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  • Japan Storage Battery to Make Lithium-ion Batteries for Cars
  • February 4, 1999 (TOKYO) — Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. said that it developed a lithium-ion secondary battery for hybrid cars that use gasoline-powered combustion engines assisted by electric motors.
    It will start mass producing the battery from the second half of 2000.

    Although hybrid cars are already available, only nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) secondary batteries are used to power such cars. A lithium-ion secondary battery can reduce the hybrid car battery size and weight because it features an energy density higher than that of NiMH secondary batteries.

    Sony Corp. and other companies also are developing lithium-ion secondary batteries for hybrid cars, but Japan Storage Battery is the first company to announce it will produce the battery.

    The company plans to sell the new batteries to Japanese and overseas car makers. It will aim to produce enough batteries for 5,000 hybrid cars a month.

    Japan Storage Battery said the price can be reduced to a level equivalent to that of current NiMH secondary batteries, owing mainly to cost-reduction efforts. The battery measures 26mm by 61.5mm by 132.5mm.

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