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2003_Jun-30: Consumer Electronics, Mobile, Computer Companies Set Up Group to Decide Platform for Sharing Contents
2003_Jun-30: IP Talk Corp to Market Wireless IP Mobile Phone in October
2003_Jun-30: Yamaha Delivers Polyphonic Ringtones to US Verizon Wireless with Moviso
2003_Jun-30: Toshiba to Make All Products Free of Toxic Chemicals by March ’05
2003_Jun-30: ADI’s JPEG2000 Chip Powers NHK HDTV Broadcast System
2003_Jun-30: Silicon Image Opens HDMI Authorized Testing Center
2003_Jun-27: Hitachi, Others Establish Biometrics Security Consortium
2003_Jun-27: Olympus to Debut Digital SLR for Pros under New Digital Camera Standard
2003_Jun-27: TSMC Says Business in Japan is in Good Shape
2003_Jun-27: Fujitsu Enters Structured ASIC Market via AccelArray Offering
2003_Jun-27: NTT DoCoMo to Sell Dual-Mode Card for PHS/Wireless LAN
2003_Jun-27: DoCoMo, NEC, Others To Set Wireless LAN Standards
2003_Jun-27: VIA Telecom, Qualcomm Expand CDMA License Agreement
2003_Jun-27: ON Semiconductor Introduces Low-Profile SOD-123FL Packaging
2003_Jun-26: Ubiquitous ID Center Reveals Parts of Standard Specs for Sesame Seed-Sized Tag Chips
2003_Jun-26: Xilinx CTO Discusses Features of FPGAs for 2005
2003_Jun-26: Lattice Semiconductor Claims to Have Industry’s Lowest Power 10Gbps Serdes Transceiver
2003_Jun-26: Roland to Debut Digital Piano with Infrared Communications Capability
2003_Jun-26: Renesas to Enter High-Capacity Flash Memory Market
2003_Jun-26: TI’s DAB Baseband Cuts Design Time, Cost
2003_Jun-26: National Instruments Introduces Compact Machine Vision System
2003_Jun-25: Bluetooth’s Next-Generation Version to be Authorized Soon: Bluetooth SIG
2003_Jun-25: Altera Redefines Mask Programmed Device to Rival Structured ASICs
2003_Jun-25: Mitsubishi Electric Debuts World’s First IPM for Fuel Cell, Hybrid Autos
2003_Jun-25: Prices of DDR DRAMs Rise, SDRAMs Remain Unchanged
2003_Jun-25: NTT Com to Expand IPv6 Service Coverage
2003_Jun-25: STATS Launches Total SiP Solutions
2003_Jun-25: Olympus Debut to Heat Up Digital SLR Camera Competition
2003_Jun-24: Japan Sees File Exchange Software Users Reach 1.86M: ACCS Research
2003_Jun-24: Epson, Fuetrek Co-Develop Display Control IC for Mobile Phones with Megapixel Cameras
2003_Jun-24: Mitsubishi Electric to Sell Printer Terminal for Image Data Shot by Camera Phone
2003_Jun-24: Acca to Offer 26Mbps ADSL Service with 2Mbps Benefit Over ’24Mbps ADSL’
2003_Jun-24: Rohm Develops Industry’s First Reflow-Soldering-Enabled LED Numeric Displays
2003_Jun-24: Nextreaming Offers 3GPP MPEG-4 Encoder for Hutchison 3G Austria’s Wireless Service
2003_Jun-24: Kospi Rises Sharply, Led by Large-Cap Shares
2003_Jun-24: 80Msps, 14-Bit ADC Digitizes High Frequency Wide Dynamic Range Signals
2003_Jun-24: Power MOSFETs Provide On-Resistance Down to 2.25m Ohms, Gate Charge Down to 8.5nC
2003_Jun-24: Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Research Center Opens
2003_Jun-23: iFire Shows 17-inch Inorganic Electro Luminescent Prototype Display in Tokyo
2003_Jun-23: Analog Devices Enhances Its High-End DSP with IBM’s Embedded DRAM Technology
2003_Jun-23: Nanao’s Live Camera is Compliant with FOMA Data Communications Card
2003_Jun-23: Matsushita to End Use of RoHS Specified Hazardous Substances in Products
2003_Jun-23: Softbank Doubling Access Speed to Offer Fastest ADSL Service
2003_Jun-23: Sipex’s Photo Detector IC Targets Home Entertainment Market
2003_Jun-23: IR Offers Integrated Design Platform for Sensor-Less Motion Control
2003_Jun-23: Casio’s Management to Keep Turning the Tables
2003_Jun-22: Nissan, Suzuki to Ally in Telematics Service
2003_Jun-20: Japanese Police to Issue Non-Contact IC Card Driver’s License in FY2004
2003_Jun-20: Sharp Sees Shipments of Large LCD TVs Expand Rapidly
2003_Jun-20: NTT DoCoMo, Credit Card Firms to Launch Card Settlement Test Service via Cell Phones
2003_Jun-20: Neojapan to Start Selling Chinese Version of Groupware with Itochu
2003_Jun-20: Motorola, Philips Show Presence in Automotive Semiconductors
2003_Jun-20: Korea to Take Hynix Semiconductor Tariff Issue to WTO
2003_Jun-20: Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Adopts Artisan’s Circuit Library for IC Design
2003_Jun-20: Chip Start-Ups Rush to Raise Funds on Signs of Mkt Recovery
2003_Jun-20: Philips Launches SiP Radio, Baseband IC for Bluetooth Applications
2003_Jun-20: PMC-Sierra Introduces MIPS-Based Multiprocessors with Multiple I/O Interfaces
2003_Jun-19: KDDI, Japan Telecom, PoweredCom to Mutually Connect IP Phone Networks
2003_Jun-19: Epson Develops Miniature-Scale, Low Power USB On-the-Go Controller for Mobile Devices
2003_Jun-19: Nokia Starts Shipments of Dual-Mode GSM/W-CDMA Phone
2003_Jun-19: SMK Debuts Thinnest Low-Profile DC Jacks for Digital Cameras, PDAs
2003_Jun-19: Rohm Ships Rectifier Diode Offering Robust Surge Resistance for On-Vehicle Applications
2003_Jun-19: Korean Shares Post Rally, Led by Foreign Investors
2003_Jun-19: Microsoft Looks to Boost Slow Japan Xbox Sales: CEO
2003_Jun-19: Qualcomm, Broadcom Join to Accelerate Bluetooth Adoption in CDMA Phones
2003_Jun-19: Telson I&C; Utilizes Infineon’s Chipset in Broadband Access Platform
2003_Jun-18: SanDisk, Sony Expand Memory Stick Cooperation
2003_Jun-18: Matsushita Introduces GPS-Equipped Electric Bicycle
2003_Jun-18: ARM Shows Extensions of AMBA, Thumb
2003_Jun-18: Toshiba to Unveil Dual-Format-Compatible DVD Recorders
2003_Jun-18: Silicon Wave, RFMD Announce Bare Die Single-Chip Bluetooth Components
2003_Jun-18: Linear’s White LED Driver Integrates Schottky Diode
2003_Jun-17: ‘Time Has Come for Asia and Actel,’ Claims Actel’s President
2003_Jun-17: Kodak to Re-Enter Consumer Digital Camera Market in Japan
2003_Jun-17: Toyo Ink, Seieido Printing Develop Waterless Printing Technology
2003_Jun-17: Japan, Korea to Share Mobile Broadcasting Infrastructure
2003_Jun-17: TI, Artesyn, Astec Power to Offer Standard Footprints for Point of Load Power Modules
2003_Jun-17: Micron Delivers GDDR3 Components to ATI, Nvidia
2003_Jun-17: Inside Sony: Will the Qualia Project Turn the Tide?
2003_Jun-16: Wal-Mart to Introduce RFID Tag System in January 2005
2003_Jun-16: Samsung Announces Cell Phone with Built-In TV Tuner
2003_Jun-16: Toshiba Develops the World’s First Embedded DRAM on SOI Wafer
2003_Jun-16: Fujitsu, Advanced Media Collaborate to Develop Speech Recognition System Chips
2003_Jun-16: NHK Adopts ADI’s JPEG2000 Compression IC for Hi-Vision, Real-Time Encoder/Decoder
2003_Jun-16: Transmeta, Chinese 2000 to Market Midori Linux in China
2003_Jun-16: 3Com Introduces Entry-Level Gigabit Ethernet Switches
2003_Jun-16: Matsushita Electric Car Navigation System Plays DVDs While in Use
2003_Jun-16: Chip Prices Continue to Rise
2003_Jun-15: Firms Expand Output of Equipment for Making Large LCDs
2003_Jun-14: Bandai Networks to Launch Online Game for Mobile Phones
2003_Jun-13: Sony Unveils ‘Qualia’ Brand
2003_Jun-13: Japan Must Build System to Reward Researchers: White Paper
2003_Jun-13: Samsung Electronics to Build Large LCD Plant in Asan
2003_Jun-13: Sony to Make Organic LED Displays for Mobile Appliances from Next Spring
2003_Jun-13: Elecom to Market Miniature Car Mouse Jointly Developed with Toy Maker
2003_Jun-13: Measurement Instrument and Design Software Communicates for Easier RF Design
2003_Jun-13: Korea’s Export Growth Curbed by IT Sector
2003_Jun-13: Stocks Close Higher, Led by Foreigners
2003_Jun-13: Fujitsu to Beef Up China Info Services Ops via New Firm
2003_Jun-13: Analog Devices Launches 16-bit SAR Converter in Compact Package
2003_Jun-13: IR’s New Power Module Simplifies Motor Drive Designs for Home Appliances
2003_Jun-12: NTT Exhibits New Protocol for Fee-Based Content Distribution Services
2003_Jun-12: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Develops World’s Smallest 1kW Home Fuel Cell
2003_Jun-12: TDK Semiconductor Introduces CMOS Version of 100BASE-TX Ethernet Transceiver
2003_Jun-12: IBM, Infineon Announce Advanced MRAM Technology
2003_Jun-12: Shenzhen IC Base Adopts Cadence’s EDA System for IC Design
2003_Jun-12: New SPIRIT Consortium to Develop Standards for IP-Based Design
2003_Jun-12: KDDI to Offer Wireless Module for Electronics Gear
2003_Jun-12: Mitsubishi Electric Debuts 24-Watt GaAs FET for Ku-Band VSAT Amplifier
2003_Jun-12: Toshiba, Agere Select Agilent’s RF and Mixed-Signal IC Design Software
2003_Jun-11: Strikes, SARS Curb Export Growth for Korea’s IT Sector in May
2003_Jun-11: ADSL Devices for 24Mbps Unveiled; Yahoo! BB Wins Award for IP Phone Service: SUPERCOMM2003
2003_Jun-11: J-Phone to Debut Mobile Phones with E-Dictionaries, Successive Picture Taking Capability
2003_Jun-11: Toshiba Develops Very Low Power Transistor for Mobile Apps Based on 65nm CMOS Process
2003_Jun-11: Korean Stocks Close Higher Led by Samsung Electronics

2003_Jun-11: Kawasaki Micro, Virage Team to Develop Standard Cells of ICs for Consumer Applications
2003_Jun-11: NTT Develops Ultra-High-Speed Wireless Comm Technology
2003_Jun-11: Huawei Incorporates Infineon’s VDSL Chipset in New Platform
2003_Jun-11: Philips’ New Schottky Diodes Reduce Package Size by Half
2003_Jun-10: Dual-Screen Cell Phone Patent Prompts Offense, Defense
2003_Jun-10: Matsushita Electric Aims for Worldwide Product Launches
2003_Jun-10: Samsung Electronics Maintains Top Spot in World DRAM Market
2003_Jun-10: Global Sales of Mobile Phones Post Higher-Than-Expected Yearly Increase of 18% in Q1
2003_Jun-10: NEC Announces ISSP2 High-End Structured ASIC Based on 90nm Process
2003_Jun-10: Philips’ DOC Reference Design Targets 100Hz Progressive Scan TV Sets
2003_Jun-10: National Semiconductor Unveils PLLs for High Frequency PLL Market
2003_Jun-9: Japan’s IT Outsourcing Market to Slow Down in 2003: IDC Japan
2003_Jun-9: CopperGate Demonstrates ‘HomePNA 3.0’ 124Mbps Transmission by Telephone Lines
2003_Jun-9: Dwango to Debut 3D-Phonic Surround-Sound Ring Tone Service for Mobile Phones
2003_Jun-9: SystemC’s Language Reference Manual is Delivered at Long Last
2003_Jun-9: KDDI Au Service Records Highest Net Gain in Contracts in May
2003_Jun-9: Asia-Pacific Fab Industry to Grow 23% in 2003, Says Gartner
2003_Jun-9: IR New Series of MOSFETs Lower On-Resistance by 10%
2003_Jun-9: Agere Launches System Card Solutions for Multiservice Networks
2003_Jun-7: BUSINESS IN CHINA: Fuji Xerox Offsets Development Delay Using IT
2003_Jun-6: Ex-White House Special Adviser Urges Creation of Cybersecurity Council
2003_Jun-6: NTT DoCoMo to Implement Video Phone Function in All FOMA Models After Fall
2003_Jun-6: Shipments of Digital Broadcast Satellite Reception Systems in Japan Reach 2 Million: JEITA
2003_Jun-6: Murata Acquires SAW Duplexer Business from Oki
2003_Jun-6: ANALYSIS: Kyocera Guns for 100% Production Yields
2003_Jun-6: PDA Sales in Asia-Pacific Fell 22% in Q1, Says Gartner
2003_Jun-6: 3COM, Fiat Bring Internet Access to Backseat Passengers
2003_Jun-6: Infineon Sets Modem-on-Chip Reduces Footprint by 75%
2003_Jun-5: NEC Develops System-On-Glass LCD, Completely Integrating Power Supply Circuits
2003_Jun-5: Seiko Epson Develops Display Control LSI for Cell Phones with Megapixel Cameras
2003_Jun-5: Qualcomm to Invest US$100 Million in CDMA Ventures in China
2003_Jun-5: Mitsubishi Electric Develops Mm-Wave MMICs to Improve Car Safety
2003_Jun-5: Toshiba Selects Synopsys’ Parasitic Extraction Tool for 90nm IC Design Flow
2003_Jun-5: Matsushita Elec, Others Test Piracy-Proof Content Distribution
2003_Jun-4: ‘Revolving’ Cell Phone to Give Momentum to New Designs
2003_Jun-4: Recovery of Worldwide Semiconductor Market Slower Than Expected
2003_Jun-4: BMC to Launch Internet Telephone Service with Limitless Use Between Subscribers
2003_Jun-4: Kyocera Develops Very Small Antenna Switch Modules for GSM Mobile Phones
2003_Jun-4: Intel Seeks to Maintain Competitive DRAM Market via Elpida
2003_Jun-4: RFMD’s High Linearity Amplifier Targets Wireless Infrastructure Apps
2003_Jun-4: Infineon Unveils IPVD Platform for Next-Generation Packet-Voice, Data Networks
2003_Jun-3: NTT DoCoMo to Market Pixel-Intense Mobile Phone by Sony Ericsson
2003_Jun-3: SARS Causes Global Semiconductor Sales to Slow in April
2003_Jun-3: Samsung to Move Directory to 7G Size Mother Glass with its New TFT-LCD Line
2003_Jun-3: New Terminal Tells How Dogs Feel When Owners Are Away
2003_Jun-3: Sony Chairman Idei Says Firm Must Shed Analog Past
2003_Jun-3: Philips, Visa Form Alliance to Promote Contactless Payment Technology
2003_Jun-3: Innotech Licenses VMIS Image Sensor Technology to Fujitsu
2003_Jun-3: Ansoft, Virginia Tech Join to Develop Power-Electronics Technology
2003_Jun-2: Mobile Contents Providers Opposes MEPG-4 Licensing Policy
2003_Jun-2: Sony to Boost In-House Microchip Production, Double CCD Output, Mass Produce CMOS Sensors at SCE Plant
2003_Jun-2: Matsushita Factories in China Resume Operations After SARS
2003_Jun-2: TI Shows DMD Projector Featuring Longer Life Than Units with LCD Panels
2003_Jun-2: Renesas’ Optical Disk Motor Drive IC Dispenses with Hole-Sensors and Low Resistance Sensors
2003_Jun-2: ITU, Waseda University Establish ICT Center in Japan
2003_Jun-2: Fujitsu to Double Output of Cell Phone Camera Sensor Modules
2003_Jun-2: Korea Stocks Rise Led by SK Telecom, Samsung Electronics
2003_Jun-2: Solomon Introduces Grayscale OLED Driver for Cellular Phone Application
2003_Jun-1: ADSL Rules Broadband Mkt; Fiber-Optic Services Try to Expand


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