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  • NTT Draws 112,000 Global Bird Watchers to Internet Event
  • February 1, 1999 (TOKYO) — Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. said 112,000 people from 94 countries joined its global bird-watching campaign on the Internet.
    In total, 5,744 species of wild birds were observed during the “NTT World Bird Count” conducted by the company from Oct. 1-31, 1998.

    This event is designed to collect data, observe and report on wild birds worldwide using home pages on the Internet, email, facsimile, telephone and other modes of communication.

    The mass bird watching drive has been held annually since 1995 as part of the experiments on information collecting and distributing using networks. The October 1998 bird-watching event was the fourth one in cooperation with the Wild Bird Society of Japan and Bird Life International. Bird Life International is an international organization for wild birds’ protection headquartered in London.

    Although more than half the number of 9,700 species of wild birds living on earth have so far been reported, the number of participants as well as the species of wild birds reported decreased compared with those of the previous event held in October 1997. The number of people who joined in the previous event was 180,000, and 5,935 species of wild birds were reported.

    However, the number of participating countries increased from 88 to 94, and so did the percentage of reports that used the Internet and email, from 54 percent to 74 percent. NTT analyzed the results as reflecting expansion of areas worldwide where Internet access is available.

    NTT will analyze the results further and create a map of “red data” for endangered birds. The map will be posted in March 1999 at http://www.wnn.or.jp/wnn-n/w-bird/index.html.

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