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  • Fuji Xerox to Recycle Most Used Copier Machines
  • February 2, 1999 (TOKYO) — Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., a leading Tokyo-based producer of copiers, said that in February it will begin a recycling system that enables used copiers to be recycled at a rate of 96.9 percent in terms of weight.
    The recycle rate has so far been about 81.1 percent and the final disposal rate for used copiers is about 14.8 percent. Fuji Xerox said the disposal rate will be improved to just 0.4 percent.

    The new recycling system will be implemented at the company’s Ebina plant, where used copier machines will be collected. Next, the operation will be implemented across the Kanto region (Tokyo and nearby areas). The company will put the system into effect at all of its plants in 2000.

    The new recycling system is a product of the Asset Recovery Management Stream (ARS). In September 1998, Fuji Xerox achieved a recycle rate of 96.8 percent and a disposal rate of 0.3 percent at a demonstration test for “Zero Emission” and recycling in collaboration with 13 recycling companies. Re-Tem Corp. is one of those companies. They possess a range of techniques for separating metals and plastics.

    On the basis of the results, Fuji Xerox decided to adopt the recycle system by reconfiguring its control process.

    Fuji Xerox is improving the recycle rate by separating individual parts as much as possible without a shredder. In particular, it is greatly improving the aluminum recycle rate.

    Also, it said that the recycle rates for nonferrous metals, plastics and rubber are being greatly improved.

    (Nikkei Mechanical)

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