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Aug. 27, 2004
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2004_Jun-30: Hitachi, NEC to Form New Company Specializing in Backbone Routers for Telecom Operators
2004_Jun-30: Renesas Technology to Establish Business Management Company in China
2004_Jun-30: China’s BOE Group to Construct Display Factory in Daegu
2004_Jun-30: Flat-Panel TVs Topped CRTs in Shipment Value in ’03: JEITA
2004_Jun-30: Atmel Signs Agreement to Become Second-Source Supplier for WirelessUSB Technology
2004_Jun-30: Philips, HK Science Parks Sign New Lease Agreement
2004_Jun-29: Japan’s Market for Mobile Content for FY03 Increased to 394.1 Billion Yen, Up 31%
2004_Jun-29: Sanyo Markets Dual-Mode PHS/GSM Mobile Phone in Taiwan
2004_Jun-29: CMD Announces Foundry Agreement with Sanyo
2004_Jun-29: KLA-Tencor Introduces Atomic Force Line Monitoring Solution
2004_Jun-29: Samsung to Establish Tech-Heavy ‘Crystal Valley’
2004_Jun-28: Net-2Com, Fujitsu Lab Develop Wireless IP Phone Handset for Public Wireless Networks
2004_Jun-28: Digital Home Appliances Still Seen as Too Pricey: Nikkei Survey
2004_Jun-28: IDT Unveils Next Phase in Standards-Based Serial-Switching Thrust with PCI Express Technology Purchase
2004_Jun-28: IR Launches Adaptive Ballast Control IC for Compact Fluorescent Lamps
2004_Jun-27: Hitachi, NEC to Form Router Venture in October
2004_Jun-26: Tokyo Customs Accepts Sharp’s Request to Stop Taiwan LCD TV Imports
2004_Jun-25: Asia’s First Broadband Airplane Takes Off from Narita, Japan to Munich
2004_Jun-25: MTI Micro to Debut Small-Sized Fuel Cell at End of 2004
2004_Jun-25: Renesas to Start Providing Multimedia Accelerator Platform for SH-MobileJ2
2004_Jun-25: IT REVIVAL: Digital Electronics Boom Offers Both Danger, Opportunity
2004_Jun-25: Worldwide IT Services Revenue Grows 6.2% in 2003, Says Gartner
2004_Jun-25: Agilent Introduces Soft Touch Connectorless Logic Analyzer Probe Interface
2004_Jun-24: Nichia Unveils Brighter White LEDs to be in Volume Production in Summer 2004
2004_Jun-24: NEC Electronics Introduces Chipset for 16x Speed Rewritable DVD Drives
2004_Jun-24: ANALYSIS: Kyocera Going Global with PHS
2004_Jun-24: AP Semiconductor Industry to Grow 27.4% in 2004, Says Gartner
2004_Jun-24: Infineon, IBM Introduce 16-Mbit MRAM
2004_Jun-24: LG Electronics Enjoys Sales Increase During May
2004_Jun-23: Fujitsu, Tokyo Electron, Others Conduct Test of VoIP over Wireless LAN Network
2004_Jun-23: Vodafone Japan Introduces Handset with Touch Pad Control
2004_Jun-23: Samsung Electronics Starts Production in Second Slovak Factory
2004_Jun-23: Renesas Aims to More Than Triple Chip Sales in China
2004_Jun-23: NEC Corp, NEC Electronics Announce Multi-Level-Interconnect Technologies
2004_Jun-22: Carlyle Group, Kyocera Agree with KDDI on Acquisition of DDI Pocket
2004_Jun-22: Fuji Photo Film Announces Slim Digital Cameras with 3.4x Optical Zoom Lens
2004_Jun-22: Renesas Develops Virtually Soft-Error-Free, Low-Power-Consumption SRAM
2004_Jun-22: DoCoMo to Review Overseas Strategy, Focus on Asia: New Chief
2004_Jun-22: Austriamicrosystems Introduces Digital Potentiometers for TVs, Audio Systems
2004_Jun-21: Toshiba to Transfer Part of Power Semiconductor Biz to Mitsubishi
2004_Jun-21: Fujitsu Unveils ‘Linux Mainframe’
2004_Jun-21: LG Electronics’ DVD Recorder Chosen as Best Product in Europe
2004_Jun-21: VIA Launches Ultra Low Profile Mainboard for Flat Panel Personal Electronics
2004_Jun-21: Matsushita to Debut Improved Rear-Projection TVs in US, China
2004_Jun-21: Linear’s Triple Switching Regulator Delivers Big Power from Tiny Footprint
2004_Jun-20: DoCoMo Cellular Handset Doubles as Office Extension Phone
2004_Jun-19: Sanyo to Raise Capacitor Output in China
2004_Jun-18: Latest BREW Version Pushes Platform to Higher Level of Usability, Qualcomm Says
2004_Jun-18: Airgo’s ‘True MIMO’ Adopted in Devices Enables 108Mbps Communication
2004_Jun-18: NTT DoCoMo to Debut i-mode Smart-Card Handsets Capable of Making Electronic Payments
2004_Jun-18: Nokia to Introduce 3 Flip Mobile Phones in Second Half
2004_Jun-18: Japan Content Market Grows 12 Trillion Yen in ’03: Trade Group Study
2004_Jun-18: Xilinx Acquires Hier Design to Bring Enhanced FPGA Design Tools
2004_Jun-18: Vishay Introduces Two New Precision Thin Film Resistor Networks
2004_Jun-17: Sharp Unveils LCD Monitor Enabling 3D Stereoscopic Display
2004_Jun-17: Bluetooth-type Mobile Phone Sales Expand in US, Europe
2004_Jun-17: Elpida Seeks Countervailing Duty on Hynix Memory Chips
2004_Jun-17: Renesas Establishes First Overseas International Procurement Dept in Taiwan
2004_Jun-17: Handset Maker Pantech & Curitel to Set up Branches in United States
2004_Jun-17: eRide Licenses GPS/AGPS IP to Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe
2004_Jun-16: Business Applications Yield Higher Profits, Require Carrier-driven Approach, BREW Developer Says
2004_Jun-16: NTT DoCoMo’s Natsuno Predicts FeliCa-Capable Cell Phone to Become ‘Lifestyle Infrastructure’
2004_Jun-16: Samsung Electronics Develops Chip for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
2004_Jun-16: HKSTP, Korea’s SIPAC Form IP Exchange Platform
2004_Jun-16: FPGA Prices Spiraling Downward
2004_Jun-16: Fairchild Unveils Logic Functions in Ultra-Compact DQFN Packaging
2004_Jun-15: JCB, Casio Demonstrate Pay System with Non-contact IC-Embedded Watch
2004_Jun-15: Households Viewing Digital Satellite Broadcasting to Exceed 10 Million by March 2006: BPA
2004_Jun-15: Dai Nippon Printing Develops Contact, Non-contact Dual Interface IC Card
2004_Jun-15: Pentax to Make Camera Phone Parts to Expand Profit Base
2004_Jun-15: Internet Access as Key Telecom Revenue Stream in Asia Pacific, says Gartner
2004_Jun-15: IR to Expand Workforce and Production in Newport, Wales
2004_Jun-14: KDDI to Deploy BREW Solution on All Its Mobile Phones in Two Years
2004_Jun-14: Sony President Comments on Prospects for Japanese Electronics Makers’ After Appointment as New JEITA Chairman
2004_Jun-14: Qualcomm Announces Winners of BREW 2004 Developer Awards
2004_Jun-14: Tata Teleservices Launches BREW-based Wireless Services in India
2004_Jun-14: Matsushita, TEPCO, Five Others OK’d by Japan Telecom Ministry to Restart PLC Field Study
2004_Jun-14: TI’s PWM Controller Simplifies Design of Multiple Output Power Supplies
2004_Jun-14: CrystalVoice Enables Hotel Direct Access through Voice-over-Internet
2004_Jun-12: Japanese Game Makers Eager to Enter China with Online Titles
2004_Jun-11: Access Debuts Qualcomm’s BREW-based Browser, NetFront
2004_Jun-11: MSM Chipset to Have GHz Processing Power by 2005: Qualcomm Exec
2004_Jun-11: US Wireless Operators Emphasize Quality in BREW Apps
2004_Jun-11: BenQ Debuts Largest LCD TV on Market at 56-inches
2004_Jun-11: Qualcomm Introduces Value Billing Capabilities for BREW
2004_Jun-11: Midwest Wireless Hosts BREW-Based Services for Rural Cellular
2004_Jun-11: Murata Develops World’s Smallest Wireless LAN Module
2004_Jun-11: ANALYSIS: Elpida’s Sakamoto Takes Y500bn Gamble On DRAM Plant
2004_Jun-11: IR Unveils Adaptive Deadtime Control IC for Halogen Lamp Electronic Transformers
2004_Jun-11: Skyworks Introduces Wireless LAN Power Amplifier with On-Chip Filtering
2004_Jun-10: BREW Applications Downloaded 130 Million Times: Qualcomm Wireless President Paul E Jacobs
2004_Jun-10: [Computex] Taiwan Optical Disc Media Manufacturers Fully Prepared for Blu-ray, HD DVD
2004_Jun-10: Silicon Image Gears Up in Japan Market with Interface LSI for Home Electric Appliances
2004_Jun-10: Samsung Electronics Emerges as World’s No. 1 Global LCD Maker
2004_Jun-10: Microchip Unveils Smallest Microcontrollers in 6-Lead Packages
2004_Jun-10: Freescale Offers Dual-Axis Sensors for Consumer Applications
2004_Jun-10: NEC to Supply Biometric System to Hong Kong Immigration Dept
2004_Jun-9: Qualcomm Announces Enhanced Version of BREW Solution for Handset Manufacturers
2004_Jun-9: China Deploys DoOnGo’s Software Update Technology for Mobile Phones
2004_Jun-9: Cell Phone Carriers Prevented from Recruiting New Subscribers
2004_Jun-9: Philips Launches Global Design-Win Program for Distributors
2004_Jun-9: NTT to Release Compact USB Fingerprint Authentication Device
2004_Jun-9: TI’s Wide Bandwidth Video Switches Optimize RGB, Composite Video Switching Applications
2004_Jun-8: Fourth Annual BREW Developers Conference to Open in San Diego
2004_Jun-8: NTT DoCoMo’s ‘FeliCa’-Capable FOMA Phones to be Manufactured by Fujitsu
2004_Jun-8: TI Introduces New Reference Design for Portable Digital Audio Players
2004_Jun-8: TSMC Selects Optimal Products for Chip-to-Package Design in Reference Flow 5.0
2004_Jun-8: Qualcomm Reaps Most Benefits from CDMA Royalties
2004_Jun-8: Fujitsu Uses Suits to End Patent Fight
2004_Jun-7: [Computex] Transmeta Demonstrates Second-Generation Efficeon Operating at 1.6GHZ
2004_Jun-7: Toppan Printing Develops Electronic Paper with High Resolution of 400ppi
2004_Jun-7: Avnet Electronics Marketing to Expand Mainland China Operations
2004_Jun-7: HKSTP Signs Agreement with Hangzhou National IC Design Enterprise Incubator
2004_Jun-4: [Computex] Taiwan Firms Take a Run at PDP-TVs, Rear-Projection TVs
2004_Jun-4: [Computex] Pretec Exhibits MMC with 18MB/s Writing Speed
2004_Jun-4: KDDI to Launch Internal Office Extensions System Using Au Cell Phones
2004_Jun-4: Korean Electronics Firms Push into African Market
2004_Jun-4: NS Drives New Interface Standard for Liquid Crystal Display TVs
2004_Jun-4: Checkpoint Systems, Philips Form Strategic RFID Alliance
2004_Jun-3: NTT DoCoMo to Debut Bluetooth-Capable 3G FOMA Mobile Phone
2004_Jun-3: SEL, Others Develop Organic EL Panel for Displaying Pictures on Both Sides
2004_Jun-3: Samsung Electronics Invests Heavily in Memory, SOC, LCD Businesses
2004_Jun-3: Hynix’s Non-memory Division Sold to Citigroup Venture Capital
2004_Jun-3: Philips’ GreenChip IC Delivers Higher Energy Efficiency, Safety
2004_Jun-3: Linear Unveils 200ksps Multichannel ADC for Low Power Applications
2004_Jun-3: Pentax to Offer SLR Digital Camera for Mass Market
2004_Jun-2: Samsung SDI Unveils 17-inch, 2.2-inch Organic EL Display with High Picture Quality
2004_Jun-2: Korea Envisions 50Mbps Wireless Broadband as Bridge to 4G
2004_Jun-2: China to Continue Driving Asia Pacific Semiconductor Sales, Says Gartner
2004_Jun-2: Samsung Supplies Set-Top Boxes Worth US$130 Million
2004_Jun-2: Zetex’s Pre-Driver IC Brings Flexible Variable Speed Control to Single-Phase Motors
2004_Jun-1: NTT DoCoMo’s 4G Test Results in 300Mbps Data Rate in Moving Car
2004_Jun-1: Sharp, SEL Discuss Prototype LCD Panel with Microcomputer, Audio Circuit at SID
2004_Jun-1: India’s Tata Teleservices Introduces BREW-Based ‘Push-to-Chat’ Service
2004_Jun-1: Epson Unveils 32-bit MCU with Built-In Color LCD Controller, USB1.1 Peripheral
2004_Jun-1: Philips Develops a-Si Displays with Integrated Gate Driver, New Pixel Design
2004_Jun-1: Sanyo Elec to Hike Solar Cell Production Capacity by 140%


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