be Presented at EDEX 2002
2002_Mar-28: NTT Data, Sun Develop Instant Messaging Software in Java for Mobile Devices
2002_Mar-28: Samsung Electronics Selected as Supplier of Digital Cable Set-Top Boxes by NTL
2002_Mar-28: Kyushu Matsushita Debuts Network Cameras Controllable Via Mobile Phones
2002_Mar-28: Sanyo Electric Unveils Music Player with 128MB Memory
2002_Mar-28: Infineon to Set Up Two 12-In. Wafer Plants in Taiwan with Local Partner
2002_Mar-27: Bandai Develops Prototype Robot with Face, Voice Recognition
2002_Mar-27: Sigma Exhibits 10-Mega-Pixel Digital Camera with New Image Sensor
2002_Mar-27: U.S. Major Provider of Mileage Service to Pull Out from Japan
2002_Mar-27: Taiwan’s March Sales for PCs/Mobile Phones Brisk, But Adverse Effects May Happen
2002_Mar-27: Korean Electronic Mall Begins Services in Japan
2002_Mar-27: Japan-China Economic and Trade Center to Assist Beijing in SME Management
2002_Mar-26: TFT Panel Prices Continue to Rise, But for How Long?
2002_Mar-26: AT&T; Launches Enhanced VPN Services in Asia
2002_Mar-26: NTT Laboratory Groups Develop IEEE802.11a Chip Set
2002_Mar-26: Samsung Electronics to Begin Producing Smart Card Chips
2002_Mar-26: NTT East to Conduct Joint IPv6 Test With 15 Members
2002_Mar-22: [CeBIT 2002] Cellonics Demonstrates Wireless Transmission Via Ultra Wideband
2002_Mar-22: EBay Makes Inroads Into China
2002_Mar-22: Texas Instruments’ OMAP Runs in High Gear
2002_Mar-22: China’s Optic Communications Sector Sees 10 Pct. Growth, Despite Global Slowdown
2002_Mar-22: Self Eye Tests, Eyeglass Purchases to Go Online
2002_Mar-21: NTT Labs, NTT East Develop High-Quality Image Distribution Via FTTH
2002_Mar-21: China’s EDA Software Market Growing Close to Taiwan: Survey
2002_Mar-21: Matsushita Electric Improves TFT-LCD Color Reproduction Range
2002_Mar-21: Korea’s Electronics Firms Revamp Corporate Structure to Focus on R&D;
2002_Mar-20: Sharp to Supply Verizon with CDMA Color LCD Handset for BREW
2002_Mar-20: Samsung Electronics Earns Certification from Intel for 512Mb DDR Microchips
2002_Mar-20: NTT East, NTT West to Offer Phone Line Info Necessary for ADSL Speed Estimates
2002_Mar-20: China’s Shandong, Taiwan Enjoy Steady Economic Cooperation
2002_Mar-20: Access, Sharp to Tie Up on Browser for PDAs
2002_Mar-19: J-Phone’s Mobile Phones with Built-In Camera Reach 4 Million
2002_Mar-19: KT Forges Alliance with LG Electronics for Wireless Broadband Technology
2002_Mar-19: Security Holes in Wireless LANs ‘Everywhere’
2002_Mar-19: Canadian Biotech Firms Seek Taiwan Partners for China Market
2002_Mar-19: Sony Installs Edy in Vaio W to Help Promote ‘One Touch’ IC Card
2002_Mar-18: [CeBIT 2002] Sharp Shows Mobile Phones With Built-In Camera for European Market
2002_Mar-18: [CeBIT 2002] Mitsubishi Electric to Release Handset for European Version of I-Mode
2002_Mar-18: [CeBIT 2002] FIC Wins New Pocket PC Orders from Mexico, Brazil
2002_Mar-18: Four People Join Video Conference with FOMA Terminals, NTT DoCoMo to Begin Experiment in May
2002_Mar-18: China, EU to Strengthen Cooperation in High-Tech Development
2002_Mar-15: Toshiba, Mitsubishi Team Up on Development of 3G Mobile Phones
2002_Mar-15: CD-R Drives, Digital Cameras Hot at CeBIT Peripherals Exhibition
2002_Mar-15: Citizen Electronics to Start Marketing 0.5mm-Thick White LEDs in April
2002_Mar-15: China’s Mobile Data Market Expected to Boom
2002_Mar-15: Japan’s IP Phone Users May Exceed Fixed Line/ISDN Users in 2006
2002_Mar-14: Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales Record First-Time Decline: Gartner
2002_Mar-14: Future Beats Develops Easy Numbering System for Mobile Commerce
2002_Mar-14: Samsung Electronics Kicks Off Production of Next-Generation DDR Chip
2002_Mar-14: Fujitsu Unveils First PDA Called Pocket LOOX
2002_Mar-14: DRAM Microchip Prices Go into Correction, Industry Watchers Say
2002_Mar-13: Samsung Electronics Launches E-Book Service with Seoul National University
2002_Mar-13: Mobile Phone Shipments in Jan. Decline 28 Pct. Y-O-Y
2002_Mar-13: Venture Sector Sees 37 Pct. Increase in January Exports
2002_Mar-13: Sharp, JCB to Collaborate in PDA Content
2002_Mar-13: SK Telecom Advances into Mobile Office Business
2002_Mar-12: Lightscape Networks Supplies Optical Networking Equipment to China Unicom
2002_Mar-12: Toray, Nagoya Univ. Develop Synthetic Method to Produce Double-Walled Carbon Nanotube
2002_Mar-12: E-Commerce Posts Record-High of 30 Trln. Won in Q3 2001
2002_Mar-12: Toshiba Unveils 30GB Optical Disc Technology Featuring Blue-Violet Laser
2002_Mar-12: Chinese Experts Cautiously Optimistic on Economic Growth
2002_Mar-11: Microsoft Security Site Needs to Serve Users Well: Japan Case
2002_Mar-11: Royal Philips Electronics Opens LCD, Optical Storage Facilities in Shanghai
2002_Mar-11: LG Electronics to Open R&D; Center in China
2002_Mar-11: 3Com to Enter Japanese Wireless LAN Market
2002_Mar-11: Taiwan’s Systex Set on Exploring Financial Holding Market
2002_Mar-8: ‘Mobile Phone Market Slowdown is Inevitable,’ DoCoMo Exec. Says
2002_Mar-8: LGERI Upgrades Growth Estimate to 5 Pct.
2002_Mar-8: Japan’s Microsoft to Repair, Exchange Problem-Ridden Xbox Game Consoles
2002_Mar-8: DRAM Prices Surpass US$5 Level; Samsung, Hynix Raise Chip Prices to PC makers
2002_Mar-8: Sharp’s New Zaurus PDA Comes with Digital Camera
2002_Mar-7: Melco to Debut Japan’s First ‘Wireless’ Network Camera
2002_Mar-7: Samsung Networks Competes with KT, Dacom
2002_Mar-7: DVD Recorders to Experience Brisk Sales Growth, JEITA Says
2002_Mar-7: Beijing to Promote Software Exports
2002_Mar-7: KDDI to Stop Accepting Subscribers for PDC System, Promote CdmaOne
2002_Mar-6: Omron Develops Bluetooth Automatic E-Ticket-Taking System
2002_Mar-6: Hon Hai Group May Have Joined Cando’s Hydis Acquisition Team
2002_Mar-6: IIJ to Launch Internet VPN Service Covering 50 Countries in April
2002_Mar-6: Chinese Expert Urges Cautious Investment in Broadband Networks
2002_Mar-6: Access Offers Built-In Applications for Intel Chips for Mobile Tools

2002_Mar-5: LG Electronics to Manufacture DVD-R Discs
2002_Mar-5: NEC, Matsushita Announce Architecture for 3G; Sales in Sight
2002_Mar-5: IC and Display Industries Set to Power Taiwan Economy in Five Years
2002_Mar-5: Japan’s Server Market Registers 19.4 Pct. Growth in 2001: Gartner Japan Survey
2002_Mar-5: Samsung Electronics Reveals Plan to Focus on 256Mb DRAMs
2002_Mar-4: Allied Telesis to Release VDSL Products in May
2002_Mar-4: Fuji Magne-Disk to Offer CD-R/RW Drives with Copy-Prevention Technology
2002_Mar-4: General Electric to Build R&D; Center in Shanghai
2002_Mar-4: Hitachi to Sell Windows CE .NET PDA with Wireless LAN Function
2002_Mar-4: Omron to Launch CF-Card-Type RFID Units Attached to PDAs
2002_Mar-1: K Laboratory Develops Technology for Easy Porting of I-Mode Java to MIDP
2002_Mar-1: HK Travel Web Site Traffic Surges 47 Pct. in Holiday Rush
2002_Mar-1: Sony to Distribute Drama Through Broadband
2002_Mar-1: Korea’s Industrial Output Recovers in January
2002_Mar-1: Yahoo Japan, IBM Japan, Softbank to Build Enterprise Information Portals


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