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Aug. 27, 2004
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2004_May-31: Toyota Demonstrates New Fuel Battery
2004_May-31: NEC Aims to Boost China Mobile Telecom Biz with New Head
2004_May-31: US Xceive to Ship Sample Tuner IC for Reception of Terrestrial Digital/Analog Broadcasting
2004_May-31: Samsung Group to Expand Investments to 19.3 Trillion Won in 2004
2004_May-31: IDT’s PC Clock Devices Support Next-Generation Intel Desktop Boards
2004_May-31: Philips Nexperia Home Partner Program Adds Five New Software Vendors
2004_May-28: New Standard ‘iVDR’ for Removable HDD Launched
2004_May-28: Organic EL Panel Has Long Enough Life for Mobile Phones: Taiwan’s RiTdisplay
2004_May-28: Renesas, Ubiquitous to Tie Up for Home Network Solutions
2004_May-28: ANALYSIS: Softbank’s Japan Telecom Deal Revs Up Telecom Race
2004_May-28: Philips Launches New TFT-LCD Controller for Next-Generation Flat Displays
2004_May-28: STATS Introduces Silicon-Based System-in-Package Solution
2004_May-27: Telecom Council Reports on Technology to Improve Transfer Rates of W-CDMA
2004_May-27: Taiwan’s AU Begins Mass Production of Organic EL Panels
2004_May-27: Asahi Glass to Build Production Site for Large TFT-LCD Glass Substrates in Korea
2004_May-27: ANALYSIS: Carlyle Group, Kyocera Eye Growth Potential of PHS
2004_May-26: TDK Unveils Antenna, Bandpass Filter for Mobile Devices
2004_May-26: Seiko Epson Introduces LCD Controller for 3-Megapixel Cameras
2004_May-26: Hynix to Sell Non-Memory Chip Biz to Citigroup
2004_May-26: Techno Quartz, Ferrotec to Make More Quartz, Chip Parts in China
2004_May-26: Bookham to Strengthen Optical Amplifier Offerings with Acquisition
2004_May-26: Micronas Single-Boards Digital, Analog TV Signal Processing
2004_May-25: Philips Develops 13-Inch, High-Polymer Organic EL Panel for Large Screen TVs
2004_May-25: Samsung Develops 70-Nano DRAM Technology
2004_May-25: NEC Joins EPC Global, IC Tag Standardization Organization
2004_May-25: Synplicity, NEC Electronics Sign OEM Agreement for ISSP Structured ASICs
2004_May-25: UMC Improves 30% Performance on 45nm Transistors
2004_May-25: Fairchild’s USB 1.1-Speed Switch Offers High Bandwidth for Ultra-Portables
2004_May-25: Japan Leads Way in Optical Chip Patents: Gov’t Survey
2004_May-25: Frontier Silicon Closes Investment Round from Nokia Venture Partners
2004_May-24: Alps Electric Develops Low-Energy Consumption, Tiny Wireless LAN Module for Cell Phones
2004_May-24: Music Royalties Collected in FY2003 Rise 3.2%, Mostly on Video Software
2004_May-24: Fuji Elec Device Technology to Make Glass Substrate Hard Disks
2004_May-24: STATS Launches Design-for-Test to Reduce Cost, Time to Market
2004_May-24: Avnet EM Further Expands Operations in Asia Pacific
2004_May-24: Raychem Adds 550mA Device to 240VAC LVR Line Voltage Protection Series
2004_May-24: Frontier Silicon Launches Combined Digital TV, Digital Radio Chip May 23, 2004 (TOKYO) — To meet rising demand for cell phones, Toshiba Matsushita Display Technology Co Ltd will increase monthly production of small LCD monitors for portable handsets to 9 million units by the year-end, up from the current 6-7 million units, it has been learned.The company currently produces low-temperature polysilicon TFT LCDs at its factory in Saitama Prefecture, while turning out amorphous-silicon TFT LCDs mainly at its factory in Ishikawa Prefecture.
2004_May-22: Japan Firms Step Up LCD Parts Businesses in Korea
2004_May-21: All Mobile Phones to Have GPS Function in Japan After Spring 2007
2004_May-21: Seiko Epson to Develop Trial Model of 40-Inch Organic EL Panel
2004_May-21: Sony, 12 Other Companies to Form New Blu-ray Disc Association
2004_May-21: Samsung Develops Fast DDR x 32 Memory Chip That Enables 3D Gaming on Cellular Handsets
2004_May-21: GAME BUSINESS: Japanese Software to Challenge World Market Again
2004_May-21: LG Micron Expands Photomask Production Capacity by 50%
2004_May-21: LG Electronics Sues Whirlpool Over Washing Machines
2004_May-20: Sony Develops Three-Wavelength Optical Head for Blu-Ray, DVD and CD Formats
2004_May-20: Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Gears Up to Make Single-Sided, Double-Layered DVD+R Media
2004_May-20: Samsung SDI Develops 17-Inch, Active-Matrix OLED Display
2004_May-20: Epson Develops 32-Bit RISC Processor for Portable Electronic Dictionaries
2004_May-20: Hitachi Global Storage Increases Microdrive Production on Demand for Digital Music Players
2004_May-20: Sweden’s IFS, NEC Establish Center in Shanghai to Target China’s Automotive Market
2004_May-20: NEC Using Environment-Friendly Plastic for Notebook PCs
2004_May-20: Atmel, u-blox Introduce New “Aiding” Functionality to GPS Receiver
2004_May-20: Maxim Unveils Video Signal Conditioners with AGC, Back-Porch Clamp-to-GND
2004_May-19: KDDI to Introduce 3.2M-pixel Camera Phone
2004_May-19: Nokia, Gizmondo Exhibit Portable Game Console Packed with Functions
2004_May-19: Japan’s Mobile Phone Shipments for Fiscal 2003 Approach Record High
2004_May-19: Samsung Electronics to Export ‘World Phone’ GSM/1X Dual-Mode Handset to US
2004_May-19: TSMC Joins X Initiative Semiconductor Design-Chain Consortium
2004_May-19: TI Delivers Next-Generation Power-over-Ethernet Technology for IP Phones, WLAN Access Points
2004_May-19: SDRAM Prices Keep Climbing on Digital Electronics, Olympics
2004_May-18: NTT DoCoMo Exhibits Concept Model of ‘TV’ Phone
2004_May-18: Pioneer Announces Car Navigation System With Removable 30GB Hard Disk
2004_May-18: Renesas Technology Introduces Top-End, SH-Mobile3 Model
2004_May-18: GLOBAL RACES: Consumer Electronics Firms Shift Focus to Global Market
2004_May-18: Micron Introduces SoC 1.3-Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor for Cell-Phones, PDAs
2004_May-18: Linear Launches DC/DC Converter with Integrated Schottky
2004_May-17: KDDI Develops Prototype of Cell Phone Capable of Receiving Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting
2004_May-17: Marubeni Wins Order for Smart-Tag System from Hong Kong Airport
2004_May-17: PC Prices in Mature Markets Double those of Emerging Markets, Says Gartner
2004_May-17: RTR6275 Device Delivers Cost-Effective Solution for W-CDMA (UMTS)
2004_May-16: Matsushita to Build World’s Largest Plasma Display Panel Plant
2004_May-14: NTT DoCoMo Introduces Small, Design-Conscious Wireless Handset
2004_May-14: Sony Computer Unveils PSP Portable Game Console at E3 Expo
2004_May-14: Seiko Epson Wins Local Headquarters License from Chinese Government
2004_May-14: NEC Electronics Introduces New Backplane Transceiver Chips
2004_May-14: NTT’s IP Video Phone Prototype Unveiled
2004_May-14: Chinese Companies Eye Possible Purchase of Korean IT Firms
2004_May-14: Philips Strengthens Mobile Multimedia with Symbian Partnership
2004_May-14: SCP Launches Single-Wafer Immersion Surface Preparation System
2004_May-14: Samsung Electronics to Shutter Production Plant in Spain
2004_May-13: Samsung Institute’s New Fuel Cell Can Output 20W, Run Notebook PC for 10 Hours
2004_May-13: Infineon Unveils RFID Tag, Aims to Lower Price to One Euro Cent by 2009
2004_May-13: IT ALLIANCE: Japan, Korea, China Aim to Jointly Counter US Dominance
2004_May-13: HKSTP Announces Partnership with Taiwan’s Global UniChip
2004_May-13: TI Introduces Single-Chip 1394a Link & PHY for Audio/Video Data Connectivity
2004_May-13: LG.Philips LCD Plans IPO of Stock in New York, Seoul
2004_May-12: Athens Olympic Games Raise Digital HDTV Market; Matsushita Debuts Low-Priced, Flat-Panel TVs
2004_May-12: Intel Discloses Watch for Controlling ‘Personal Server,’ Gloves that Read RFID Tags
2004_May-12: Philips Proves First Silicon from 90nm CMOS Production Line
2004_May-12: Rebounding Economy Boosts Asian PC Sales, Says Gartner
2004_May-12: Ricoh Sues 2 Taiwan Firms for Infringement of CD Patents
2004_May-12: Linear’s Hot-Swappable I2C Buffer Translates Backplane, Card Logic Levels
2004_May-12: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Aims for 1 Trillion Won in Sales of Camera Modules
2004_May-12: Pantech Eyes Russian Mobile Phone Market
2004_May-11: [WinHEC] Microsoft Shows Mobile Video Player with Large HDD Capacity
2004_May-11: EDITORIAL: ‘Winny’ Shows Need for New Copyright Protection Regime
2004_May-11: Renesas Unveils Data Driver, Scan Driver for OLED Graphic Panels
2004_May-11: Samsung Electronics Expands Kumi Handset Production Plant
2004_May-11: Pantech & Curitel Wins US$100 Million Order from US Virgin Mobile
2004_May-11: Wi-LAN, Adino Telecom Announce Further Deployment of Wi-LAN’s Broadband Wireless Products in India
2004_May-11: IMEC Inaugurates New Nanoelectronics Laboratory
2004_May-10: FTTH/ADSL Market Shows Oligopolistic Competition, Telecom Ministry Draft Report Says
2004_May-10: Japan’s Game Users on Mobile Phone Number 8.97 Million in 2003: CESA
2004_May-10: LG Electronics to Supply 3 Million 3G Handsets to Hutchison Group of Hong Kong
2004_May-10: Vodafone KK Develops Contactless Smart Card Mobile Handset
2004_May-10: Rambus Files Antitrust Suit Against Hynix
2004_May-10: Casio Develops World’s Smallest Fuel Cell for Laptop PCs
2004_May-10: Next Generation Network Standards to be Defined at ITU
2004_May-10: IBM Expands Relationship with Equinix in Singapore Internet Business Exchange Center
2004_May-10: Vishay’s Thyristor Surge-Protective Devices Offer Surge Capabilities up to 100A
2004_May-9: Toshiba, NEC Ready to Mass-Produce HD DVDs
2004_May-8: Toppan Forms Selling Thin ‘Talking Card’
2004_May-7: Samsung Sets Up Global Alliance with Nokia, Motorola
2004_May-7: UMC, Synopsys Develop Reference Flow for UMC’s Submicron Processes
2004_May-7: Freescale Semiconductor Unveils New SoC-Based Communications Processor
2004_May-7: Renesas, Others to Raise LCD Panel Driver IC Output
2004_May-7: Epson Introduces Dual Output Crystal Oscillator
2004_May-7: Microchip Launches Development System Infrastructure for DSC
2004_May-7: Atmel Introduces Reprogrammable Rad-Hard FPGA with SEU Protection for Space Applications
2004_May-6: NTT DoCoMo, Boeing to Offer Hot Spot Internet Service on International Flights
2004_May-6: KDDI More Than Doubles Content ARPU with Flat-Rate Packet Communications
2004_May-6: Alps Electric Introduces Haptic Technology for X-by-Wire
2004_May-6: Electronics, Computer Firms Boosting R&D;, Capital Spending
2004_May-6: Vishay’s ESD Protection Diode Arrays in the Compact SOT363 Package
2004_May-6: Austriamicrosystems Introduces Single-Phase Average Energy Metering IC
2004_May-5: Sanyo Completes Construction of New Lithium Ion Battery Factory in Tokushima
2004_May-5: RFMD Announces Strategic Focus on Cellular, Wireless & Infrastructure Units
2004_May-5: Philips’ Technology Selected for Seattle Land & Ferry Transit Fare Collection System
2004_May-4: Java, Memory Cards are Frequently Used Parts in Mobile Phones in Addition to Camera: Survey
2004_May-4: Siebel Systems, Teradata Announce Partnership for Analytic Applications
2004_May-4: Intersil Launches Quad Regulator to Support Medical, Computing, Telecom Applications
2004_May-3: Japan’s FY2003 Shipments of Consumer Electronics Rise 4.9% YOY: JEITA
2004_May-3: Samsung Electronics Makes 80% of Its Products Abroad
2004_May-3: Digital Cameras, DVD Players Spreading Fast in Japan


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