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Aug. 27, 2004
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2004_Aug-31: Samsung Electronics Unveils A-Si TFT Driven Organic EL
2004_Aug-31: Canon Acquires Patent from US-based Candescent Technologies for Future SED Panel Application
2004_Aug-31: Sharp Develops Easy-Release Screw for Appliances
2004_Aug-31: TI Unveils High-Speed Video Amplifier for Portable Video Applications
2004_Aug-31: TDK Launches System-on-Chip for Industrial Power Meter
2004_Aug-31: Fairchild Introduces New Full-Bridge LCD Backlight Inverter/Driver IC
2004_Aug-31: Hyundai Heavy Industries Develops Electric Motor for Hybrid Car
2004_Aug-30: ATR Develops Privacy-Secured System Using Directional Antenna
2004_Aug-30: NTT DoCoMo, Motorola Form Alliance in FOMA Terminal Development for Business Users
2004_Aug-30: Renesas Releases First SuperH Microcomputer with SH-2A CPU Core
2004_Aug-30: Anadigics Opens Shanghai Office to Support Wireless, Broadband Business
2004_Aug-30: Agilent’s Enhanced Ultra-Wideband DesignGuide Speeds Product Development
2004_Aug-30: Shicoh Engineering to Beef Up Motor Output for Camera Phones
2004_Aug-30: Soitec, Seika Form JV in Tokyo
2004_Aug-30: Major IT Companies to Invest in Inchon Free Economic Zone
2004_Aug-29: Elpida to Lift DDR2 DRAM Output Ratio to 50%-Plus by Early ’05
2004_Aug-28: CELLULAR PHONES: Japan Handset Makers Renew Overseas Campaigns
2004_Aug-27: NEC Develops Unified Dual-Band Antenna for Cell Phones Using 800MHz/2GHz Radio Bands
2004_Aug-27: Japan’s IC Cards Seen Hitting 340 Million in Fiscal 2010: Yano Forecast
2004_Aug-27: Samsung SDI Considers Merger with Samsung OLED
2004_Aug-27: Sharp to Extend Green Guidelines to Electronic Parts
2004_Aug-27: Freescale Launches Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Hong Kong
2004_Aug-27: Linear’s -48V Diode-OR Controller Saves Power and Space
2004_Aug-27: Korea’s Shares Top 800 Points
2004_Aug-26: Chinese Consumers Most Satisfied with Samsung Electronics Monitors
2004_Aug-26: NEC Telecom China to Launch New Brand Strategy to Enter into Mid-low Range Market Segment
2004_Aug-26: Nagoya Makes Signals for Mobile Phones Inoperative on Subways, Platforms
2004_Aug-26: China’s DTV Set Production to Grow Eightfold by 2008, Says iSuppli
2004_Aug-26: METI, Electronics Firms to Jointly Craft Net Appliance Standards
2004_Aug-26: SolarFlare Unveils New Integrated AFE to Pair with DSP for 10Gbps Ethernet
2004_Aug-26: Pixology Announces New Sales and Support Office in Japan
2004_Aug-25: Japanese Automakers Expect Component Suppliers to Share Risks: Survey
2004_Aug-25: Oki Develops Tri-Axis Accelerometer Module with Digital Communication Function
2004_Aug-25: Korea to Join Hands with China in IT Research
2004_Aug-25: Vodafone to Speed Up Shift to 3G Phone Service: Next Chief
2004_Aug-25: SigmaTel Unveils New Audio Controller for Low-Cost MP3 Players
2004_Aug-25: Raychem Introduces Small Circuit Protection Device for Telecom, Networking
2004_Aug-25: TI’s Op Amp Breaks Down Distortion Barriers at 5V Single-Supply Operation
2004_Aug-25: Shares Remain Unchanged, Despite a Fall in Oil Prices
2004_Aug-24: Matsushita to License MPEG-4 Codec Software Supporting 3GPP/3GPP2 Mobile Phone, SD Memory Card
2004_Aug-24: Coca-Cola’s New Vending Machine Offers Cashless Purchases With I-Mode FeliCa Users
2004_Aug-24: Asahi Glass to Build LCD Glass Plant, Boost Output 20%
2004_Aug-24: Equator, DigiLink, ChinaBizOne Join to Offer Embedded Linux Video over IP Solutions
2004_Aug-24: SigmaTel Licenses Technology from ARM for Future Product Initiatives
2004_Aug-24: Speedline Announces New Alliances in South East Asia
2004_Aug-24: LG Electronics Moves to Gain Firm Foothold in Portable Internet Market
2004_Aug-23: Sharp to Debut Video Interface IC with Automatic NTSC/PAL Switching Function
2004_Aug-23: Samsung Electronics Develops 64Mb Phase-Change RAM Chip
2004_Aug-23: TI Battery Management ICs Enable Safer Charging in Portable Appliances
2004_Aug-23: Hitachi GST Signs New Distributions to Strengthen Channels in Thailand
2004_Aug-23: Samsung Electronics Begins Producing Environment-Friendly HDD
2004_Aug-23: Camera-Equipped Cell Phones, Digital Cameras Most Popular: Survey
2004_Aug-23: Solomon Opens IC R&D; Center at Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic
2004_Aug-23: NS Introduces New Laser Diode Driver for Optical Disk Drives
2004_Aug-22: JTB, KDDI to Launch Phone Translation Service for Foreign Visitors
2004_Aug-20: Intel to Defer Mass Production of LCOS Chips Until 2005
2004_Aug-20: Japan’s DSL Subscribers Exceed 12.32 Million at the End of July: Gov’t Report
2004_Aug-20: ZTE Launches New CDMA Network in Indonesia
2004_Aug-20: Softbank, eAccess to Escalate Testing of TDD Cell Phone Systems
2004_Aug-20: Atmel, Figure 8 Wireless Announce Unified ZigBee Solution
2004_Aug-20: Consortium Unveils Joint Proposal for IEEE 802.11 Task Group N
2004_Aug-20: Hynix Semiconductor Signs Deal to Build Chip Plants in China
2004_Aug-20: Despite Higher Oil Prices, Shares Rebound in Three Days in Korea
2004_Aug-19: Sony to Introduce Wireless LAN-Compatible LCD TV for 200,000 Yen
2004_Aug-19: Epson Develops Super Light, Micro-Flying Robot
2004_Aug-19: CAMERA WARS: Olympus, Pentax in Race to Catch Up with Canon, Nikon
2004_Aug-19: Tyco Integrates SiGe’s GPS Radio ICs into Modules
2004_Aug-19: ON Semiconductor’s Boost Converters Simplify Drive Circuitry for White LED Backlighting
2004_Aug-19: Sipex Introduces New 8A Addition to Ultra-Miniature Buck Regulator Family
2004_Aug-19: PDP TV Prices Likely to Fall Sharply in Korea
2004_Aug-19: Barcodes Aim to Do It All
2004_Aug-18: Samsung Tops 10 Million DDR2 SDRAM Shipments
2004_Aug-18: Matsushita Working to Cut Chinese CO2 Emissions
2004_Aug-18: IR Unveils Two-Phase PWM Control IC for Three Microprocessor Families
2004_Aug-18: Maxim Introduces Audio Clock Generator for Audio, Digital STB and HDTV Systems
2004_Aug-18: Summit, Artesyn Join to Develop Power System Control Solutions
2004_Aug-18: SMSC Unveils Integrated Industrial-Temp Embedded Super I/O Controllers
2004_Aug-18: Shares Dip on Higher Oil Prices
2004_Aug-17: Vodafone Japan to Appoint Former NTT DoCoMo Executive as President
2004_Aug-17: BivarOpto’s Subminiature Wedge-Based LEDs Offer 180-Deg Viewing Angle
2004_Aug-17: Iomega Announces OEM Deal with Promise Technology for Iomega REV Drive
2004_Aug-17: Samsung SDI Steps Up as No 1 Provider of PDPs During Q2
2004_Aug-17: SHARE SURVEY: Mobile Phones
2004_Aug-17: Lenovo Regains Top Spot from HP in Asia-Pacific PC Market, 2Q 2004, Says Gartner
2004_Aug-17: BTTB Bangladesh Enters Telecoms Agreement with ZTE
2004_Aug-17: Domestic Recession to Ease, Export Growth to be Curbed in Korea
2004_Aug-16: Vodafone Decreases Subscribers; NTT DoCoMo Outstrips Au
2004_Aug-16: CDMA Subscriber Base Reaches Record Number in 2Q 2004
2004_Aug-16: Fairchild Opens New Centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen; Increases Headcount in Suzhou
2004_Aug-16: Taiwan University Trials Nortel Networks Wireless Mesh Network Solution
2004_Aug-16: ANALYSIS: Court Battle Continues over Blue LED
2004_Aug-16: Entegris Expands Singapore Regional Service Center
2004_Aug-16: SiGen Announces Breakthrough in Strained Silicon Technology
2004_Aug-15: SHARE SURVEY: Solar Batteries
2004_Aug-14: NEC Electronics to Supply DVD Recorder Chips in Asia
2004_Aug-13: China Ready for Linux Spec Standard Plan: Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum
2004_Aug-13: Nearly 30% of Mobile Phone Users Swap Carriers Once for Better Pricing, Functions
2004_Aug-13: ABI Research Sees Good Wi-Fi Growth
2004_Aug-13: Toppan, CDT in Joint PLED Printing Development Program
2004_Aug-13: Diversinet, CPCNet Provide Wireless Security Solutions to China Market
2004_Aug-13: Kanematsu Expanding Ring-Tone Melody Business Abroad
2004_Aug-12: ‘Sales of 45-inch LCD TVs Better Than Expected,’ Sharp’s President Says
2004_Aug-12: Unisys Implements Operations Systems for New Guangzhou Airport
2004_Aug-12: Vishay’s Thin Film Resistor Divider Networks Offer 0.05% Resistance Ratio Tolerance
2004_Aug-12: Ebara Strengthening Chinese Environmental Equipment Ops
2004_Aug-11: KDDI Forms Tie-Ups with Toshiba, Hitachi to Develop Fuel-Cell-Powered Mobile Phones for Terrestrial Digital TV
2004_Aug-11: NEC to Use Intel CPUs for All PC Products
2004_Aug-11: Infineon, Winbond Expand Foundry Agreement
2004_Aug-11: Apple Japan to Pay 2% Referral Fee to Web Site Owners
2004_Aug-10: Nichia Joins Hands with Taiwan Maker for LEDs
2004_Aug-10: RfStream to Introduce Digital TV Tuner for Cell Phones in 2005
2004_Aug-10: Sony to Use PlayStation 2 Chip in Flat-Panel TVs
2004_Aug-10: Samsung, T-Mobile USA Unveil Slider Phone with Integrated Camera
2004_Aug-10: Zetex’ New Boost Converters Deliver Miniaturization
2004_Aug-9: Samsung Electronics to Release Blu-ray Disc Recorder by End of 2004
2004_Aug-9: Korea, Thailand Spearhead ‘E-Government’ Agreement
2004_Aug-9: ANALYSIS: Hitachi LCD Alliance Spurred By Flat-Panel TV Boom
2004_Aug-9: Fairchild Unveils Logic Level Translators in DQFN Packaging for Portables
2004_Aug-7: SHARE SURVEY: Home Videogame Consoles
2004_Aug-7: SHARE SURVEY: Plasma TVs
2004_Aug-6: Sanyo Introduces 5mm x 5mm Single-Chip FM Tuner for Mobile Phones
2004_Aug-6: Toshiba to Join Hitachi, M’shita to Produce Large LCDs
2004_Aug-6: Siemens Unveils GSM Mobile Phone with BlackBerry Function
2004_Aug-6: Toshiba to Release 60GB 1.8-Inch Hard Drive
2004_Aug-6: Japan’s Broadband Users Exceed 16 Million: Ministry
2004_Aug-6: STATS, ChipPAC Complete Merger
2004_Aug-6: Atmel Introduces Digital-to-Analog Converter with Integrated Multiplexer
2004_Aug-5: Use of UHF-Band RFID Tags May Slow in Japan If Gov’t Implements Spectrum User Fee
2004_Aug-5: Fujitsu, Cadence Tie Up to Create Advanced SoC Design Environments
2004_Aug-5: Korea’s Technology Trade Deficit Soars in 2003, Ministry Says
2004_Aug-5: Korea’s Shares Rebound to 720P
2004_Aug-5: ANT, TI Offer Digital Media Processor-Based Platform for Advanced IPTV
2004_Aug-5: Vishay Launches Infrared Emitters Optimized with 850nm Wavelength
2004_Aug-4: Samsung Closes Ranks with Motorola in Global Mobile Phone Shipments
2004_Aug-4: AU Optronics to Install Generation-6 Color Filter Fab Equipment
2004_Aug-4: Softbank BB’s RFID Tag Adopted for Large-Scale Rock Music Event
2004_Aug-4: Daum to Buy Lycos for US$95 Million
2004_Aug-4: Ricoh Raises Output of Copy-Protected Hybrid Discs
2004_Aug-4: Casio Develops First Transparent Ceramic Lens Using Murata’s LUMICERA
2004_Aug-4: TI Extends Development Platform with New Fingerprint Sensors
2004_Aug-3: Toshiba, Broadcom Develop Decoding LSI Chip for H.264 DVD Player
2004_Aug-3: Epson Develops World’s Smallest Gyro-Sensor
2004_Aug-3: NEC Plasma Display Develops PDPs with High Contrast Ratio in Bright Setting
2004_Aug-3: Earnings at Listed Companies Rise 150%
2004_Aug-3: Hitachi-LG Data Doubling Output of DVD Super Multi Drives for Notebooks
2004_Aug-3: TTPCom Opens Technical Support Office in Shenzhen
2004_Aug-3: Vishay’s New Diode Array Offers Bidirectional ESD Protection
2004_Aug-2: Au Business Operating Income Up 23.8%: KDDI President
2004_Aug-2: Toshiba Announces Notebook PC with Analog TV Tuner That Enhances Screen Intensity
2004_Aug-2: SK Telecom’s Q2 Profit Declines Sharply
2004_Aug-2: DoCoMo Machine to Sell Location Info Service Development Kit
2004_Aug-2: Barclays Bank Selects Teradata for Move to Single Enterprise Data Warehouse
2004_Aug-2: Microchip Debuts CAN Microcontroller in 28-Lead Package
2004_Aug-1: Nippon Elec Glass to Boost LCD Panel Glass Output in Taiwan, Korea


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