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News from NET and COM '99

  • [NET & COM ’99] Sony Unveils Card-Type Fingerprint ID Unit
  • February 5, 1999 (TOKYO) — Sony Corp. unveiled a demonstration version of its FIU-700 card-type fingerprint identification unit at the exhibition booth of Entrust Japan Co., Ltd. as part of the NET & COM ’99 industry show.
    The show is being held at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba prefecture from Feb. 2-5.

    A universal serial bus (USB) interface is used for connecting the unit to a personal computer.

    Sony said that an authentication process can be executed by a fingerprint ID system when starting up a PC operating system or application software. Also, a type of gateway software called Entrust-Ready is used for supporting the process.

    Sony’s FIU-700, which conforms to the authentication system Entrust/PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) proposed by Entrust Technologies Ltd. of the United States, has an internal memory for saving such data as encryption keys for decoding encrypted data and performing digital certification.

    The FIU-700 has a silicon sensor chip for reading a fingerprint, and thus the system is smaller and lighter than those using optical systems.

    A Sony official said that the FIU-700 measures 85mm by 53.4mm by 7.0mm high, and it weighs 32g. The Tokyo-based company will likely start sample shipments of the unit to system integrators in March.

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    (Nikkei Internet Technology)

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