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News from NET and COM '99

  • Dell Japan Starts Lease Service to Lure Customers
  • February 16, 1999 (TOKYO) — Dell Computer Corp. of Japan on Feb. 10 started offering two new types of corporate lease services for personal computers.
    The aim is to attract customers who currently use other vendors’ equipment.

    The two new services are “Dell Level Up Lease” (Dell upgrade lease), and “Dell Yutori Lease” (Dell deferred payment lease).

    The upgrade lease allows customers to switch to a Dell product during the term of an existing computer lease contract. The manufacturer and model of computer, and the lease company with which the customer has the existing contract, are of no concern.

    Dell and Orix Rentec Corp. take care of canceling the existing lease on the customer’s behalf. The customer arranges the new lease for the Dell product directly with Orix, and there is an extra charge for canceling the existing contract.

    From mid-February, Dell plans to offer a service on its Web site that will calculate the new lease charges, including the cancellation fee for the old contract.

    The other new service, the deferred payment lease, gives customers a three-month grace period before the first lease payment is due. This service caters to corporate customers who cannot immediately budget for PC lease requirements due to the particular accounting period their company uses, or for other budgetary reasons.

    For example, a company that balances its books at the end of March may not have budgeted for PC leases in that fiscal year. But if the company takes out a deferred payment lease in February, it will not have to pay until May in the new fiscal year.

    However, a deferred payment lease costs more in total charges than a standard lease.

    Dell also announced that all its service products will be offered under one umbrella called “CARE@DELL.” By grouping all its services, which were known by individual names until now, Dell hopes to gain greater customer awareness.

    (BizTech News Dept.)

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