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News from NET and COM '99

  • Excite Japan to Start New Internet Ad Service
  • February 12, 1999 (TOKYO) — Excite Japan Co., Ltd., an Internet search service company, announced it will offer a new advertising service that places corporate logos or trademarks on the background screen of Excite Japan’s home page.
    The new service will start in the coming weeks, according to Excite Japan.

    Internet ads mainly target short-term effects. For example, banner ads encourage viewers to click to linked Web sites.

    Unlike banner ads, Excite Japan’s “Background Ad” aims to get visitors to recognize company names and logos. Ads on “wallpaper” intend to enhance corporate images as well as help popularize company brand names.

    Excite Japan developed the technology to display images on the background screen of a home page. From December 1998, when Excite Japan renewed its Web site, its own logos were placed on the background of the page.

    The standard image size for a Background Ad is 490 x 780 dots. And the file size is limited to 10K bytes so that the impact on downloading isn’t an inconvenience.

    The ad space is priced at 2 million yen (US$17,600) for a two-week period, and it is sold with a package of “Toppage Text” to be placed at the top of Excite Japan’s home page.

    In January, nearly 900,000 users visited Excite Japan. A client’s company logo will thus be shown to a large number of users over a two-week period.

    (Nikkei Multimedia)

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