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  • Fujitsu to Launch Palm-Sized Mobile Printers
  • February 2, 1999 (TOKYO) — Fujitsu Ltd. introduced a portable, palm-sized monochrome printer dubbed the “PrintiaMini XM-30T.”
    Its features include portable size and weight, operability on alkaline dry batteries, infrared communication interface conforming to IrDA Version 1.0 and print capabilities for a reduced A4-size.

    The printer measures 150mm wide x 109mm deep x 25mm high. The maximum paper size it can print is A6-size. It runs either on batteries or with an AC adapter. When alkaline batteries are used, up to 50 sheets of A6-size can be printed. The weight of the printer, including batteries, is a light 380g.

    The printer is suitable for mobile computer users who need to print email and document files outside their office as well as business users who need to print documents at customers’ premises. The printer driver is both Windows 95/98-enabled and Windows CE 2.0-enabled.

    The printer uses thermoelectric technology. Because of this, either thermoelectric printing paper or roll paper is required. One set (100 sheets) of the special paper costs 600 yen (US$5.20) and one set (2.5m x 6 rolls) of the special roll paper costs 980 yen (US$8.50).

    The printing resolution is 400dpi. The print speed in the A6 copy mode is 2 sheets per minute. Attachments include driver software, an AC adapter, a printer cable and special roll paper (2.5m x one roll).

    It is expected to be shipped in mid-February 1999 and to be priced at 24,800 yen (US$215). Fujitsu aims to sell 10,000 units per year.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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