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Aug. 27, 2004
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2004_Apr-30: China to Postpone Indefinitely Its Wireless LAN Standard ‘WAPI’
2004_Apr-30: NTT DoCoMo Unveils New 506i 2G I-Mode Phone Series
2004_Apr-30: Hitachi Creates Chip for Better-Animated Cell Phone Games
2004_Apr-30: IR’s Control IC Simplifies DC-DC Power Conversion Circuits
2004_Apr-30: Linear Unveils 900mA Li-Ion Battery Charger in 2mm x 2mm Package
2004_Apr-29: Home Internet Users Top 30 Million in Japan: NetRatings Survey
2004_Apr-29: Allied Telesis KK Enhances IPv6 Business
2004_Apr-29: ON Semiconductor Introduces Integrated Audio Power Amplifier for Wireless
2004_Apr-29: Hitachi Displays Focuses on Small, High-Resolution LCDs
2004_Apr-28: LG, DataPlay Compete for Technical Lead in Compact Optical Discs
2004_Apr-28: Toshiba’s 100GB 2.5-inch HDD Offers World’s Largest Capacity
2004_Apr-28: AU Optronics Reports Unaudited 1Q 2004 Results Showing Record Highs
2004_Apr-28: AMD Launches Two New APM Innovation Centers for 300mm Technology
2004_Apr-27: US SmartVideo Develops Real-Time System to Transmit TV Images to Mobile Phones
2004_Apr-27: Japan’s Vodafone Unveils Design Concepts for Future Handsets
2004_Apr-27: Nichia, Sony to Cross-License Blue-Violet Laser Diode Patents for Optical Discs
2004_Apr-27: ‘Any Music’ Distribution Service to Start in May
2004_Apr-27: Media Excel Develops H.264 Decoding Processing Software for Windows CE STB
2004_Apr-27: Toyota Tsusho to Set Up Map Software Venture in China
2004_Apr-27: TI Unveils Precision Transimpedance Amplifier for Photodiode Applications
2004_Apr-27: Infineon Technologies Expands Manufacturing Capacity in Virginia Plant
2004_Apr-26: Optware Unveils Small Holographic Device Capable of Recording 200GB-300GB on One Disc
2004_Apr-26: Huawei-3COM Launches Business in Japan
2004_Apr-26: Seoul Asks Tokyo to Cancel Import Ban on Samsung SDI’ PDPs
2004_Apr-26: Sanyo to Step Into Chinese Rear-Projection TV Market
2004_Apr-26: TI Unveils Mixed Signal Video Decoder for Consumer Electronics
2004_Apr-26: ASTRI Announces Commercialization of Photonics Packaging Technologies
2004_Apr-25: Konica Minolta to Build New Plant, Raise Output of LCD Panel Film
2004_Apr-24: NEC to Raise Shipments of DVD Drives for PCs By 50%
2004_Apr-23: Alps Electric to Release Pressure-Sensitive Sensor
2004_Apr-23: Sony to Add MD Player, Headphones to ‘Qualia’ Series
2004_Apr-23: Chip Firms to Operate Plants over Golden Week Holiday on Brisk Demand
2004_Apr-23: Profit at LG Electronics Soars on Strong Demand for Flat Screens
2004_Apr-23: North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Records Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.10 in March
2004_Apr-23: NS Launches 100V Buck Bias Regulator for High-Voltage Systems
2004_Apr-22: European TV Mobile Standard ‘DVB-H’ Unveiled as First Major Transmitter at NAB
2004_Apr-22: Renesas Introduces Power IC SiP with Maximum Efficiency of 87%
2004_Apr-22: Olympus to Launch Thin Digital Camera with Wide Angle Display
2004_Apr-22: Import Ban on Samsung SDI Plasma Displays May Lead to Higher Prices
2004_Apr-22: Infineon Introduces Planar Solution for 2GB DDR2 Modules
2004_Apr-22: Renesas Joins Cypress, Infineon, Micron to Co-Develop CellularRAM Product Specification
2004_Apr-21: Ubiquitous ID Organizations to Found Centers in China, Korea
2004_Apr-21: Samsung Electronics Rises, Nokia Falls in World Wireless Handset Market
2004_Apr-21: Wireless ADSL to Debut in US, Offers Peak Downstream Data Rates of 3Mbps
2004_Apr-21: UMC, Cadence Deliver Analog Reference Flow for Mixed-Signal Designs
2004_Apr-21: TFT-LCD Market to Exceed Memory Chip Market in Size, Dataquest Says
2004_Apr-21: Japan Offers by Far Fastest, Cheapest Broadband Services: OECD
2004_Apr-21: Proxim Unveiled IEEE802.11a/b/g Access Points for Enterprises
2004_Apr-21: Linear Unveils Li-Ion Battery Charger with Adjustable Charge Current Termination
2004_Apr-20: Int’l Superconductivity Lab Develops 40GHz Switch Chip Using SFQ Circuit
2004_Apr-20: Renesas, Hitachi Develop 32-Bit RISC CPU Core for Embedded Systems
2004_Apr-20: Casio, CMK to Put LSI Package-Embedded Boards into Practical Use
2004_Apr-20: Semiconductor Test Consortium Signs MOU with China Beijing Industry Association
2004_Apr-20: AMD to Build Test, Mark and Package Facility in China
2004_Apr-20: Sony Ericsson to Join Telecom Carriers in Creating 3G Handsets
2004_Apr-20: IR Introduces Phase Control Loop Ballast ICs to Achieve Transformer-Less Dimming
2004_Apr-19: Three Benefits Toyota Sees in iVDR Removable HDD Technology
2004_Apr-19: Matsushita, Apple Join on High-Def TV Program Editing System
2004_Apr-19: IDT Enters Market to Address Advanced Serial Switching, PCI Express Solutions
2004_Apr-19: Philips Introduces Semiconductor Reference Design for Digital Amplifier
2004_Apr-18: ANALYSIS: Survey Reveals Common Factors among Successful Japan Firms in Asia
2004_Apr-17: BUSINESS OUTLOOK: DVD Recorders Spur Global Digital Consumption
2004_Apr-16: Toppan and Sony Develop 25GB Paper-Based, Blu-Ray Disc
2004_Apr-16: Seiko Epson Unveils High-Resolution 667ppi LCD Panel for Cell Phones at EDEX
2004_Apr-16: NHJ to Launch Wristwatch-Type TV in May 2004
2004_Apr-16: China, Korea Embrace Japan Smart-Tag Standards
2004_Apr-16: Cisco Teams with Tandberg to Deliver IP-Based Solution
2004_Apr-16: STATS Expands Die Stacking Capabilities to Exposed Pad Leadframe Packages
2004_Apr-15: Alps Develops Thin Fingerprint Recognition Sensors
2004_Apr-15: Seiko Epson Reveals 12.5-Inch Organic EL Panel for Large TVs
2004_Apr-15: Digital TVs to Reach 60-70% of Television Sales
2004_Apr-15: HI, Sojitz to Sell 3-D Mobile Phone Image Software in China
2004_Apr-15: SanDisk Opens Retail Distribution Center in China
2004_Apr-15: Linear’s Active Upconverting Mixers Integrate RF Transformer to Ease RF Design
2004_Apr-14: NEC Electronics Ships Sample MPEG2 Encoder ICs with Analog Video-Capture Function
2004_Apr-14: Vodafone KK to Debut Toshiba’s Handset with TV Tuner Capable of 12-minute Recording
2004_Apr-14: Notebook PCs with Intel Centrino Chips Take Large Share
2004_Apr-14: Supply Glut Looms for Memory Chips
2004_Apr-14: Japan Firms Boosting Output of Image Sensors, Small LCD Panels
2004_Apr-14: ASAT, HKSTP Form Alliance on IC Packaging, Design and Test Development Services
2004_Apr-14: KLA-Tencor Partners with Singapore Government to Establish Engineering Services Team
2004_Apr-13: Samsung Exhibits 400ppi-Equivalent LCD Panel for Cell Phones at EDEX
2004_Apr-13: Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Creates World’s First CPU on Plastic Substrate
2004_Apr-13: Kodak to Re-Enter Japanese Digital Still Camera Market in Fall 2004
2004_Apr-13: Renesas Tech Releases SH-MobileL Application Processor for Low-end Mobile Phones
2004_Apr-13: Samsung’s LCD Sales Expected to Exceed 10 Trillion Won in 2004
2004_Apr-13: PATENT POLICY: Fujitsu Head Calls Tech Rights Source of Competitiveness
2004_Apr-12: Open Interface Showcases Wireless Headphones
2004_Apr-12: Korean IT Exports Record All-Time High in March
2004_Apr-12: TSMC to Supply Products, Services for Microsoft’s Xbox
2004_Apr-12: Yokado Group Invigorates Connection of 11,000 Stores with NTT’s Fiber Optic Network
2004_Apr-12: UMC Gets License for Rambus’s RaSer PHY Technology
2004_Apr-12: Hitachi to Fully Enter DVD Recorder Market, Offer Large Capacity Unit
2004_Apr-11: Toshiba to Release Large-Screen Flat-Panel SED TV in FY05
2004_Apr-10: ANIME BUSINESS: Korean Firms Emerging as Major Rivals
2004_Apr-9: Israel’s Wisair Demonstrates Wireless USB Transceiver LSI at Intel Forum in Japan
2004_Apr-9: Sharp to Build New LCD Plant in Wuxi to Boost Monthly Output to 7 Million Module Units
2004_Apr-9: Toshiba Takes NAND Flash Memory to 4Gb Level
2004_Apr-9: Sony Debuts Linux OS in HDD-Equipped Car Navigation System
2004_Apr-9: Japan’s Vodafone KK Sees Subscribers Surpass 15 Million
2004_Apr-9: Toshiba to Move More Notebook PC Output to China to Cut Costs
2004_Apr-9: Dual, Quad VOUTDACs Guarantee 16-Bit Monotonicity over Temperature
2004_Apr-9: Siliconix Targets Automotive 12V Boardnet
2004_Apr-8: NTT East to Offer Tool with Electronic Watermarks for Cell Phones
2004_Apr-8: HGST Introduces Shock-Proof, 2.5-Inch HDD for Notebook PCs
2004_Apr-8: NTT Com, Other Carriers to Provide Interconnected IP Telephone Service
2004_Apr-8: TI Expands DSL Offerings in China, Asia
2004_Apr-8: ANALYSIS: Japan Firms Strengthen Resolve to Tackle Patent Infringement
2004_Apr-8: Molex Acquire Cinch’s Connector Business in Europe
2004_Apr-8: Cree Completes Acquisition of Gallium Nitride Substrate, Epitaxy Business
2004_Apr-7: Japan’s FTTH Subscribers to Surpass 1 Million Households, Ministry Reports
2004_Apr-7: DRAM Prices Surge to US$6
2004_Apr-7: Vodafone Provides Free Development Program for Contents Providers
2004_Apr-7: Fujitsu Sues Samsung over Plasma Panel Patents
2004_Apr-7: SK Telecom Unveils Home Security Service
2004_Apr-7: RF Micro Devices Introduces High-Power, High-Efficiency Linear PA Modules for CDMA Applications
2004_Apr-7: Vishay Introduces +110C-Rated Optocoupler Family
2004_Apr-6: IBM Reveals New Microprocessor Strategy Adding Sony as Licensee for Digital Appliances
2004_Apr-6: Aeon to Sell Low-Priced 3-Megapixel, 4-Megapixel Digital Cameras
2004_Apr-6: Oracle Japan’s ‘Furry’ Employee Delivers 10g to Tokyo Stock Exchange
2004_Apr-6: NEC Soft to Outsource More Work to Vietnam
2004_Apr-5: NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA Subscribers Top 3 Million
2004_Apr-5: IBM, Chartered Promote Cross-Foundry Design Enablement Program
2004_Apr-5: Japan, China, Korea to Jointly Develop 4G Cell Phone Technology
2004_Apr-5: GXS, ChinaECNet Establish B2B Exchange for China’s Electronics Industry
2004_Apr-5: Transtech DSP Launches 64-Bit PMC Module for High-Intensity Signal Processing
2004_Apr-5: IR Introduces DirectFET Synchronous MOSFET for Notebook, Server Power Systems
2004_Apr-4: Japan, China, Korea Agree to Standardize Linux
2004_Apr-3: ANALYSIS: PHS’ Survival Hinges on Data Communications Services
2004_Apr-2: Flat-Screen TV Market Needs Three More Years to Mature in China, TCL Says
2004_Apr-2: Japan’s NEC, Sweden’s IFS Enhance Partnership to Aim at China’s Market
2004_Apr-2: Samsung Electronics Remains Top Supplier of LCD Driver ICs for Second Straight Year
2004_Apr-2: Renesas Releases 512Mb ‘SuperAND’ Flash Memory
2004_Apr-2: Samsung Electronics Holds Roof-Raising Ceremony for Seventh-Generation LCD Panel Lines
2004_Apr-2: NEC Develops Fastest Rechargeable Battery
2004_Apr-2: STATS Expands Quad Leadless Package Capabilities with Dual Row Design
2004_Apr-2: Linear Introduces Lead-Selectable Dual Supply Monitors
2004_Apr-1: NTT DoCoMo Develops FOMA-Compatible Controller for Home Appliances
2004_Apr-1: Fuji Photo Film, Vitex System to Join Development of Encapsulating Organic EL Panel
2004_Apr-1: Korean Cell Phone Operators Seek to Expand Influence in Overseas Markets
2004_Apr-1: ON Semiconductor Joins Mobile Industry Processor Interface Alliance
2004_Apr-1: Infineon Opens RFID Solution Center in Graz, Austria


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