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2002_Jul-31: Softbank Group to Launch Multi-Channel Broadcast Biz With ‘Yahoo! BB’ Service
2002_Jul-31: SK Telecom Offers GPS System to Subscribers
2002_Jul-31: Mitsubishi Debuts Mobile Personal Authentication System for Live Concerts
2002_Jul-31: Shanghai Economy Posts Double-Digit Growth
2002_Jul-31: Omae, Management Consultant to Launch IT Outsourcing Business with Chinese Software Maker
2002_Jul-30: UMC Expects to Outperform TSMC in Third Quarter
2002_Jul-30: ACCA Networks Launches 10Mbps ADSL Service
2002_Jul-30: Korea’s Electronics Industry Expected to Boost Exports in Second Half
2002_Jul-30: New ‘LG.JP’ Domain for ‘Local Governments’ to Appear in October
2002_Jul-30: LG China Headquarters Launches Construction in Beijing
2002_Jul-29: Dongguan Hosts IT Manufacturing Exposition
2002_Jul-29: NTT DoCoMo Expanding FOMA Service Areas
2002_Jul-29: Taiwan Businesses Expand Investment in China
2002_Jul-29: Many Suppliers Ready for Products Using ‘PCI-X 2.0’ Expansion Bus Standard
2002_Jul-29: Samsung SDI Sees Record-High Q2 Outcome
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan’s IT Retailers Are Optimistic About Third Quarter of 2002
2002_Jul-26: Sony PlayStation2 Shipments in Japan Top 10 Million: Sony Computer
2002_Jul-26: GE Industry Systems Establishes New Headquarters in Shanghai
2002_Jul-26: Cirrus Logic Hires Former President of Intel Japan as Advisor
2002_Jul-26: Taiwan’s IDM Companies Suffer Relatively High Inventories
2002_Jul-25: Digital TVs Emerging as Key Export Item in Korea
2002_Jul-25: Japan’s IT Service Market Increases 5.2 Pct. in 2001: IDC
2002_Jul-25: Acer Outsources New Server from Quanta
2002_Jul-25: Japanese ASP Market Valued at 37.7 Bil. Yen in 2001: Gartner Japan
2002_Jul-25: Japan Becomes Top Trade Partner of China’s Liaoning Province
2002_Jul-24: New HP Must Combine Channel, Direct Strategies for Best Outcomes, Gartner Says
2002_Jul-24: KDDI to Offer Corporate Location Tracking Service for GPS-Enabled Cell Phones
2002_Jul-24: LG Electronics to Export US$100 Mln. Worth of Handsets to India
2002_Jul-24: Infineon Technologies Develops Wearable, Washable MP3 Player
2002_Jul-24: Samsung SDI Completes LCD Plant in China
2002_Jul-23: SK Global to Launch into Mobile Contents Biz
2002_Jul-23: [ISOM/ODS] Sony to Develop Blu-Ray Disc-Based, Small-Sized Optical Pickup
2002_Jul-23: Shanghai Becomes Regional Headquarters to 70 Multinational Companies
2002_Jul-23: Taiwan IC Industry Reports Value of NT$306 Bln. in the First Half
2002_Jul-23: [Wireless Japan] FOMA to Grow Gradually: NTT DoCoMo President
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] Fuji Photo Film Develops Wireless Digital Camera
2002_Jul-22: Samsung Group Expects First-Half Profit of 8.2 Trln. Won
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] JRC Develops 54Mbps OFDM Device
2002_Jul-22: Ritek Debuts Products Featuring OLED
2002_Jul-22: [Wireless Japan] Qualcomm Gives BREW Demo, Shows Prototype Phone Running Eight Kinds of Applications
2002_Jul-19: China’s Mobile Phone Users Surpass 176 Million, Ministry Says
2002_Jul-19: Broadband Ad Distribution Similar to TV Commercials Set to Begin
2002_Jul-19: EBank Launches Money Transfer Service Using E-Mail Address
2002_Jul-19: Quanta Storage Expects Combination Models to Replace CD-RW, DVD-ROM Drives
2002_Jul-19: Cisco Systems KK, Others Team Up to Advance Cisco’s Web-Based Processing System
2002_Jul-18: TDK Gets 4x Recording Speed With Write-Once, Read-Many-Times Disc Meeting ‘Blu-ray Disc’ Spec.
2002_Jul-18: Freechal Goes Through Intensive Restructuring
2002_Jul-18: NTT-East Sets Up New Firm to Offer Wireless LAN Service
2002_Jul-18: Contract Prices of DRAMs Up for First Time in Three Months
2002_Jul-18: Softbank Group BB Phone Acquires Subscribers Including 200,000 Consumers, 3,000 Companies
2002_Jul-17: Fujitsu to Collaborate with Taiwan Institute in Developing Semiconductor Solutions
2002_Jul-17: Real Estate Development Shows Biggest Growth in Beijing
2002_Jul-17: Yamaha Debuts Drive Capable of Writing Graphic Data on Disc
2002_Jul-17: SKC Obtains Battery Project from U.S. Defense Dept.
2002_Jul-17: NTT DoCoMo to Launch Two Mobile Phone Models with Camera
2002_Jul-16: UK Expects Closer Technology Cooperation with China
2002_Jul-16: Mitsubishi’s KASUMI Encryption Technology Adopted as GSM Standard
2002_Jul-16: China Becomes Second-Largest Destination for Korean Investment
2002_Jul-16: Ericsson Begins to Develop Prototype High-Speed Bluetooth LSI
2002_Jul-16: DRAM Contract Prices to Increase by More Than 5 Pct. by Mid-July
2002_Jul-15: Pioneer Launches Inflatable Craft Speaker
2002_Jul-15: LG Electronics Enjoys 119.1 Pct. Increase in Operating Profits for Q2
2002_Jul-15: [ISOM/ODS] Canon, Matsushita Disclose Details of 2-In., 3GB Disc
2002_Jul-15: Brother Industries Offers Compact Mobile Printerv
2002_Jul-15: Yuasa, Rayovac Develop 15-Minute Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
2002_Jul-12: Hot Sales of PS2 May Favor Hon Hai, Asustek as Outsourcers
2002_Jul-12: Lead-Free Devices to Appear Increasingly in the Market in 2002, 2003
2002_Jul-12: China Unicom Uses Cisco Routers in Video-Conferencing Network
2002_Jul-12: AlphaData Markets USB-Connectable TV/FM Tuner
2002_Jul-12: Chunghwa Telecom Debuts Taiwan-China Videoconference Services
2002_Jul-11: Intel Decides to Set Up IC Design Service Center in Taiwan
2002_Jul-11: Japan’s xDSL Subscribers Reach 3.3 Million, Showing Growth Slowdown
2002_Jul-11: Taiwan Seizes Largest Share in Global Large-Sized Flat Panel Market
2002_Jul-11: Pioneer, TDK Develop 4x Write-Once Optical Disc for ‘Blu-ray Disc’ Specification
2002_Jul-11: Beijing Company Develops ‘Real Name’ Chinese Searching Technology
2002_Jul-10: China to Match India in Software Development Services by 2006, Gartner Says
2002_Jul-10: Japan Chamber of Commerce, Assn. Request Copyright Protection for Die Designs
2002_Jul-10: Pantech Sees Monthly Production of Wireless Handsets Rise to 500,000 Units
2002_Jul-10: BeTrend Begins ASP Push Service for Incoming Call Melodies, News to Mobile Phone Users
2002_Jul-10: LG Electronics Debuts 52-in. LCD Projection TV
2002_Jul-9: Dell Sets Up R&D; Center in Shanghai
2002_Jul-9: [N+I 2002] NTT-ME Develops Cordless Bluetooth Telephone
2002_Jul-9: July Exports from Korea Likely to Increase 6-10 Pct., KOTRA Says
2002_Jul-9: Rambus Introduces ‘Yellowstone’ Interface Designed to Work at 100GBps
2002_Jul-9: China, Japan Benefit from Economic and Trade Cooperation, Expert Says
2002_Jul-8: Toyota to Sell Its First Fuel-Cell Hybrid Car in Japan, U.S. by Year-End
2002_Jul-8: LED Display Debuts in Beijing’s International Airport
2002_Jul-8: Soaring Prices of DDR DRAMs Suggest Direction of Chipmakers
2002_Jul-8: Microsoft to Establish Hardware Expert Center in Taiwan
2002_Jul-8: [N+I 2002] PDAs Featuring Mobile IPv6 on Display
2002_Jul-5: Samsung to Enter Japan’s System Integration Market
2002_Jul-5: Shanghai World Expo Brings Local, Overseas Business Opportunities
2002_Jul-5: Anti-spam Laws Implemented, Placing Ad Industry in Tough Position
2002_Jul-5: NEC to Expand Purchases in Taiwan
2002_Jul-5: Release of Third Batch of Chunghwa Telecom Shares Fails
2002_Jul-4: Hitachi Invests Additional 23 Billion Yen in Large-Sized, TFT-LCD TV
2002_Jul-4: Demand for CATV Internet Declines Sharply in May; FTTH Doubles Over Previous Month
2002_Jul-4: Germany Becomes China’s Largest European Trade Partner
2002_Jul-4: Access Co. to Develop Browser Applicable to Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting, I-Mode
2002_Jul-4: Taiwan’s Investments in South China Show Profits
2002_Jul-3: Hitachi to Introduce Processor for Mobile Phone with Digital Camera
2002_Jul-3: Trigem Exports E-Voting Systems to United States
2002_Jul-3: Atheros First to Market Chipset for Outdoor 5GHz Wireless LAN in Japan
2002_Jul-3: Worldwide PC Shipments Pass 1 Billion Units on Cumulative Basis: Gartner
2002_Jul-3: LG.Philips to Construct LCD Module Factory in Nanjing
2002_Jul-2: HI Aims for Improved Business Model with BREW Technology
2002_Jul-2: China to Host International Digital Info-Service, Technology Show
2002_Jul-2: Sharp to Put Linux-Installed PDA Zaurus on Japanese Market after U.S., Europe
2002_Jul-2: Taiwan Fertilizer Expands High-Tech Special Chemical Investment
2002_Jul-2: LSIs Supporting USB On-the-Go Showcased at Embedded Systems Expo
2002_Jul-1: Eleven Storage Companies Jointly Demonstrate Storage Area Network
2002_Jul-1: Taiwan’s DVD-R Companies Struggle to Survive in Cutthroat Competition
2002_Jul-1: NEC, Alcatel Collaborate in Virtual LAN Business
2002_Jul-1: Legend Group Enters Mobile Phone Market
2002_Jul-1: More Foreign Firms Become Sole Investors in China


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