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2003_Apr-30: Qualcomm to Support All 3G Technologies, Qualcomm CEO Jacobs Says
2003_Apr-30: Semiconductor Sales are Still Strong in Japan, Asia-Pacific
2003_Apr-30: Sharp to Supply Camera-Capable GSM Mobile Phones to China’s Datang Telecom
2003_Apr-30: NEC Micro Systems Adopts Datapath Dedicated Equivalence Checking Software from Verplex
2003_Apr-30: Vishay’s Thin-Film Back Contact Resistors Provide Film Stability
2003_Apr-30: Linear’s Power Supply Margining Controller Simplifies Automated PCB Testing
2003_Apr-30: Lighting Device Makers to Increase LCD Lamp Output
2003_Apr-29: China’s Might in Consumer Electronics Production Confirmed: JEITA
2003_Apr-29: ARC Delivers High-Speed USB On-The-Go Drivers
2003_Apr-29: Sharp to Introduce ‘Mobile’ and ‘Custom’ Lines of LCD TV AQUOS
2003_Apr-29: Maxim Launches White LED Driver for Main, Sub-Displays
2003_Apr-29: IDT Offers Free Linux-Based Software Package for Communications Processors
2003_Apr-29: Qualcomm’s Conference for BREW Developers Begins in San Diego
2003_Apr-28: Asia Pacific Still Drives Electronics Industry Despite SARS, Says Gartner
2003_Apr-28: Taiwan Mobile Phone Shipment Doubled in Q1 2003
2003_Apr-28: NTT’s New Three-Year Business Plan Promotes Introduction of Fiber Optic Services
2003_Apr-28: ALPS Develops Small Tuner with Internal Demodulators for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
2003_Apr-28: ST, Hynix Develop NAND Flash Memory for Media Content
2003_Apr-28: Philips Delivers Industry’s First 32-Bit ARM7TDMI-S-Based Microcontroller
2003_Apr-28: Gov’t Pushing to Win Chip Facilities Project from Intel
2003_Apr-26: Distribution of BREW Applications Becomes Active Worldwide: Qualcomm Execs

2003_Apr-25: Sony, Toshiba Alliance Closing on Intel, with Four 300mm Lines
2003_Apr-25: NTT DoCoMo Unveils ‘SigmarionIII’ Windows CE PC with High-Resolution TFT-LCD
2003_Apr-25: Fujitsu Announces New President
2003_Apr-25: Casio, Triscend Collaborate on LCDs
2003_Apr-25: Personal Media Launches Lightweight Notebook PC with Tron OS
2003_Apr-25: Sony to Invest 1 Trillion Yen in Chips, R&D; over Next 3 Years
2003_Apr-25: Cadence, TeraChip Deliver 160Gbps Switch Fabric Chip
2003_Apr-25: ASTRI Commercializes Internet-Based English Learning Software
2003_Apr-24: Japan’s PC Shipments in FY2002 Decline in Units, Value: JEITA
2003_Apr-24: Ricoh Completes Virtual Prototype of 10Mgate SoC in Just a Day
2003_Apr-24: Funai Selects Oak Technology’s Chips for Terrestrial High-Definition, Set-Top Boxes
2003_Apr-24: 1Q 2003 Sees Tandem Gains in Taiwanese Large-Sized LCD Panel Volume, Value
2003_Apr-24: Mobile Services to Grow to US$245 by 2006
2003_Apr-24: PalmNet Develops Linux-Based PDA with Korea, China Firms
2003_Apr-23: Toshiba, Mitsubishi to Integrate Electric, Automation Systems Businesses
2003_Apr-23: Samsung Corning to Invest US$470 Million in China
2003_Apr-23: Toshiba Launches First SoCMosaic Architecture Chip, ARM Core-Based Controller
2003_Apr-23: CSR of UK to Provide Bluetooth Software for Mobile Phones
2003_Apr-23: Mitsui to Invest in China Mobile Phone LCD Maker
2003_Apr-23: EmotionEngine, Graphics Synthesizer Used in Playstation Core
2003_Apr-23: Fujitsu Develops New Spread-Spectrum Clock Generator
2003_Apr-22: Sony and SCEI Invest 200 Billion Yen for Semiconductor Chips with 65nm Process
2003_Apr-22: Japanese Ministry Deregulation to Open Door for UWB, 5GHz Outdoor Wireless LAN Systems
2003_Apr-22: Ricoh Sets Up Neon Billboard in Osaka Powered by Wind, Solar Energy
2003_Apr-22: Samsung to Enter Cell Phone Memory Card Market
2003_Apr-22: Matsushita Adopts Dynamic Power Analysis Software for SoC from Apache Design
2003_Apr-22: Samsung’s Earnings Disappointing, 2Q Outlook Better
2003_Apr-22: NTT DoCoMo to License 3G Cell Phone Tech to Singapore, HK Firms
2003_Apr-21: Sony Begins Free Inspection, Repair of ‘DSC-P1’ Digital Cameras
2003_Apr-21: Samsung Aims to Acquire 25% of US PDP TV Market by 2005
2003_Apr-21: Korea Stocks Decline on Profit-Taking
2003_Apr-21: USC Launches EMS Business in China
2003_Apr-20: Strong Digital Camera Sales Force Ricoh to Exit Film Camera Ops
2003_Apr-18: Stationary Fuel Cells Debuting for Household, Corporate Use
2003_Apr-18: Furukawa Unveils 0.6mm Thick, Sheet-type Heat Sink for Mobile Equipment
2003_Apr-18: NEC-Toshiba Alliance Develops 1-Mbit MRAM
2003_Apr-18: Digital Camera Market Shows Signs of Glut Amid Soaring Sales
2003_Apr-18: Infineon Announces New Asia-Pacific Headquarters Building in Singapore
2003_Apr-18: Philips to Unveil Semiconductor Design for DVD Recorder-Based HTiB
2003_Apr-17: NEC Electronics Launches DVD Codec SoC with Integrated STB Features
2003_Apr-17: Korea’s iRiver Debuts Portable Audio Player with Built-in 10GB HDD
2003_Apr-17: Microsoft Sets Up Office to Promote Open Source Campaign for Windows OS
2003_Apr-17: Toshiba to Expand White LED Driver Production
2003_Apr-17: IP VPN Services to Surpass Frame Relay
2003_Apr-17: Xilinx Targets Market with 90nm Spartan-3 Programmable Chips
2003_Apr-16: NTT Data to Tie Up with Korean Venture on Infrared Mobile Phone Payment System
2003_Apr-16: Sanyo Adds Low-Power, Low-Cost Version of 1/7-In. VGA CCD Camera Module
2003_Apr-16: Denso, Bosch to Establish Joint Venture for Car Navigation ICs
2003_Apr-16: Distinct Demand Drivers Help Boost Hong Kong PC Market, Says Gartner
2003_Apr-16: Govt to Scrap Licensing Requirement for Wireless LANs
2003_Apr-16: Mentor Graphics’ Co-Verification Tool Supports SystemC Simulator
2003_Apr-16: ERNI Introduces 2mm Hard Metric Right Angle Male Connector
2003_Apr-15: Electronic Display Exhibition Highlights Wide Range of 3D Image Hardware, Software
2003_Apr-15: Xilinx Starts to Ship Sample Chips of the First 90nm FPGAs
2003_Apr-15: Chinese Business People Look to Japan for Resolving Environmental Woes
2003_Apr-15: Onse Telecom Files for Court Management
2003_Apr-15: ANALYSIS: PC Makers to Stress Safety in Their Models
2003_Apr-15: ON Semi Introduces High-Speed Data Line Protection and Filter Devices
2003_Apr-15: Zarlink Unveils Timing Module for High-Speed Line Cards
2003_Apr-14: Transparent Organic EL Shown At Electronic Display Exhibition 2003
2003_Apr-14: Credit Card Companies Start Trial Service of Infrared Settlement Using I-Mode
2003_Apr-14: VIA’s Chipset Platform for Consumer, Corporate Desktop PC Segments
2003_Apr-14: Nippon Intelligence, AIU to Insure PCs against Viruses, Hackers
2003_Apr-14: Tektronix Enhances Digital Video Test Generators with Standardized Interfaces
2003_Apr-14: Samsung Electronics to Invest US$70 Million in Hungarian TV Plants by 2005
2003_Apr-13: Sony to Promote PDA as Marketing Tool for Corporate Users
2003_Apr-11: Sony to Market Next-Generation Optical Disc Drive for Commercial Applications Based on Blu-Ray Disc Standard
2003_Apr-11: Korea’s Digital TV Output to Reach 9.1 Million Units by 2007, Gartner Dataquest Says
2003_Apr-11: NTT DoCoMo Debuts Mobile Phones with Megapixel Camera, Fingerprint Authentication
2003_Apr-11: Renesas Technology Puts Emphasis on Japan, China Markets
2003_Apr-11: KDDI 3G Subscriptions Top 7 Million
2003_Apr-11: Linear Unveils Standalone Li-Ion Battery Charger in ThinSOT Package
2003_Apr-11: IR Introduces MOSFETs with Fast Body Diode Characteristics
2003_Apr-11: Stocks Fall, Led by Exporters Such as Samsung
2003_Apr-10: Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Integrates Solid-State Image Sensors Inside LCD
2003_Apr-10: Toppan Provides Full Turnkey Service of ARM Core-Based SoC in Japan
2003_Apr-10: Yahoo Japan to Launch Free Distribution of Music
2003_Apr-10: Five Asian Operators Form Asia Mobility Initiative
2003_Apr-10: ERNI Unveils Board-On SMT IDC Cable Connector
2003_Apr-10: LG.Philips LCD to Invest Y300bn in LCD Panels
2003_Apr-9: QuickSilver Licenses Olympus Subsidiary to Use Dynamically Reconfigurable Technology in Digital Camera
2003_Apr-9: Vishay’s Surface-Mount Inductors Feature Low 2.4mm Height Profile
2003_Apr-9: Access, Adobe to Develop PDF Browsers for Non-PC Devices
2003_Apr-9: ITU Approves New Standard for iTV Services
2003_Apr-8: ROBODEX 2003 Showcases Humanoid Robots, Astro Boy Featured
2003_Apr-8: FOMA Users Meet NTT DoCoMo’s Target for Fiscal Year End Thanks to New Models
2003_Apr-8: Grand Prize of Nikkei BP Technology Awards Goes to Fuel Cell Vehicle by Toyota, Honda
2003_Apr-8: EDA Market in 2002 Expands 14% in ‘New World’ but Shrinks 7% Globally: MSS
2003_Apr-8: Digital Camera, Cell Phone Demand Creating Lens Shortage
2003_Apr-8: Summit Microelectronics’ Programmable Hot Swap Controller Offers Soft-Start Power-Up
2003_Apr-8: Central Semiconductor Introduces Small Surface Mount Power Schottky Rectifier
2003_Apr-7: Birthday Fever for Astro Boy
2003_Apr-7: Matsushita Electric Shows IPv6-Based Desk Lamp
2003_Apr-7: NEC’s Low Noise Bipolar Transistors Can be Simulated with Ansoft Designer
2003_Apr-7: Lumex Unveils Panel Indicators with Remote LED Light Source
2003_Apr-7: IDT Introduces High-Speed Quad/Dual FIFO Products
2003_Apr-7: Sony Boosts China Business as Local Consumers Open Wallets
2003_Apr-6: DVD Forum to Present Higher Capacity DVD Standard This Year
2003_Apr-5: DoCoMo Exceeds FOMA Sales Goal for FY02
2003_Apr-4: Fujitsu Labs Announces Contactless Palm Pattern Biometric Authentication System
2003_Apr-4: Japan’s Broadband Users Climb to 8.8 Million: Gov’t Report
2003_Apr-4: Yahoo Japan Sets Up Portal Site for Gifu Prefectural Government
2003_Apr-4: US Imposes Duties of 57.37% on Imports by Hynix
2003_Apr-4: Matsushita Electric Unit to Sell Virtual Keyboards for PDAs
2003_Apr-4: Matsushita Adopts Mixed-Signal SoC Design Tool from Neolinear
2003_Apr-4: Korea’s Listed Companies Enjoy Record High Profits in 2002
2003_Apr-4: Microchip’s Programmable Gain Amplifier Offers Digital Control over Analog Domain
2003_Apr-4: IR Unveils Electronic Relay for Telecom, Instrumentation and Industrial Control Apps
2003_Apr-3: Matsushita, Sony, Others to Study Specs for Interactive Services on Digital TV
2003_Apr-3: Samsung to Release Independently Developed IC for Wireless Phone Handsets
2003_Apr-3: JVC, LSI Logic Work Together for HDTV Encoding
2003_Apr-3: Hitachi’s IPv6 Gigabit Router Gets China’s Accreditation
2003_Apr-3: Shares in Korea Rise Led by Individual Investors
2003_Apr-3: ANALYSIS: Chinese PHS Demand A Boon to Telecom Equip Makers
2003_Apr-3: Linear’s ADC Offers 7.75dB SNR for Low Power Applications
2003_Apr-3: AMD, Fujitsu Announce New Flash Memory Company
2003_Apr-2: Sharp Unveils 4.6mm-Thick CCD Module Supporting VGA for Cell Phones
2003_Apr-2: KDDI to Begin CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Trial Data Communication Service of Up to 2.4Mbps
2003_Apr-2: AMD, Fujitsu Form New Flash Memory Venture
2003_Apr-2: Spin-off from Hitachi and Mitsubishi, Renesas Technology Launches Operations
2003_Apr-2: DoCoMo, J-Phone to Sell Advanced Camera Handsets
2003_Apr-2: CDT Improves Display Life Performance via LEP Technology
2003_Apr-2: Barco Acquires Assets of LED Display Firms in US, China
2003_Apr-1: NEC Enhances Linux Business to Boost Sales
2003_Apr-1: China Pulls Ahead in Worldwide Semiconductor Consumption
2003_Apr-1: Sony to Release 5GHz ‘IEEE802.11a’ LCD TVs, with No Radio Interference
2003_Apr-1: KDDI to Set Up Lab for 4-G Mobile Phone Research
2003_Apr-1: Philips’ CD Chip, Reference Design to Cut Costs for MP3 CD Players
2003_Apr-1: Infineon Expands Foundry Agreement with SMIC
2003_Apr-1: US May Impose Tariffs on Korea’s Hynix


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