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2002_Apr-30: Samsung Institute Develops Fuel Cell for Cellular Phone Featuring Less Membrane Crossover
2002_Apr-30: OECD Raises Growth Forecast for Korean Economy
2002_Apr-30: Toyota to Provide Operation Control System Using GPS Cell Phones
2002_Apr-30: SK Telecom to Push Overseas Exchangeable Bonds, ADRs in July
2002_Apr-30: Some 70 Pct. of Taiwan’s Top 1,000 Companies Consider Increasing Home Investment
2002_Apr-29: Korean Telecom Firms to Expand Market Influence in China
2002_Apr-29: Winbond Electronics Expands BIOS Flash Memory Production Line
2002_Apr-29: IT ‘Investment Mind’ is Fading Away: JUAS Survey
2002_Apr-29: Net Income at Samsung SDI Rises 12 Pct.
2002_Apr-29: Accenture Sees No Rivals in Japan Market, Will Strengthen SI Business: Japan President
2002_Apr-26: Samsung Mulls Counter-Suit Against Toshiba
2002_Apr-26: KDDI, Two Others Offer Broadband Karaoke Trial Service
2002_Apr-26: Japan’s Environmental Ministry Solicits Designs for Portable Vehicles
2002_Apr-26: Korea’s Bourse Rises on Record-High Samsung Electronics Shares
2002_Apr-26: Samsung Electronics Unveils Smallest Digital Camcorder
2002_Apr-25: Telecom Ministry to Ease Regulations on 5GHz Wireless Communications
2002_Apr-25: Intel Debuts Two Computers in Small Form Factor
2002_Apr-25: Sony Unveils Lightest Vaio Notebooks
2002_Apr-25: S1 Signs Alliance with Netian
2002_Apr-25: Samsung Japan Introduces A4 Notebook PC with Fingerprint Recognition
2002_Apr-24: China Gains Second-Largest Residential Internet Population: Nielsen//NetRating Says
2002_Apr-24: Texas Instruments, Japan’s THine Electronics Tie Up on LCD Timing Controllers
2002_Apr-24: Beijing Peking Univ. Founder Group to Outsource from Taiwan Companies
2002_Apr-24: Yozan to Launch Net Phone Service Using PHS Terminals
2002_Apr-24: Hynix, Micron Exchange Non-Binding MOU
2002_Apr-23: Windows XP to Support Bluetooth, Gates Says at WinHEC 2002
2002_Apr-23: LCD Sector to Enjoy Rise in Demand Until 2003
2002_Apr-23: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth HDD as Super Compact Server Linking PDAs, Digital Cameras
2002_Apr-23: China to Invest US$96 Million to Upgrade IT Production
2002_Apr-23: Panda ‘AIBO’ Debuts in Suntory’s Sales Campaign
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] High-Definition LCD Panel for GPS Phones Realized through Low-Cost Method
2002_Apr-22: Hon Hai Hopes to Assemble Xbox for Microsoft
2002_Apr-22: NTT DoCoMo to Market Routers with Built-In FOMA
2002_Apr-22: Samsung Unveils UFB-LCD Color Phone
2002_Apr-22: [EDEX2002] LCD Panels to Grow to 9.5 Mln. Units by 2005: Samsung Exec.
2002_Apr-19: NTT DoCoMo, Bouygues Telecom to Commercialize I-Mode in France
2002_Apr-19: UMC Plans to Tap Chipset Market Through Tie-Up with AMD
2002_Apr-19: Matsushita Electric to Market VHS Video Deck with Built-in HDD
2002_Apr-19: SK Telecom to Establish China Unit by June
2002_Apr-19: Sanyo to Offer 1/9-Inch CCD Unit for Low-Power Cell Phone
2002_Apr-18: Organic EL Panels are Focus of Attention at Electronic Display Expo
2002_Apr-18: Electromechanical Products Top China Exports
2002_Apr-18: NTT Com to Employ KDDI’s GPS Mobile Phones to Offer In-Car Data Service
2002_Apr-18: Opto Tech Plans to Mass Produce OLED Later in 2002
2002_Apr-18: Toshiba Develops Bluetooth Baseband LSI Equipped with ‘Profiles’
2002_Apr-17: NEC to Expand Services with PCs, Cell Phones
2002_Apr-17: Samsung Unveils Home Networking Set-Top Box
2002_Apr-17: Osaka Police Use Image-Sending Mobile Phones in Identifying Criminals
2002_Apr-17: Haier Leads in China’s Electrical Appliances Industry
2002_Apr-17: Computer Entertainment Software Assn. Reveals Plans of Tokyo Game Show
2002_Apr-17: DoCoMo to Offer I-Mode Internet Access Ops in France
2002_Apr-16: IBM Japan to Withdraw from PDA Business
2002_Apr-16: Shanghai Records Rise in Trade Volume
2002_Apr-16: ‘We Don’t Expect Customers to Migrate Fully to Windows,’ Microsoft VP Says
2002_Apr-16: Hynix Records Surplus in Q1 Operating Profits
2002_Apr-16: Fujitsu Develops Antenna Technology to Cut Cost of 3G Wireless System
2002_Apr-15: Brio Software, HP Form Alliance to Target China
2002_Apr-15: Taiwan’s IC Designing Thrives, Showing Strong Sales Growth
2002_Apr-15: Omron to Expand, Accelerate Business Expansion in China
2002_Apr-15: Asahi Optical to Market Binoculars with Digital Camera
2002_Apr-15: Microsoft Launches Software Venture in Shanghai
2002_Apr-12: Quanta Overtakes TSMC as Taiwan’s Second-Largest Private Company
2002_Apr-12: Highwest Unveils Router with Web Camera, Headset for Video Phone Use
2002_Apr-12: LG Cable Reports Improved Profits in Q1
2002_Apr-12: Alps Electric Unveils Transparent Touch Panel with 88 Pct. Transmissivity
2002_Apr-12: Chi Mei Optoelectronics to List on Stock Market in July
2002_Apr-11: Provider of File-Exchanging Service Ordered to Suspend Operations
2002_Apr-11: High-Tech Protective Enactment Underway in Taiwan
2002_Apr-11: Fujifilm to Market Digital Camera Capable of 6.03 Mln.- Pixel Output
2002_Apr-11: West China to Become New Foreign Investment Destination
2002_Apr-11: Ergo-Brains Launches Broadband E-Mail Advertising Service
2002_Apr-10: NTT Communications Allies with Soma Networks to Test Wireless Broadband Technology
2002_Apr-10: SKC Begins Volume Production of Lithium Polymer Battery
2002_Apr-10: Aplix Develops New Java OS for Mobile Phones
2002_Apr-10: Teco Group Plans to Invest in Yuan-Ze Telecom
2002_Apr-10: Fuji Photo Film Announces Photo-Shooting Kit for Net Auctions
2002_Apr-9: Mobile Phones Witness Intense Sales Competition, NEC President Says
2002_Apr-9: U.S. Caw Networks Establishes Japan Office; Aims to Double Sales in One Year
2002_Apr-9: Siemens to Shift Focus to R&D;
2002_Apr-9: SCE’s Kutaragi Talks about Latest Process Alliance with Toshiba: ‘Aims for World Strongest Semiconductor Alliance’
2002_Apr-9: National Police Agency Survey: 12.4 Pct. of Japanese Teenagers Have Visited Dating Sites
2002_Apr-8: NTT Regional Companies Add New 100Mbps FTTH Service to Rival ADSL
2002_Apr-8: Sales of Mobile Phones Rise 40 Pct. in Q1
2002_Apr-8: ECO-JIS: METI Hopes to Set ‘Made-in-Japan’ Global Standard
2002_Apr-8: IT Industry Zone Successful
2002_Apr-8: X-traFun of U.S. Develops Bluetooth Cartridge for GameBoy
2002_Apr-5: NEC Debuts Transflective Color LCD Module for Mobile Information Terminals
2002_Apr-5: MOIC Mulling Methods to Privatize KT
2002_Apr-5: Tokyo Forex Traders Securities to Launch Linux-Based Net Trading System in May
2002_Apr-5: Auction to Close Down B2B Operation in May
2002_Apr-5: NTT Develops Chip Sets for IEEE802.11a, High-Speed Wireless LAN Standard
2002_Apr-4: Osaka Hotel to Adopt Cisco’s Wireless LAN System
2002_Apr-4: Net Profits Drop for Listed Companies in Korea in 2001
2002_Apr-4: TFT-LCD Driver IC Prices Expected to Rise in Second Half
2002_Apr-4: Hitachi’s New Appliance Company to Introduce Internet-Capable Appliances
2002_Apr-3: KDDI Reveals Plans for CDMA2000 1x Cellular Phone Business
2002_Apr-3: Beijing Hosts International Defense Electronics Exhibition
2002_Apr-3: Sales of ‘Opera’ Japanese Version Delayed Until Early May
2002_Apr-3: Lightcross Stops AWG Development, Jolting Tie-Up With UMC, Ritek, Asia Optical
2002_Apr-3: Mitsubishi Electric Launches Car Navigation System Supporting Java Applications
2002_Apr-2: Earthquake Strikes Eastern Taiwan: No Big Impact on High-Tech Industry
2002_Apr-2: LG Electronics to Spin off Business Units, Launch Holding Company
2002_Apr-2: Vendors to Conduct USB On-the-Go Interconnectivity Test in May
2002_Apr-2: AOC-Taiwan, Amtran Win TFT-LCD Manufacturing Orders from Compaq
2002_Apr-2: Shinko Electric to Market Sublimation-Type Photo Printers for Home Use
2002_Apr-1: Diffusion Rate of Mobile Telecom Devices to Reach 70 Percent in 2005, MCPC Says
2002_Apr-1: Robots in Human Forms Flourish at Robodex 2002 Expo
2002_Apr-1: Samsung SDI Constructs VFD Plant in Shanghai
2002_Apr-1: Matsushita Develops Transparent Speaker Attachable to Glass Surface
2002_Apr-1: Dell Computer-Philips Agreement to Impact Many Companies


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