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Carriers are Making Money on BREW: Paul E. Jacobs (1)
June 4, 2002(2’11”)
– Paul E. Jacobs, president of the Qualcomm Wireless & Internet Group at Qualcomm Inc., Talks about BREW.
– “KT Freetel of Korea, KDDI of Japan and Verizon Wireless of the United States has launched thier BREW enabled service successfully.”
– “All the parts of the business model have worked out well. Carriers are actually making money on BREW.”

We Can Handle Global Content Distribution Platform Well : Paul E. Jacobs (2)
June 4, 2002(1’35”)
– “We can handle local cultural considerations and global content distribution platform well. A carrier in one country could see an application was popular in another country, and easily test it from our partner marketplace.”
– “On the technical side, BREW is set up so that it is relatively easy to localize the text in an application. So it is easy to put a localized application out with very minimal investment and risk.”
– “There are applications already that have come from Korea that will be in the Verizon launch here in the United States.”

We’re Really Trying to Push the Rollout of 3G Networks: Paul E. Jacobs (3)
June 4, 2002(1’35”)
– “We’re signing new developers, new carriers, and new handset manufacturers. We’re really trying to push the rollout of the 3G networks and the gpsOne technology.”
– “In the future, we see Bluetooth as becoming something interesting.
You can imagine all sorts of local multi-player games that you might do using Bluetooth or even special drivers that you might download in BREW that talk to some other piece of Bluetooth equipment.”
– “We’re also looking at how do we go address other markets like the enterprise.”

Remote Surveillance System with Streaming Video on BREW Phone
June 5, 2002(0’35”)
– San Francisco, Calif.-based generationPIX Inc. exhibits remote surveillance system on BREW Phone.
– The company developed client-server software which enables to distribute live streaming video to BREW phone.
– GenerationPIX demonstrates live video from San Francisco transmitted to BREW 2002 in San Diego.

BREW-Enabled Phone Can Display Microsoft Office Files
June 5, 2002(0’57”)
– Wakefield, Mass-based Comverse, Inc. showcases “Rich Media Mobile Email” system on BREW Phone at BREW 2002.
– User can view Microsoft Office files such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files attached on e-mail.
– Comverse also develops instant messeging client and multimedia messeging client for BREW phone.

KDDI Expects Stan-by Apps As Key on BREW Service
June 5, 2002(1’05”)
-Executive Managing Officer of KDDI, Yasuhiko Ito speaks about its EZweb wireless Internet service.
-KDDI has introduced BREW-enabled handset in March, and launched CDMA2000 1x service in April this year.
– KDDI to promote both Java (ezplus) and BREW.
– BREW and 1xEV-DO is the best combinations for 3G wireless applications.
– Stan-by applications which push updated information to handsets will be the important service on BREW.

Two Japanese Developers Recieve BREW Carrier’s Choice Awards
June 5, 2002(0’45”)
-Qualcomm awarded BREW carrier’s choice Awards to 2 Japanese developers, Navitime Japan Co, Ltd. for its map viewer, K Laboratory Co, Ltd. for its short messenging software with 3D animation “Kyara Komyu”.
– KT Freetel of Korea, Verizon Wireless of the U.S., KDDI of Japan has already launched BREW service.

Qualcomm WIG President Jacobs Gives Keynote at BREW 2002
June 4, 2002(3’11”)
– Paul E. Jacobs, president of Qualcomm Wireless and Internet Group gives Keynote speech “Endless Possibility: Taking Advantage of the Application Experience BREW Opens for Consumers.”
– KT Freetel of Korea, Verizon Wireless of the U.S., KDDI of Japan has already launched BREW service.

Qualcomm’s CEO Talks about Its CDMA Strategy
June 3, 2002(0’38”)
– Qualcomm’s Chairman & CEO, Irwin M. Jacobs meets the press on June 3, 2002 at Qualcomm’s headquarter in San Diego, Calif.
CEO and Chaieman, Qualcomm
– Journalists from Brazil, China, Korea and Japan joined the press briefing.
– Qualcomm intends cell phone to be the device with much more computing power.
– Qualcomm offers unique technologies such as BREW, 1xEV-DO and gpsOne, to help telecom operators in every country to promote 3G wireless telecommunications.
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