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2004_Feb-27: Intel Urges Release of Copy-Once Rule from Digital Homes at Tokyo Seminar
2004_Feb-27: Japan’s ADSL Specs for 12M/24Mbps to be Recommended as International Standards
2004_Feb-27: ANALYSIS: Microsoft Miscalculates as FTC Raids Software Giant
2004_Feb-27: Infineon Brings Camera Functionality to Mid-Range Mobile Phones
2004_Feb-27: Dialog Semiconductor’s Power Management Controller Targets Intel Cellular Platforms for W-CDMA
2004_Feb-26: NEC Releases First LCD Driver ICs with Fast Serial Interface for 3G Mobile Handsets
2004_Feb-26: Renesas Technology Releases On-Chip 2D/3D Graphics Engines for Car Navigation Systems
2004_Feb-26: PC Shipments to Firms Up 12.3% to Record 7.51 Million Units in ’03
2004_Feb-26: Hitachi GST Establishes Customer Support and Services Company in China
2004_Feb-26: RFMD Launches Transmit Module for Quad-Band GSM/GPRS Handsets
2004_Feb-25: Toshiba Introduces MPEG-4 Encoder/Decoder LSI for 3D Graphics Engine
2004_Feb-25: Intel Unveils Jointly-Developed Technologies on Li Polymer Batteries, Fuel Cells
2004_Feb-25: Sony to Market DVD Video Camera in Japan
2004_Feb-25: Olympus System Lets Camera Cell Phones Read Printed Codes
2004_Feb-25: SiGe Semiconductor Unveils New W-CDMA Power Amplifier
2004_Feb-25: Fairchild’s Triple Video Driver Offers HD/SD Filtering Capability
2004_Feb-24: ‘ExpressCard’ Prototypes Exhibited at Intel’s IDF Show
2004_Feb-24: UK Seamless Display Showcases Single, Seamless Image on Three Separate Display Panels
2004_Feb-24: STMicroelectronics Inaugurates Third Design and Development Facility in India
2004_Feb-24: Sharp to Commence Shipment of New GSM/GPRS Mobile Phone to Vodafone
2004_Feb-24: Microsoft, Toppan Forms to Promote Smart Tag Systems
2004_Feb-23: Mitsubishi Electric Develops ‘Reversible’ LCD Showing Images on Its Surface, Back Side
2004_Feb-23: Intel, Microsoft, Others to Initiate ‘Wireless USB Promoter Group’
2004_Feb-23: HI Licenses 3D Rendering Engine to TCL Mobile
2004_Feb-23: Samsung Develops XDR DRAM
2004_Feb-23: ASET, Sanyo Develop Smaller CCD
2004_Feb-23: North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2004 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.18
2004_Feb-23: Ultra Low Noise Op Amps Draw Only 1.15mA
2004_Feb-23: Hynix Semiconductor Enjoys Surplus for Second Straight Quarter
2004_Feb-22: DoCoMo to Offer Unlimited Flat-Rate Data Communications
2004_Feb-21: NEC Lighting Develops Mercury-Free Backlight for LCDs
2004_Feb-20: Intel Demonstrates High-Profile Silicon Photonics R&D; Efforts
2004_Feb-20: Korea’s PC Market Faltered by 13% in 2003, Says Gartner
2004_Feb-20: Japan’s DSL Subscribers Exceed 10.6 Million in January
2004_Feb-20: DoCoMo to Sell Nokia Handsets for 3G Service
2004_Feb-20: Philips, Broadcom Join to Develop Next-Gen Silicon Tuner Solution
2004_Feb-20: RadioScape Unveils Tri-Band Micromodule for DAB Handheld Receivers
2004_Feb-19: JR East to Extend E-Money Service with ‘Suica’ Smartcard
2004_Feb-19: NEC, Institutes Develop Switching Tech that Migrates Metal Atoms in a Solid Electrolyte
2004_Feb-19: Dai Nippon Printing to Mass-Produce E-Money Wallet from May
2004_Feb-19: ITU, Waseda University Open New Center to Support Radiocomm Activities
2004_Feb-19: Linear’s Quad PoE Controllers Support DC, AC Disconnect Sensing Methods
2004_Feb-18: Sony to Adopt Plant-Based Plastic in DVD Player to Debut in Fall 2004
2004_Feb-18: Panasonic Mobile to Introduce FOMA/GSM Dual Handset in Fall 2004
2004_Feb-18: Renesas, Others Jointly Develop Power Reduction Techniques for Cell Phone System LSIs
2004_Feb-18: Samsung Electronics Provides Camera Phones to Verizon
2004_Feb-18: LG Electronics Releases New Digital PDP TV
2004_Feb-18: Agilent Opens New Semiconductor Solutions Center, Wholly Owned Subsidiary in China
2004_Feb-18: IR’s New IPMs Simplify Energy-Efficient Variable-Speed Motion Solutions
2004_Feb-18: Fujifilm to Quadruple Capacity for Digital Camera Image Sensors
2004_Feb-17: Mobile Phone Shipments in Japan Reach 52.2 Million Units in 2003, Up 27%
2004_Feb-17: Matsushita Electric Develops MOS-type Image Sensors for Mobile Phone Use
2004_Feb-17: Sanyo, Matsushita, Sigma to Support ‘Four Thirds System’ Standard for Digital SLR Camera
2004_Feb-17: Hong Kong, Shenzhen Collaborate in IC Design
2004_Feb-17: Hitachi to File 900 Patent Applications in China in FY05
2004_Feb-17: Philips’ Amplifier Features Overload Protection for Enhanced Audio Performance
2004_Feb-16: NTT Develops Stamp-Size 1GB Hologram Memory
2004_Feb-16: Samsung to Release Mobile Phones Enabled for Satellite TV Broadcasting
2004_Feb-16: Sony, Toshiba Join Forces to Develop 45nm Process Next-Generation System LSI
2004_Feb-16: Mobile Computing Drives China PC Sales, Says Gartner
2004_Feb-16: Sony Aims to Boost Digital Camera Sales 50% in FY04
2004_Feb-16: IDT Introduces Dual-Port Devices for Power-Sensitive Wireless Applications
2004_Feb-16: LG Electronics Enjoys Sales Topping 1 Trillion Won in India in 2003
2004_Feb-15: Memory Stick, SD Memory Card Step Up Fight for Dominance
2004_Feb-14: NEC, KDDI to Test IPv6-Based Communications Service
2004_Feb-13: Mitsumi Electric Reveals Ultra Small Chips Using Wafer Level CSP Technology
2004_Feb-13: About 40% of Mobile Phone Users in Japan Want TV Function: Survey
2004_Feb-13: Matsushita Sets Up a Software Development Site in Dalian, China
2004_Feb-13: Qualcomm Announces CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Software Enhancements
2004_Feb-13: ANALYSIS: Yahoo! BB Boosts Target to 6mn ADSL Users
2004_Feb-13: Linear’s Synchronous PWM Controller Simplifies Isolated Power Supplies
2004_Feb-13: Dacom Mulls Entry into Local Call Service
2004_Feb-12: STATS, ChipPAC Announce Merger Agreement
2004_Feb-12: Matsushita Elec Works to Expand Lighting Component Business in China
2004_Feb-12: Actel Adds LIN, CAN Cores to Support Automotive FPGAs
2004_Feb-11: Nissin Electric to Debut Self-Luminating Module
2004_Feb-11: Micron Launches 1.3 Megapixel Sensor Targeted at Mobile Handset Market
2004_Feb-11: IR Introduces Dual Output, Two-Phase DC-DC Power Blocks
2004_Feb-11: Cell Phones, Financial Services to Help Boost Online Shopping
2004_Feb-10: Worldwide GSM Mobile Phone Users Soon to Reach 1 Billion, GSM Group Says
2004_Feb-10: TSMC Succeeds in Delivering Two Generations of Low-K IC Output
2004_Feb-10: Display Maker EIZO Nanao to Branch into TV Sets
2004_Feb-10: Infineon Expands Memory Development Center in Dresden, Germany
2004_Feb-10: Mentor Boosts Scalability of Mixed-Signal Functional Verification Platform
2004_Feb-10: ANALYSIS: Nintendo Shying Away from Hardware Showdown with Sony
2004_Feb-9: Sanyo to Expand Production of Prismatic Lithium Ion Secondary Batteries for Mobile Devices
2004_Feb-9: Four Out of 10 Japanese IT Companies Employ Foreign Engineers, 70% of Them Chinese: Survey
2004_Feb-9: Mobile Phone Sales to Reach 560 Million in 2004, Says Gartner
2004_Feb-9: ON Semi, Melexis to Market LIN, CAN Technologies for Automotive Solutions
2004_Feb-9: Microsoft Ad Campaign to Promote Windows Advantages over Linux
2004_Feb-9: Pantech Aims to Record 500 Billion Won in Net Income
2004_Feb-8: Video Game Makers to Step Up Software Development in China
2004_Feb-7: DoCoMo Sinks to 3rd in Jan Cell Phone User Increase Rankings
2004_Feb-6: Rise in Purchases of Exposure Equipment for LSI Manufacturing Seen for First Time in Four Years
2004_Feb-6: Vodafone’s New 3G Mobile Phone May Wipe Out Negative Image of 3G Handsets
2004_Feb-6: Samsung Electronics Develops World’s First DMB Chip for Handsets
2004_Feb-6: Korea’s PDP Makers to Beat Japanese Companies as Largest Suppliers of PDPs in 2005
2004_Feb-6: Agilent Launches Fiber Optic Transceivers for 4Gbps Fibre Channel
2004_Feb-6: National Semiconductor’s Analog Crosspoint Switch Improves Testability
2004_Feb-6: Bandai Networks to Distribute Virtual 3-D Images
2004_Feb-5: Sony Decides to Invest 120 Billion Yen in 650nm Process for SoCs
2004_Feb-5: NEC Electronics to Sell IC Packaging and Testing Operation to Taiwan’s ASE
2004_Feb-5: ‘DVB-H’ Digital TV Service Specification for Mobile Phones Nears Completion
2004_Feb-5: LEDs Will Light Homes within 10 Years: Blue LED Inventor
2004_Feb-5: Altera Launches Stratix II Family Featuring Adaptable FPGA Architecture
2004_Feb-5: TI Introduces Eight-Channel, High-Speed ADCs with Serial LVDS Interface
2004_Feb-4: NEC to Introduce Card-Shaped Camera Phone to China Market
2004_Feb-4: Few Electronic Devices Desirable for Vehicle’s Intelligence: Nissan Motor’s Manager
2004_Feb-4: US Ventures to Develop LSI Chips Compliant with Proposed Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting Specs of China
2004_Feb-4: MIT Nanoruler Could Improve Measurements in Electronics, Physics
2004_Feb-4: Linear’s DC/DC Controller Eliminates Transformer, Current Sense Resistor
2004_Feb-4: COMPUTER SOFTWARE: Japan Firms Increasingly Outsource Work to China
2004_Feb-3: Matsushita Electric to Launch Sales of Foldable E-book
2004_Feb-3: Beijing Co-Create Joins OSDL to Promote Linux Desktop Use in China
2004_Feb-3: Mobile Broadcasting, SK Telecom to Start Service in Japan, Korea
2004_Feb-3: TI Expands Reference Designs with EDGE Smartphone Chipset Solution
2004_Feb-3: IR Unveils Drop-In Replacement MER for Industrial Control, Telecom Apps
2004_Feb-2: Japan’s Shipments of Consumer Electronic Devices Increase 4.2% in 2003: JEITA
2004_Feb-2: Matsushita Develops New Dry-Cell Battery that Lasts Two Times Longer than Alkaline Batteries
2004_Feb-2: World’s Two Largest PC Makers, HP and Dell, Join Blu-ray Disc Founders
2004_Feb-2: Korea’s IT Sector to See Double-Digit Growth in 2004, Says KDB
2004_Feb-2: NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA Subscribers Top 2 Million
2004_Feb-2: Sumitomo Electric to Sell Broadband Gear in China
2004_Feb-2: Linear’s Synchronous Flyback Controller Improves Cross Regulation
2004_Feb-2: Fairchild Introduces AEC-Q101 Qualified MOSFETs for Automotive Apps
2004_Feb-1: ANALYSIS: Patent Rights Cases Expose Dated Legal Framework


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