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2002_Jun-28: Japan’s PC Server Shipments in 2001 Rise 15.7 Pct.: Nork Research
2002_Jun-28: China to Remain Biggest Hardware Market in Asia Pacific
2002_Jun-28: U.S. XtremeSpectrum to Deliver Commercial UWB Chipset
2002_Jun-28: Globalization Brings Challenge and Opportunity, Says Chinese Legislator
2002_Jun-28: NTT DoCoMo to Start ‘Mzone’ Wireless LAN Access Service in July for 2,000 Yen
2002_Jun-27: Toshiba to Produce Own 0.6mm Next-Generation DVD in 2003; Won’t Adopt Blu-Ray
2002_Jun-27: Legend, APLL Partner for IT Logistics Services in China
2002_Jun-27: Taiwan’s May Sales in Electronics Increase, But at Low Level
2002_Jun-27: Shenzhen Private Enterprises Benefit from Lifting of Trade Restrictions
2002_Jun-27: [Sales Rankings] NTT DoCoMo’s Camera/Cell Phone Ranks Second in Sales
2002_Jun-26: ALi Projects Booming Chinese DVD Market in Second Half
2002_Jun-26: DDI Pocket Strengthens Function to Reject Unwanted E-Mails
2002_Jun-26: TFT-LCD Panel Prices Fall, Will Help Monitors
2002_Jun-26: Overseas-Funded Firms Dominate Shanghai’s Exports
2002_Jun-26: KDDI to Simplify Content Provider Entry to EZweb’s Official Sites
2002_Jun-25: Biglobe Users Exceed 10 Million a Month, NetRatings Japan Says
2002_Jun-25: Matsushita to Launch NetMD Portable MD Recorder
2002_Jun-25: IT Becomes China’s Leading Export
2002_Jun-25: Lotus, Cybozu to Form Alliance for Developing Groupware
2002_Jun-25: Israeli IT Companies to Tap Chinese Market
2002_Jun-25: Gartner Japan Says One in Six Employees Lost Notebook PC, Mobile Phone in 2001
2002_Jun-21: Shandong Province Reports Rise in Electro-Mechanical Foreign Trade
2002_Jun-21: Toshiba to Release Portable MP3 Player with HDD
2002_Jun-21: Beijing Holds Asia’s Science Innovation, Life Technology Symposium

2002_Jun-21: Daiwa Institute of Research Reports on 100 Japanese Nanotechnology Ventures
2002_Jun-21: China Sets Up Venture Capital Association
2002_Jun-20: Hong Li Semiconductor’s 8-inch Wafer Plant to Go Into Production by Year-End
2002_Jun-20: Verizon Wireless Launches Nationwide Software Download Service for Cell Phones
2002_Jun-20: China, Russia Cooperate to Bolster High-Tech Development
2002_Jun-20: Click-Through Rates of Rich Media Ads Six Times Higher Than Regular Ads
2002_Jun-20: First International Telecom to Launch PHS System in China
2002_Jun-19: Amkor, Grace Semiconductor Form Manufacturing Alliance in China
2002_Jun-19: SGI Japan, Zenrin to Co-Develop System for Disaster-Control Center
2002_Jun-19: Samsung Electronics to Expand Presence in Eastern European Market
2002_Jun-19: Japan’s Streaming Content Market to Reach US$1.35 Billion in 2006
2002_Jun-19: Taiwan Boosts High-Tech Investments in China
2002_Jun-18: Ariba Shifts Strategy from E-Procurement to Spend Management Solution Provider
2002_Jun-18: Huahong NEC Obtains CMM Certificate
2002_Jun-18: Japan’s Internet Service Providers in Crisis Stage
2002_Jun-18: Shanghai’s Pudong District Attracts Large-Scale Overseas Investment
2002_Jun-18: Skyley Networks to Debut Development Kit for Peer-to-Peer Bluetooth Applications
2002_Jun-17: Taiwan’s April Sales in Electronics Fall into Expected Range
2002_Jun-17: Hitachi, Taiyo Yuden to Promote Mobile Device with Muchip, Bluetooth
2002_Jun-17: Price of 256Mb SDRAMs Declines Below US$5
2002_Jun-17: China to Adjust Immigration Policy to Attract Overseas Professionals
2002_Jun-17: Studio Bullterrier, Others Launch Video Messaging Service for 2G Java Phones
2002_Jun-14: China to Launch IT Evaluation Program
2002_Jun-14: Japan’s Deliberations on E-Government Legislation to be Delayed
2002_Jun-14: Nanya Technology Secures Five-Year, US$3 Bln. Contract from Dell
2002_Jun-14: Microsoft Japan, Sony to Offer Video E-Learning Service for VAIO
2002_Jun-14: Generic Media Expands Support to Video Streaming for FOMA
2002_Jun-13: Microsoft Aims to Make Xbox Online Game Service Profitable
2002_Jun-13: China’s Machinery and Electronic Products Exports Soar
2002_Jun-13: Digital BS Receivers Rapidly Popularized by World Cup
2002_Jun-13: Lite-On Group Announces Four-in-One Merger
2002_Jun-13: Taiwan Firm to Sell Business Card-Sized Terminal with GPS, Bluetooth Circuits
2002_Jun-12: China Develops 1.1mm-Thick, Super-Fine Glass
2002_Jun-12: Sony to Launch Small-Sized Memory Stick, Used for DoCoMo’s iShot
2002_Jun-12: Hynix Eugene Factory Valued at US$566 Mln.
2002_Jun-12: Legend to Significantly Increase Purchases from Taiwan
2002_Jun-12: Shenyang to Host International Manufacturing Expo
2002_Jun-11: Mitsubishi Electric to Offer Hints on Creating 3D Image Contents for D504i Cell Phone
2002_Jun-11: China Improves Policies to Boost Overseas Investment
2002_Jun-11: Tahoe Networks to Develop Mobile/IP Eedge Router with Oki
2002_Jun-11: China Satcom, CITIC to Cooperate in Telecom Market
2002_Jun-11: Combinations Among IT Retailers in China are on the Rise
2002_Jun-10: Seiko Epson Launches LSI Supporting ‘USB On-The-Go’ Specification
2002_Jun-10: Leshan-Phoenix Semiconductor to Build Wafer Fab in Sichuan Province
2002_Jun-10: Sony Taiwan Set to be Squeezed by China Sony
2002_Jun-10: China, ASEAN Discuss Free Trade Region Issues
2002_Jun-7: Citrix Teams with DDI Pocket to Introduce MetaFrame for Mobile Products
2002_Jun-7: Korean Gov’t Hopes to Restart Talks Between Hynix, Micron
2002_Jun-7: Advent Networks, Mitsubishi Announce HFC Ultraband System Trial in Japan
2002_Jun-7: First Online Technology Market to Open in China
2002_Jun-7: China Replaces Taiwan as World’s Largest IT Production Center
2002_Jun-6: Sony Introduces New CLIE PDA with MP3/ATRAC3 Playing Function
2002_Jun-6: Exports Likely to Expand by 14-20 Pct. in Latter Half of 2002, KOTRA Says
2002_Jun-6: World IC Market Climbs from Worst-Ever Recession Driven by Asian Market
2002_Jun-6: Political Differences Won’t Impact Cross-Strait Economic Cooperation, Official Says
2002_Jun-6: Hon Hai Strikes at Elitegroup in DeskNote Market
2002_Jun-5: SII Debuts Motion Picture Distribution Service for Java-Based Cell Phones
2002_Jun-5: CEOs Eye China as Future Global High-Tech Center
2002_Jun-5: Japan’s Telecom Market: Mobile Telecom Grows, Fixed-Line Telecom Decreases
2002_Jun-5: Matsushita, NEC, Huawei Jointly Develop 3G Technology in China
2002_Jun-5: Pioneer Debuts Location-Information ASP for GPS Mobile Phones
2002_Jun-4: Korean Gov’t to Cut Subscription Fees for Wireless Services
2002_Jun-4: ON Semiconductor Bases Asia-Pacific Headquarters in HK Science Park
2002_Jun-4: Gov’t to Revise Telecom Biz Law to Abolish Classifications, Liberalize Fees
2002_Jun-4: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Moves to Become Leading MLCC Supplier
2002_Jun-4: Lite-On IT Invests in Pick-Up Head Production
2002_Jun-3: Taiwan’s TFT-LCD Total Shipments in April Exceed 2.1 Mln. Panels
2002_Jun-3: SK Telecom Kicks Off Negotiations for Stock Swap with KT
2002_Jun-3: Shandong Province to Host Electronics, Home Appliances Expo
2002_Jun-3: Hitachi to Launch Linux-Enabled Internet Appliance Running Java/Windows Applications
2002_Jun-3: Numbers of Online Job Seekers Rise in Hong Kong


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