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  • Oki Electric, BEA Japan to Enhance Collaboration
  • February 1, 1999 (TOKYO) — Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. and BEA Systems Japan Ltd. announced that they agreed to further their collaboration and jointly seek distributors to serve as system integration (SI) specialists in Japan.
    The two companies seek to expand sales of BEA TUXEDO, a transaction processing engine provided by BEA Systems Inc. of the United States. Oki Electric will conduct sales activities from Feb. 1 as a master distributor that is allowed to grant distributor rights for the BEA products to third parties in Japan.

    So far, Oki Electric has offered direct services to build the TUXEDO-based systems under the BEA product sales license. Now, the company will develop new SI partners (sub-agencies) to offer the system building services by applying the BEA products, while also engaging in indirect sales of the products. It plans to have about ten SI partners within the next three years.

    The master distributor’s right is not exclusive. Companies that act as BEA product agencies will continue the system building services by direct sales.

    Oki Electric is the first master distributor for BEA’s products in Japan. Oki’s intention to expand the business through direct sales as well as via indirect sales fits with BEA Japan’s strategy. Specifically, BEA Japan seeks to sell its transaction processing products as components that are indispensable for building Web-based electronic-commerce and other systems.

    Oki Electric expects to generate more than 3 billion yen (US$260 million) in sales of the BEA products over the next three years through the SI partners. The Tokyo-based company enjoyed revenues of about 5 billion yen worth of BEA products in fiscal 1998. It targets annual revenue of about 10 billion yen in three years in the form of direct and indirect sales.

    More information in English is available at: http://www.beasys.com/action/press/press147.htm

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