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  • Nihon Unisys to Verify Computer Systems to Solve Y2K Issue
  • February 2, 1999 (TOKYO) — Nihon Unisys Ltd. said it plans to verify system operations in June in an effort to solve the Year 2000 (Y2K) software problem.
    The verification will be implemented among all users of Unisys hardware and software products.

    So far, the company has dealt with the Y2K problem for individual hardware/software products and user applications.

    “In the case of single systems, we have already dealt with a large portion of them, including mainframes” said Yosuke Torii, executive managing director of Nihon Unisys.

    The company has found connectivity between applications and systems to be problematic. Each system may be Y2K compliant, but when different systems are run together, only the last two digits of the year are exchanged as data exchange and database reference/sharing tasks are performed

    Also, manufacturers may face a problem due to micro-code embedded in a microprocessor that is built in control devices of a terminal. Nihon Unisys intends to thoroughly deal with these problems during the verification of system operations.

    The procedure is outlined as follows. Initially the calendar is set to “12-31-1999” on the systems that run simultaneously at a user site. Next, the systems are operated as usual, and the operation status is monitored. System engineers employed by Nihon Unisys will perform the work at the user sites.

    “We have scheduled the work for June, because most users will have finished their 1998 account settlements by that time,” Torii said.

    This large-scale verification work requires that all systems within the users’ facilities be suspended. According to Nihon Unisys, to prevent unexpected problems, the company has decided to perform the verification work immediately after the account settlement time.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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