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News from NET and COM '99

  • Pacific HiTech to Launch Linux Server Product for Businesses
  • February 16, 1999 (TOKYO) — Pacific HiTech Inc. debuted TurboLinux Server version 1.0 for corporate UNIX servers. It is to be delivered at the end of March.
    The operating system has various Internet functions (WWW/MAIL/PROXY) and intranet functions (file sharing/AppleTalk) as strong selling points.

    The software will be distributed mainly by agencies in an indirect sales system.

    The price is set at 29,800 yen (US$260) for general users and 19,800 yen (US$173) for educational institutions.

    System requirements are as follows: i486DX or more advanced processor (Pentium is recommended as the minimum), 16MB main memory (more than 64MB recommended) and a hard disk drive with a capacity of 20MB or more (1GB or more recommended).

    Pacific HiTech has been developing and selling TurboLinux, a UNIX for the desktop machines, over-the-counter. TurboLinux Server version 1.0 is the first corporate server product provided by the company. The company is preparing for the sales by creating corporate alliances with system integrators and arranging support services.

    To date, system integrators selected for providing support services are Fujisoft ABC Inc. and a company in the Otsuka Shokai group.

    “One more or such system integrator will be under contract by March. And then we will announce a concrete service menu,” said Cliff Miller, president of Pacific HiTech.

    Additionally, Oracle Corp. Japan is going to issue on March 18 Oracle 8 Workgroup Server Release 8.0.5, a type of relational database management system for corporate divisions to run on a TurboLinux Server.

    According to Oracle Japan, Oracle 8 Enterprise Edition, positioned as the most advanced RDBMS product for mission critical systems, will correspond to Linux through its release 1.0 due to be delivered this summer.

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