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Aug. 27, 2004
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2004_Jul-30: Hoya Reveals Two Giants Developing One-Inch HDDs for Mobile Phones
2004_Jul-30: Worldwide DRAM Revenue Increases 20% in Q2, Gartner Says
2004_Jul-30: DoCoMo Makes 10 Billion Yen Available to Support Reader/Writer Installation for ‘FeliCa’ Mobile Phones
2004_Jul-30: Renesas Technology to Use Bosch FlexRay IP for Automotive Microcontroller
2004_Jul-30: Sanyo Elec Acquires Toshiba Lithium-Ion Battery Ops
2004_Jul-30: NASA Selects Philips’ MIFARE DESFire Smart Card Chip Technology
2004_Jul-30: Dual Hot Swap Controller Protects Ultra-Low Voltage Processors
2004_Jul-29: Development Cost of Game Software Diminishes: Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association
2004_Jul-29: Dainippon Screen to Reinforce Maintenance Service of FPD Manufacturing Equipment in Taiwan, China
2004_Jul-29: Samsung to Boost Investments in DRAM Production
2004_Jul-29: Telstra to Offer CDMA2000 Coverage Across Australia
2004_Jul-29: xIDE for Microprocessor-Based ICs Helps Semiconductor Makers
2004_Jul-29: Korea’s Kospi Rebounds, with Kosdaq at New Year-Low
2004_Jul-28: Mobile Broadcasting Corp Considers Video Codec Change from MPEG-4 to H.264
2004_Jul-28: Telson Electronics Files for Corporate Protection
2004_Jul-28: China’s Supply Chain Destined to Embrace RosettaNet
2004_Jul-28: Sharp’s Ion Technology Can Neutralize Virus Similar to SARS
2004_Jul-28: Renesas Technology Joins the Automotive Standardization AUTOSAR
2004_Jul-28: High Linearity Active Mixer Simplifies Transmitter Design, Reduces Cost of 3G
2004_Jul-27: Matsushita to Sell Digital Cameras with 2-G Image Processing LSI to Offset Jitters
2004_Jul-27: Hynix Reports Record Profits for its Second Quarter
2004_Jul-27: Linear’s VLDO Operates from Input Voltages as Low as 0.9V
2004_Jul-27: GLOBAL SHARE ’03: Korean Firms Expand Shares in Digital Devices
2004_Jul-27: AWR to Develop Design Platform for TSMC Silicon Germanium Process
2004_Jul-27: Dallas Unveils 64kHz Composite-Clock Transceivers
2004_Jul-26: NTT East, NTT West to Debut ‘Real Video Phone’ in September
2004_Jul-26: Sony to Sell Airboard Wireless LAN Module
2004_Jul-26: Renesas Releases SH7780 Microprocessor Incorporating SH-4A SuperH CPU Core and PCI Bus Controller
2004_Jul-26: ADSL Firms to Raise Maximum Speed to More Than 47Mbps in Competition with Fiber Optics
2004_Jul-26: Philips Offers Nexperia Home Partner Program Software Development Kit
2004_Jul-26: Samsung Electronics to Reduce Cell Phone Supply to SK Telecom
2004_Jul-26: Agilent, Lumileds Lighting Announce Agreement to Co-Develop New LEDs
2004_Jul-26: Korea Shares Fall to 740P
2004_Jul-26: One-Third of Korea’s Elementary School Kids Log Onto Internet Daily
2004_Jul-25: Crowds Line Up to Buy iPod Mini in Tokyo
2004_Jul-24: Japan, China, Korea Join to Set Next-Generation Cell Phone Standards
2004_Jul-23: NEC Electronics 3G Mobile Phone Chip Enables High-Speed Data Transmission
2004_Jul-23: US Zeevo Develops Bluetooth-Compatible Single Chip for Mobile Music Players
2004_Jul-23: Kyowa Exeo Debuts System to Monitor Remote Images with FOMA Cell Phone
2004_Jul-23: KDDI, Zenrin Enable Residential Map Browsing on Cell Phones
2004_Jul-23: IR Introduces Reference Design for Flyback Topology AC-DC Power Supplies
2004_Jul-23: Siliconix’s Buck-Boost Regulator Ensures Stable Operating Conditions in Portables
2004_Jul-22: Cell Phone Users in Korea to Hit 39 Million by 2008
2004_Jul-22: Silicon Laboratories Introduces 8-bit MCU Family with 16-bit ADC
2004_Jul-22: BT, KT, NTT Com, Others Forge Alliance to Promote Fixed/Mobile Communications
2004_Jul-22: PC LCD Panel Shipment Prices Drop for 1st Time in 18 Months
2004_Jul-22: Fairchild, Changhong Establish Joint Product Development Laboratory
2004_Jul-22: Assembleon Opens New Direct Office in Taiwan
2004_Jul-22: Shares in Korea Fall to 730P Level
2004_Jul-21: Waseda University, Olympus Open Bioscience Research Institute in Singapore
2004_Jul-21: Samsung SDI Releases a Slimmer CRT for DTVs
2004_Jul-21: Matsushita to Lift Digital Camera Output Capacity by 75%
2004_Jul-21: TI Introduces Security Framework for Voice-over-IP Product Portfolio
2004_Jul-21: Maxim Unveils Multirate Limiting Amplifier for SFF/SFP Applications
2004_Jul-20: S-LCD’s Mission is to Be ‘Global Leading LCD Industry Player’: Samsung, Sony
2004_Jul-20: Pantech & Curitel Enjoys 1.51 Trillion Won in Jan.-June Sales
2004_Jul-20: TDK Develops High-Capacity DVD-Sized Disc
2004_Jul-20: Shares Continue to Fall in Korea
2004_Jul-20: ST Extends NAND Flash Family with 256-Mbit and 128-Mbit Devices
2004_Jul-20: Agilent Offers Memory Options for Digital Storage, Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes
2004_Jul-19: Sumitomo Chemical to Make LCD Materials in China
2004_Jul-19: Venture Firm Develops Wireless Module that Disables Mobile Phone When It is Separated from User
2004_Jul-19: NEC to Conduct Field Test for PLC Communication at Up to 200Mbps
2004_Jul-19: Omron Establishes Design Center at HK Science and Technology Park
2004_Jul-19: Linear’s Boost Converter Offers 2A Switch in ThinSOT
2004_Jul-18: Softbank BB to Devise Cell Phone with Radio LAN Access Capability
2004_Jul-17: ANALYSIS: Samsung Challenges Sharp over LCD TVs
2004_Jul-16: Samsung to Launch World’s First Mobile Phone with 3X Optical Zoom Camera
2004_Jul-16: NTT DoCoMo, TI Announce Joint Agreement on 3G Development
2004_Jul-16: Fujitsu to Debut PDA Featuring New Pocket PC OS, More Than 200ppi VGA Monitor
2004_Jul-16: Renesas Releases Varicap Diodes for TV/VCR Tuners on Mobile Products
2004_Jul-16: INTERVIEW: Sony, Samsung Tie-Up Ideal for Flat-Panel TV Business
2004_Jul-16: LG.Philips Display Sees US$11.4 Million in Net Profits for Q2
2004_Jul-16: Atmel Targets Automotive Design Activity with Dresden Design Center
2004_Jul-15: Lattice Technology, Dassault Systemes to Launch 3D Data Standard Supported by Toyota
2004_Jul-15: Mitsubishi Electric Develops Thinnest 2M-pixel CCD Camera Module
2004_Jul-15: Semiconductor Equipment Companies Expect Sales of US$36.2 Billion in 2004
2004_Jul-15: IMEC Demonstrates 5GHz Wireless Network Using Spatial Multiplexing
2004_Jul-15: Korea’s Export Growth Rate Outpaces China
2004_Jul-15: China is Not an Exit for Korean Firms, Says KCCI
2004_Jul-15: Samsung Electronics Rises to 54th Place on Fortune’s Top 500 List
2004_Jul-15: Japan, US Firms Team Up to Make Next-Gen DVDs Harder to Copy
2004_Jul-14: Japan’s Broadband Services Are World’s Cheapest: White Paper
2004_Jul-14: KDDI to Debut Three EV-DO Handsets with Megapixel Camera, USB1.1
2004_Jul-14: Wristwatch-Style RFID Reader Unveiled
2004_Jul-14: LG.Philips LCD Set to Go Public Next Week in Seoul and New York
2004_Jul-14: TI’s Battery Charger Provides Faster Charging in Portable Li-Ion Powered Applications
2004_Jul-14: IR to Acquire ATMI’s Epitaxial Services Operation
2004_Jul-14: Sony to Make Prototype Blu-Ray DVDs for Hollywood Studios
2004_Jul-13: Sharp Adopts Symbian OS for Mobile Phones, Hopes to Expand Share Worldwide
2004_Jul-13: Renesas, NTT DoCoMo to Jointly Develop Single-Chip LSI for W-CDMA/GSM/GPRS Mobile Handsets
2004_Jul-13: Oki Electric Sets Up Semiconductor Offices in Beijing, Shenzhen
2004_Jul-13: Nitto Denko to Build LCD Film Plants in Korea, Taiwan
2004_Jul-13: LG Electronics Releases Highest Contrast PDP TVs
2004_Jul-13: Vishay’s Single/Dual-Channel Optocouplers Feature 100Centigrade Operation
2004_Jul-13: FlipChip International Announces Expansion of Wafer Level Packaging Capacity
2004_Jul-13: SK Telecom Takes Lion’s Share in Roaming Service
2004_Jul-12: China’s LCD TV Market Will Grow Rapidly from 2007: DisplaySearch Director
2004_Jul-12: Toshiba Matsushita Debuts LCD Panel with Widest Range of Color Reproduction
2004_Jul-12: Matsushita Develops High-Performance Graphic Processor GRiTT-2
2004_Jul-12: KDDI to Develop Mobile Phones Powered by Fuel Cell
2004_Jul-12: ON Semiconductor Unveils MOSFET Functioning as Telecom Shifter
2004_Jul-12: NS Introduces LMH Amplifiers for Wideband Video Applications
2004_Jul-10: Toshiba, NEC, IBM Japan Have Greenest Notebook PCs: Nikkei
2004_Jul-9: NTT DoCoMo Launches Mobile Wallet Service with First i-mode Smart-Card Handset
2004_Jul-9: Issue of ADSL Upstream Acceleration Suddenly Reaches Agreement
2004_Jul-9: Renesas Releases M32192 Group of Microcontrollers with On-Chip Flash Memory for In-Vehicle Applications
2004_Jul-9: KDDI to Offer Full-Song Download Service for Cell Phones
2004_Jul-9: Catalyst Launches Controlled Inrush Current Regulated Charge Pumps
2004_Jul-9: Nokia, ST Introduce New Camera-Module Standard for Mobile Devices
2004_Jul-8: Japan’s Broadband Users Increase to 15.8 Million, Gov’t Says
2004_Jul-8: ANALYSIS: Markets Nervous about Chips, LCDs
2004_Jul-8: TI Simplifies DDR Memory Power Design with Integrated Switcher, LDO
2004_Jul-8: Micron Announces Plans to Produce NAND Flash Memory Products
2004_Jul-7: Toppan Printing Aims for Use of Organic EL Panels for Large TVs
2004_Jul-7: Nokia, STMicro Introduce New Camera-Module Standard for Mobile Devices
2004_Jul-7: Access, Datang Partner to Power 3G Data Services in China
2004_Jul-7: Fujitsu Develops RSA Encryption Tech for IC Cards
2004_Jul-7: IR Introduces 90W Flyback Reference Design for Switcher IC
2004_Jul-7: Samsung Electronics Sells TVs Worth US$1 Million in US in June
2004_Jul-6: PDP to Become Larger, Transportation Will be Problem: FPD Development Tech Engineer
2004_Jul-6: Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Rise 37% in May, SIA Says
2004_Jul-6: Hitachi GST to Invest Up to US$500M in New China Manufacturing Center
2004_Jul-6: Trade Surplus for Korea’s IT Exports Swings Up to US$16 Billion During First Half
2004_Jul-6: Zenrin to Create Map Database for GPS Pedestrian Navigation
2004_Jul-6: Philips’ DVD+RW Semiconductor Reference Design Promotes Mainstream Adoption
2004_Jul-6: Atmel Unveils 32-Mbit FPGA Configuration Memories
2004_Jul-5: RFID Tag Demonstration Conducted with More Than 100,000 People, World’s Largest Scale
2004_Jul-5: LG Electronics to Enter Digital Camera Market
2004_Jul-5: NEC Electronics Splits Off Prototyping Services Subsidiary
2004_Jul-5: TI, ARM Collaborate on Security Solution
2004_Jul-5: Vodafone to Release World-Model 3G Cell Phones in Japan This Fall
2004_Jul-5: Inotera Memories Builds 300mm DRAM Production Facility in Taiwan
2004_Jul-5: Microsoft to Pour US$8.7 Million into Solving Digital Divide in Korea
2004_Jul-4: Nissan to Create Fuel Cell on Its Own, Market Vehicle By FY07
2004_Jul-3: Drop in Flat-Panel TV Prices to Accelerate on Lower Production Costs
2004_Jul-2: Issue of ADSL Upstream Acceleration Not Yet Settled; Much Debate at TT Committee
2004_Jul-2: Vodafone Japan Introduces PDC Handset with Optical Zoom Camera
2004_Jul-2: Fujitsu Labs Develops Technology to Embed ‘Invisible’ Data on Printed Image
2004_Jul-2: Casio Triples Brightness of Organic EL Display
2004_Jul-2: Korean IT Products Enjoy Brisk Sales in United States
2004_Jul-2: Humax Digital to Export Set-top Boxes to Premiere of Germany
2004_Jul-1: Toshiba Develops World’s Smallest Fuel Cell to be Installed in Mobile Devices in 2005
2004_Jul-1: Matsushita, Thomson, JVC to Establish European Recycling Initiative
2004_Jul-1: ANALYSIS: Rivalry over Next DVD Format Moving into Market
2004_Jul-1: Avnet Implements Data Exchange via e-Hub with Customer in China
2004_Jul-1: TI Unveils Three New Low-Power DSPs, Design Tools


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