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2002_Oct-31: TI Introduces 16-bit Quad DAC for Low-Power Industrial Process Control
2002_Oct-31: Ramtron’s FRAM Extends Battery Life, Programs Fast in Manufacturing Lines
2002_Oct-31: ADLINK Unveils CompactPCI Dual Intel Tualatin Processor System Module
2002_Oct-31: Sony to Introduce Green Procurement System
2002_Oct-30: Large LCD TVs to Become a Smash Hit in 2004 to 2005, Sharp Exec. Says
2002_Oct-30: Micron Signs Advantech as Authorized Systems Integrator for SyncFlash Memory
2002_Oct-30: ST Combines Optical, Electronic Processing on Single Chip
2002_Oct-30: Infineon’s MOSFETs Fuel High-Power Devices at Low Voltages
2002_Oct-30: Fujitsu to Adopt Linux in Large-Scale Mission-Critical Systems in 2005
2002_Oct-30: Korea’s Exports of TFT-LCDs to Exceed US$6 Billion
2002_Oct-29: ‘Microsoft May Introduce Voice-Only Game,’ Says VP for Xbox Game Content
2002_Oct-29: Sony Demonstrates PS2 as Tool for Business Solutions
2002_Oct-29: VIA’s Display Interconnect Devices Enable PC Connectivity
2002_Oct-29: Photon Dynamics Opens Foreign-Owned Enterprise in Shanghai October 29, 2002 (TOKYO) — Michael S. Dell, chairman & CEO of Dell Computer Corp., speaking at the fourth Nikkei Global Management Forum on Oct. 29, said a company that focuses on customer satisfaction and has a superior cost structure can boost market share even when growth in the overall market is slowing.Dell pointed to the contrast between his own firm, which has reduced the ratio of marketing costs to sales and International Business Machines Corp. and other rival computer makers, which saw their figures increase in the second quarter of this year.
2002_Oct-28: Hitachi Making Its Way to LCD TV Market
2002_Oct-28: Philips Introduces DVD+R/+RW Digital Video Recorder Reference Design
2002_Oct-28: TI’s RF Transceiver Targets Portable Remote Applications
2002_Oct-28: HTML Mail Promotes Sales More Effectively than Text Mail: Internet Sales Survey Results
2002_Oct-28: Tech Firms Stampede into ‘Silicon Delta’
2002_Oct-27: Japan, Korea, Taiwan LCD Makers Launch Packaging Ops in China
2002_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Performs Well in Semiconductor, Telecom Businesses
2002_Oct-25: Seiko Epson Launches LCD Controller LSIs for Mobile Phones with Camera
2002_Oct-25: SiS Opens New Office in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Area
2002_Oct-25: Philips, Mitsubishi, Others Promote Low-Cost, Low-Power ‘ZigBee’ Wireless Standard
2002_Oct-25: NTT-ME Starts IP Phone Test Service with PDA, Wireless LAN
2002_Oct-25: RF Micro Unveils CDMA Front-End Receiver in Reduced Size 3 x 3mm Package
2002_Oct-25: Photon Dynamics to Acquire Intevac’s Rapid Thermal Processing Equipment Business
2002_Oct-25: Samsung Electronics Develops 46-Inch LCD TV
2002_Oct-25: Camera-Equipped Cell Phones Top 10 Million Mark
2002_Oct-24: Sharp, SEL Develop World’s First CPU Integrated on Glass Substrate
2002_Oct-24: Philips to Embed Java Technology in 2.5G Nexperia Cellular System Solution
2002_Oct-24: Infineon to Accelerate Multimedia Features in Mobiles via Partner Program
2002_Oct-24: Nearly 90 Pct. of Japan’s Narrowband Users Attracted to Broadband: Survey
2002_Oct-24: MIPS Technologies Licenses Processor Core IP to Micronas
2002_Oct-23: Acer PC Shipment Grows 19% in Q3, 2002, Says IDC
2002_Oct-23: Kyocera Wireless, U.S. Wildseed Exhibit Banana-Shaped Cell Phone for Young Generation
2002_Oct-23: Yokogawa Electric to Introduce IEEE1394b Analyzer
2002_Oct-23: 2D GIGA CSTN LCD Driver IC Wins Hong Kong Awards
2002_Oct-23: HSS, eServGlobal to Deploy Intelligent Network Solutions
2002_Oct-23: Toshiba to Market Internet-Capable DVD Recorder
2002_Oct-22: Cell Phones, Car Navigation Systems and More at WPC EXPO
2002_Oct-22: Mentor Graphics Unveils CAM Output Manager Tool for PCB Design Flow
2002_Oct-22: KDDI’s CDMA2000 1x Subscribers Reach 2.65 Million in Sept.; Target at 7 Million for March 2003
2002_Oct-22: Matsushita Communication Industrial Displays Small GPS Receiver Module
2002_Oct-22: Tecnomatix Acquires Teradyne’s CIMBridge CAD/CAM Optimization Software Product Line
2002_Oct-22: Cybird to Hold Cell Phone-Based Internet Auctions
2002_Oct-21: Fuji Film Develops WORM Blu-Ray Media: Trial Medium Confirmed up to Double-Speed Recording
2002_Oct-21: Potential Demand in China’s Cell Phone Market is Huge, Vice General Manager of Ningbo Bird Says
2002_Oct-21: Philips Introduces Transceiver for Direct Connectivity between Portables without PC
2002_Oct-21: IR Launches myPOWER Online Design Center
2002_Oct-21: N. American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.84 in September 2002
2002_Oct-21: NEC Phone with Camera to Hit China
2002_Oct-18: Matsushita Kotobuki to Offer Storage for ‘Nancy Codec’ Cell-Phone Videos
2002_Oct-18: Toppan Printing, Nippon Shinpan Start E-Cash System
2002_Oct-18: Taiwanese PDA Production Volume to Hit 5.2 Million Units in 2003
2002_Oct-18: Agilent Opens New Interoperability Certification Lab in Taipei
2002_Oct-18: Video-On-Demand Internet Movies are Promising, TriGem Chairman Says
2002_Oct-18: NTT Develops 10Gbps Wireless System
2002_Oct-18: ON Semiconductor Introduces LED Driver for Handheld Electronics
2002_Oct-18: GungHo Online to Double Game Servers
2002_Oct-17: WPC Expo Starts; Asia Gains Momentum in IT Technologies, Gov’t Official Says
2002_Oct-17: Intel Announces 1.8V, 0.13$B&L(Bm Flash Memory, System-in-a-Package for Cell Phones
2002_Oct-17: Application Software Shown at ‘FeliCa Fair’; ‘Edy’ Vending Machine for Electronic Money Grabs Attention
2002_Oct-17: Philips Launches Chip Solution for Tire Pressure Monitoring System
2002_Oct-17: Cirrus’s Op Amps Achieve Simultaneous Low Noise and Low Drift
2002_Oct-16: GPRS Dominates Taiwanese Handset Shipments
2002_Oct-16: Fairchild Opens Packaging Design Center in Korea
2002_Oct-16: Korea to Surpass Japan in Semiconductor R&D; in 2005, METI Report Finds
2002_Oct-16: Konica to Debut Credit-Card-Sized Digital Camera Weighing 70g
2002_Oct-16: IMEC to Develop Distributed Sensor Network for Health Applications
2002_Oct-15: Japan’s Y-O-Y Mobile Phone Shipments Decline for 15 Consecutive Months
2002_Oct-15: Tektronix Introduces Oscilloscope, Probes and Analysis Tools for Signal Integrity Measurements
2002_Oct-15: NTT Data Tests Wireless IM Technology in Baseball Stadium
2002_Oct-15: Zarlink’s Packet Processors Boost Voice Quality on IP Networks
2002_Oct-15: Solomon Systech Unveils CSTN-LCD Driver Controller for Mobile Application
2002_Oct-11: Sony Develops 3.8-in. System-On-Glass Panel; All Peripheral Circuits Integrated on Glass
2002_Oct-11: Samsung Selects Qualcomm’s Dual-Mode Chipset for 3G Handsets
2002_Oct-11: NEC Starts Sales of Door Control System with Built-in Fingerprint Identification Sensor
2002_Oct-11: NTT DoCoMo Tests 100Mbps 4G Mobile Communications System
2002_Oct-11: Osram Opto Extends Blue Gallium-Nitride Service Line from 2 Minutes to 143 Hours
2002_Oct-11: NTT Com Opens Asia’s First ‘Web Services Directory’
2002_Oct-11: IR’s MOSFETs Boost Efficiency in Telecom, Datacom Power Systems
2002_Oct-10: Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Mobile Phone-Controlled Home Robot
2002_Oct-10: Micron Demonstrates Multiple DDR/DDR-II Platforms at VIA Technology Forum
2002_Oct-10: Japan Telecom to Launch World’s First Wide Area IX Service Based on MPLS
2002_Oct-10: Asia Pacific IT Spending to Grow 6% in 2002, Says Gartner
2002_Oct-10: NEC to Start IP Phone Service in December
2002_Oct-10: Cirrus, SVA Open Consumer Electronics Design Center in Shanghai
2002_Oct-10: NEC Wins Major Order from China Mobile for Camera-Equipped Cell Phones
2002_Oct-9: Adaptec to Enter Japanese Storage Market, Ship Products for Smaller Firms from October
2002_Oct-9: [CEATEC] Chip Makers Eye Automobiles as Promising, Stable Market
2002_Oct-9: Taiwanese Server Shipment Volume Grows in 1H 2002
2002_Oct-9: LG Philips LCD Launches 42-Inch TFT-LCD for HDTV Applications
2002_Oct-9: IMEC to Build 300mm Silicon Research Foundry
2002_Oct-9: ANALYSIS: DoCoMo Stumbles at Home, Abroad
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] NTT DoCoMo Exhibits ‘Radio Poster’ Using Mobile Phone, Non-Contact IC Tag
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] Mercury-Free Backlights Shown for Use in Cars
2002_Oct-8: [CEATEC] Electronics Makers Exhibit a Plethora of Blu-ray Products at CEATEC
2002_Oct-8: NTT-ME Plans to Provide Wide Area Ethernet within 2002, Allowing Mutual Access with IP-VPN
2002_Oct-8: Conexant’s MPEG-2 Audio/Video Encoder Integrates Multi-Functionalities
2002_Oct-8: Cirrus’ Digital Audio Interface Products Target Emerging DVD-Audio Market
2002_Oct-8: MCIL, FCI to Develop Advanced Automotive Connector Solutions
2002_Oct-8: IBM to Design, Develop Products for Minolta, Sony Computer Entertainment
2002_Oct-7: Altera’s Cyclone to Expand FPGA, Embedded Processor Markets
2002_Oct-7: [CEATEC] Toshiba Demonstrates Next-Generation DVD ‘Advanced Optical Disk’
2002_Oct-7: [CEATEC] Casio Aims Field-Sequential Panels at Wearable Devices
2002_Oct-7: Asia’s Java Developers Set for Imminent Hiring Boom
2002_Oct-7: Taiwan Expects Strong Growth in Thin Client Production
2002_Oct-7: SK Telecom Selects Juniper Networks Routers for First Wireless VoIP Services in Korea
2002_Oct-7: Cybird Offers Content for Cell Phone Net Services in Asia
2002_Oct-6: NEC to Launch Low-Cost IP Phone Service in Dec.
2002_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Organic EL, 3D-Image Liquid Crystal Displays Attract Attention at CEATEC Show
2002_Oct-4: [CEATEC] Rohm Shows Optical Module for Mobile Phones; Expects to Ship 1.3M-Pixel Camera Modules in 2003
2002_Oct-4: Samsung Pursues Global Branding Strategy at Asian Games
2002_Oct-4: Secom Develops Prototype Robot that Obeys Voice Commands, Carries Cash
2002_Oct-4: Qualcomm, Wavecom Sign CDMA Module License Agreement
2002_Oct-4: Hitachi Selects MeetingPlace for Voice, Web Conferencing
2002_Oct-4: Equinix to Integrate Assets of i-STT
2002_Oct-4: Teradata Warehouse 7.0 Delivers Enterprise-Wide Data Warehousing Benefits
2002_Oct-4: China’s WTO Entry Expands Chances for Foreign Firms
2002_Oct-3: Japan’s Telecom Ministry Considers UWB Technology for Regular Use
2002_Oct-3: Qualcomm Integrates Bluetooth WCDMA and GSM Capabilities
2002_Oct-3: KDDI, JCB Begin Credit Card Transactions with 3G Mobile Phones
2002_Oct-3: Ericsson Technology Licenses Bluetooth Technology to Taiwan’s VIA

2002_Oct-3: Hitachi Introduces Corporate ASP Service for Motion Picture Distribution
2002_Oct-3: Graphical Test Interface to Simplify Test on Agilent Platform
2002_Oct-3: Matsushita Selects Ramtron’s FRAM for Car Navigation Systems, Audio
2002_Oct-2: President Says Infineon Aims to be World’s Fourth Largest Chip Maker in Five Years
2002_Oct-2: Mitsubishi, Samsung Form Alliance to Develop LSIs for Mobile Phone Camera
2002_Oct-2: KCAP Offers Fee-Based Mobile Phone Content-Distribution Service in Singapore
2002_Oct-2: Philips, Fairchild Cooperate to Second-Source Small Scale Packaging Technologies
2002_Oct-2: Student IC Cards Launched in Beijing
2002_Oct-2: Vishay Launches Industry First Silicon-Based RF Capacitors
2002_Oct-1: Seiko Epson to Enter Cell Phone Market with ‘Nancy Codec’ Microcomputer
2002_Oct-1: Fuel Cells for Mobile Devices to be Commercialized in 2004: Execs at Casio, Smart Fuel Cell
2002_Oct-1: Electronics, IT Industries Continue to Suffer Severe Conditions, JEITA Chairman Says
2002_Oct-1: Japanese Mobile Phone Market Shows Signs of Recovery: Gartner Japan
2002_Oct-1: Matsushita, Toshiba to Form CRT Company; Focus on HDTVs for Asian Market
2002_Oct-1: Sanyo Develops 15-Inch Color Organic EL Display
2002_Oct-1: TI Supplies First Logic Register Components for DDR-II DIMM Evaluation
2002_Oct-1: Softbank Enters Joint Venture with China’s Shenzhen Capital
2002_Oct-1: Avnet Completes Acquisition of Avnet Max in India
2002_Oct-1: KDDI to Test 3G Cell Phone with Credit Card Function


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