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2003_Oct-31: [Motor Show] Omron Exhibits In-Vehicle CMOS Camera Boasting 160dB Dynamic Range
2003_Oct-31: Sharp Continues Producing ‘VMIS’ Image Sensing Device
2003_Oct-31: NTT, Keio University Test 43Gbps Network That Can Send a Movie in a Second
2003_Oct-31: Sharp to Build Second System LCD Production Line in Mie, Japan
2003_Oct-31: T-Engine Promoting TRON in Asia, US, Europe
2003_Oct-31: Agilent Unveils Fibre Channel Controller with Error Detection
2003_Oct-31: Atmel Announces Two Security Certificates to SecureAVR Microcontrollers
2003_Oct-30: ‘We Are the Technology Leader from a Business Viewpoint,’ TSMC Says
2003_Oct-30: China Occupies 32% Share of Asia-Pacific Semiconductor Market
2003_Oct-30: [Motor Show] Nissan, Honda Exhibit Concept Cars Equipped with Transparent Displays
2003_Oct-30: Sony, Samsung to Establish Joint Venture for LCD Panel Manufacture
2003_Oct-30: Intel, Square Enix Tie Up to Improve Games for PCs, Mobile Devices
2003_Oct-30: IDT Introduces 512Kx36, 18-Mbit Network Search Engine
2003_Oct-30: Linear’s Power Supply Tracking Controllers Monitor up to Five Inputs
2003_Oct-30: Renesas, MCR Partner to Develop Next-Generation Mobile Phones in China
2003_Oct-29: Ubiquitous Networking Lab to Debut Multi-Purpose Communications Device
2003_Oct-29: LG.Philips LCD to Start Production at Paju Facilities in 2006
2003_Oct-29: Renesas of Japan and MCR of China Join for Next-Generation Mobile Phone Technology
2003_Oct-29: Fujitsu Develops High-End, 32-bit RISC CPU Core for MCUs
2003_Oct-29: Samsung Electronics Develops New CD-RW/DVD Combo Disc Drive
2003_Oct-29: ANALYSIS: Sony Bets PSX Recorder Will Usher in New Age
2003_Oct-29: Infineon Launches Technology Incubator Program in Singapore
2003_Oct-28: Sony, NTT DoCoMo to Form Joint Venture for Contactless IC Card Business for Cell Phones
2003_Oct-28: [Motor Show] Daihatsu Exhibits Super Fuel Efficient Hybrid Car
2003_Oct-28: Japan’s PC Shipments Record Double-Digit Growth in First Six Months of 2003: JEITA
2003_Oct-28: Advantest Introduces High-Throughput CCD Image Sensor Tester
2003_Oct-28: NJRC Samples 1.8V Operating Low Noise, Dual Op-Amp with Full Swing Input and Output
2003_Oct-28: Cell-Phone Makers Target Larger Slice of Chinese Market
2003_Oct-28: IR Unveils Dual-Output Synchronous PWM Controller
2003_Oct-28: Linear Launches 100V MOSFET Driver in ThinSOT
2003_Oct-27: [Motor Show] Toyota’s Fuel-Cell Car ‘Fine-N’ Boosts Cruising Distance to 500km
2003_Oct-27: Hitachi, Matsushita Agree on Standard for Home Appliances Adopting IPv6
2003_Oct-27: Asia-Pacific IC Sector to See 15% Growth over Next Four Years, Gartner Says
2003_Oct-27: LG.Philips LCD Records Sales of 1.6 Trillion Won
2003_Oct-27: Motorola Introduces New Hybrid Controllers for Automotive Apps in Japan
2003_Oct-27: China to Continue Lead in AP Semiconductor Industry Growth
2003_Oct-27: Sharp, Pioneer Top Eco-Friendly Flat-Panel TV Survey
2003_Oct-27: Philips Launches Multi-Function PicoGate Logic for Crystal Oscillator Apps
2003_Oct-27: Samsung SDI Enjoys Record High Sales, Net Profits in Q3
2003_Oct-26: Matsushita Claims Patent Infringement by Sanyo-Haier Venture
2003_Oct-25: DVD Forum Eyes Developing Enhanced DVD Format
2003_Oct-24: Maruetsu Store Sees Sales Double with IC Tag
2003_Oct-24: CDMA 1X WIN is a Mobile ADSL: KDDI President
2003_Oct-24: Motorola, NTT Debut Technology for Multicast, Multi-Protocol Label Switching Software
2003_Oct-24: Pantech & Curitel Develops Core Module for Camera Phones
2003_Oct-24: Renesas Technology Adopts Cadence’s Delay Calculator for 90nm IC Design
2003_Oct-24: Cadence Opens Beijing IC, System Design Institute
2003_Oct-24: Chinese DVD-Player Makers Display Illicit Wares in Guangzhou
2003_Oct-24: Hynix Returns to the Black after Deficits for Five Consecutive Quarters
2003_Oct-24: Central Semiconductor’s Schottky Diode Improves Standard Specifications
2003_Oct-23: KDDI to Start CDMA 1x EV-DO Service from November 28
2003_Oct-23: China Gets Ahead of Taiwan, Korea with FPGA Chip Sales of Xilinx
2003_Oct-23: Sony’s Memory Stick Supported by ARM with New Peripheral Macro Cell
2003_Oct-23: Newbridge Acquires Management Right for Hanaro Telecom
2003_Oct-23: [TELECOM2003] Sony Showcases ‘NFC’ Wireless Communication over 10cm
2003_Oct-23: North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts September 2003 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.95
2003_Oct-23: IBM Takes Lead in Hong Kong’s Storage Market
2003_Oct-22: NTT DoCoMo Introduces 505iS Series 2G Handsets with 2M-pixel Camera
2003_Oct-22: NTT DoCoMo to Sell New Mobile Phones with Anti-virus Software
2003_Oct-22: Oki Develops Industry’s First Long-wave Time Code Receiver LSI using SOI-CMOS Technology
2003_Oct-22: Renesas Introduces 1-Gbyte CompactFlash with 10 Mbytes/s Write Speed
2003_Oct-22: Fairchild Acquires RF Components Commercial Unit from Raytheon
2003_Oct-22: Korea Gov’t Set to Allow Samsung to Expand Chip Plants Next week
2003_Oct-22: CELLULAR PHONES: Handset Makers Ring in The Changes
2003_Oct-21: Korean Mobile Phone Manufacturers Show 3G Dual-Mode Handsets Compatible with 1xEV-DO, W-CDMA
2003_Oct-21: Vodafone to Debut 2-Megapixel Handset, Mobile Handset with Built-in TV Tuner in December
2003_Oct-21: Samsung Electronics Records 1.8 Trillion Won of Q3 Profits
2003_Oct-21: ARM, NEC Electronics Work Together for Parallel Operation CPU Cores
2003_Oct-21: ANALYSIS: Digital Home Appliances Lead Recovery in IT Industry
2003_Oct-21: Japan’s DSL Subscribers Top 9 Million in September
2003_Oct-21: Philips Launches Super-Pipelined CPU for Audio/Video Applications
2003_Oct-21: Infineon Outsources Human Resources Administration Functions to EDS
2003_Oct-20: [CEATEC] Crystage Unveils LCD Touch Panel Using Glass
2003_Oct-20: NTT Comm, NEC, 2 Others to Work on Internet-Protocol TV
2003_Oct-20: Anadigics Acquires Tavanza CDMA Handset PA Business from Celeritek
2003_Oct-20: Central Semiconductor Introduces Surface Mount High Voltage Diodes
2003_Oct-19: DoCoMo Seeks to Beat Cell Phone Viruses with New Software
2003_Oct-18: Shanghai Software Firms Team Up to Secure Orders in Japan
2003_Oct-17: [CEATEC] Omron Unveils Technology to Make Touch Switch with Nonconductive Material
2003_Oct-17: Sony, Samsung to Jointly Produce 7th-Generation LCD Panels
2003_Oct-17: Sony’s Idei Sees Signs of Economic Recovery
2003_Oct-17: Advantest Introduces New SoC Test System Based on STC’s OPENSTAR Standard
2003_Oct-17: StarCore to Start DSP Core Licensing Business
2003_Oct-17: SEMI SMG Announces Silicon Wafer Shipment Consensus Forecast
2003_Oct-17: Fairchild’s Split Darlington Optocouplers Offer Low Power Consumption
2003_Oct-16: [CEATEC] Shinsho, Majima Exhibit Recyclable Rewritable Paper Claimed as World’s First
2003_Oct-16: Toppan Develops Low-Cost RFID System with Singapore Institutes
2003_Oct-16: Oki Develops Flexible, Eco-Friendly Heat Radiation Sticker
2003_Oct-16: NEC Electronics Ships 270 Million Chips Based on Own V850 CPU Core
2003_Oct-16: SMK Introduces a Standard Remote Control Featuring a Back-Lighting Function
2003_Oct-16: Dai Nippon Printing, ST Join to Open Photomask Plant in Italy
2003_Oct-16: Micron Introduces 256Mb DDR2 Components Validated by Intel
2003_Oct-16: Sanyo to Make, Sell Rear-Projection TVs in China
2003_Oct-15: [CEATEC] Taiwan FPD TVs Emerge as Price Leaders
2003_Oct-15: Samsung Electronics Declares Aim to Lead World Flash Memory Chip Industry
2003_Oct-15: NTT DoCoMo to Introduce Software Renewal Systems for Handsets
2003_Oct-15: KDDI to Provide IP Telephony, Video Distribution, Internet Service in Package on Optical Networks
2003_Oct-15: DoCoMo’s i-Mode Subscribers Top 1 Million Overseas: President
2003_Oct-15: Palm Unveils Two Tungsten Handhelds with New Software
2003_Oct-15: Infineon, Intel, Philips, Samsung, ST to Join IMEC’s Sub-45nm Research Platform
2003_Oct-15: Linear’s Controller Implements Power Supply Tracking and Sequencing
2003_Oct-14: [CEATEC] Taiyo Yuden Unveils Ultra Wideband Transceiver System
2003_Oct-14: DHWG to Complete Guidelines for Home Networking by First Quarter of 2004
2003_Oct-14: TDK Develops High-Speed Controller for up to 8GB NAND flash EEPROMs
2003_Oct-14: [CEATEC] NEC-Mitsubishi Electric Visual’s CRT Monitor Claims Industry’s Largest Color Reproduction Range
2003_Oct-14: Option NV Selects MSM6200 Chipset for W-CDMA (UMTS) Solutions
2003_Oct-14: NS, ARM Introduce PWI Open-Standard Interface Specification
2003_Oct-14: Firms’ Focus to Shift to Nanotechnology From Chips: Poll
2003_Oct-14: IR’s Power MOSFETs Improve Performance in Networking, Comms Systems
2003_Oct-13: ANALYSIS: Deregulation Drives Stepped-Up Fuel Cell Efforts
2003_Oct-12: SAP Japan, KDDI to Sell GPS System for Sales, Repair Staff
2003_Oct-11: Chipmakers to Join Forces to Standardize 65nm Process
2003_Oct-10: [CEATEC] China’s GS Magicstor Aims to Ship 1 Million, 1-Inch HDDs in Japan in 2004
2003_Oct-10: [CEATEC] Sanyo Unveils Long-Lasting QVGA Organic EL Panel for Cell Phones
2003_Oct-10: Omron Develops Technology for Brighter, Clearer Displays for Mobile Phones
2003_Oct-10: Renesas Releases 260K Color, TFT-LCD Driver for European Mobile Phones
2003_Oct-10: [CEATEC] Toko, Sharp Unveil Flash Technology for Mobile Phones with Camera
2003_Oct-10: Microchip’s Battery Charging Devices Maximize Battery Capacity
2003_Oct-10: Elpida Memory Develops First 0.10-Micron, 1Gb DDR2-533 Synchronous DRAM
2003_Oct-10: Vishay Launches Surface-Mount LEDs for Indicator, Backlighting Applications
2003_Oct-10: Nokia Sells GSM Phones in Korea
2003_Oct-10: JVC to Sell 2 DVD Recorder Models, Eyeing Bigger World Share
2003_Oct-9: KDDI Debuts Cell Phones with 2M-pixel Camera, Navigation System, Other Features
2003_Oct-9: [CEATEC] Hitachi Shows First Fuel Cell Battery for Mobile Devices
2003_Oct-9: LG Electronics Develops World’s Largest 76-in PDP TV
2003_Oct-9: Taiwan’s Chipmaker to Invest US$50 million to Hynix
2003_Oct-9: Lens Makers Boost Production of Digital Camera Products
2003_Oct-9: Philips Joins IMEC Program to Research 45nm Silicon Process Technologies
2003_Oct-9: TI Unveils New Single-Chip Interleaved PWM Controllers
2003_Oct-8: [CEATEC] Sony’s PSX DVD Recorder with HDD Unveiled for 79,800 Yen
2003_Oct-8: Toshiba Develops 130g Fuel Cell Battery for Mobile Phones
2003_Oct-8: Sanyo Electric Introduces Digital Camera/Video Cam with MPEG-4 Codec
2003_Oct-8: Fujitsu Wins Microprocessor Output Order from Transmeta
2003_Oct-8: Micron Launches 1.8V Flash Memory Targeting Mobile Applications
2003_Oct-8: Linear Unveils Battery Gas Gauge for Handheld PCs, Portables
2003_Oct-7: Toshiba Develops ‘Top Class’ 200mW Output Blue-Violet Laser
2003_Oct-7: Yamaha Introduces 5W-2Channel Digital Amplifier IC for FPD Devices
2003_Oct-7: Philips Introduces New RFID Chips for Global Supply Chain Management Apps
2003_Oct-7: Material Makers to Provide Information in Unified Format for Green Procurement
2003_Oct-7: IMEC’s Smart Multiple Antenna Technology Enhances Capacity of Wireless Systems
2003_Oct-7: Apple Japan Expanding Direct Sales Efforts
2003_Oct-6: Taiwan’s Digital Camera Makers Ready to Market Goods
2003_Oct-6: NTT West to Test IC Tag-Based Kids Recognition System
2003_Oct-6: Global IC Markets Record Second Strongest Growth with August Sales, SIA Says
2003_Oct-6: Murata Develops Ultra-Small Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors for Mobile Handsets
2003_Oct-6: Sharp High-Res LCD Panel Lets Cell Phone Show PC Screen
2003_Oct-6: Japan’s Four Leading ISPs to Establish Broadband Portal ‘Ampersand’ to Distribute Rich Contents
2003_Oct-6: TDK Develops Low Capacitance, Low Clamping Voltage Multilayer Chip Varistor
2003_Oct-6: LG to Invest 2.1 Trillion Won in Electronics R&D; in 2004
2003_Oct-3: NEC Develops First LCD Driver IC with On-Chip Graphics Engine for 2.5G Cell Phones
2003_Oct-3: Samsung to Add Investment in ‘L6’ to Increase Production of LCD TV Panels
2003_Oct-3: Welcat Unveils Wrist Watch-Type Reader/Writer for 13.56MHz Band Wireless Tags
2003_Oct-3: Samsung to Invest 452.7 Billion Won in LCD Line
2003_Oct-3: RF Micro’s Polaris Total Radio Transceiver Achieves FTA with Handset ODM
2003_Oct-3: CML Launches V.32bis Modem IC
2003_Oct-3: Matsushita Elec Starts DVD Production in Singapore
2003_Oct-2: Mobile Telecom Carrier J-Phone Changes Name to Vodafone KK
2003_Oct-2: Matsushita Develops Compact IPv6 Module for Networked Consumer Electronics
2003_Oct-2: Sony Develops Low Power Tuner to Receive Digital Terrestrial Broadcasts in Mobile Devices
2003_Oct-2: Fairchild Semiconductor Gets Sony’s Green Partner Status
2003_Oct-2: Yokogawa Combines IC Design, Test Development with IEEE Std 1450
2003_Oct-2: Samsung Develops World’s First 4Gb NAND Flash Chip
2003_Oct-1: New FOMA Can Play Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy Games: NTT DoCoMo
2003_Oct-1: Chartered Starts to Accept Orders for 90nm Node Manufacturing Business Co-Developed with IBM
2003_Oct-1: LG Electronics to Invest US$214 Million in Zenith
2003_Oct-1: KDDI, 53 Broadcast Services to Make ‘Au’ Mobile Phone FM Radio
2003_Oct-1: Telson Electronics Wins US$36.5 Million Order from US Brightstar
2003_Oct-1: Sony Music Entertainment Taking Plunge into Net Delivery
2003_Oct-1: Renesas to Step Up Investment in China
2003_Oct-1: NEC LCD Technologies’ 21.3-Inch UXGA TFT LCD Sales Start
2003_Oct-1: Rail-to-Rail Op Amp Features Adjustable Speed, Power, 3-12V Operation


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