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  • Sanyo to Sell Digital Camera with Motion Picture Features
  • February 17, 1999 (TOKYO) — Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. introduced a new digital camera called DSC-X110, which is capable of recording 120 seconds of motion pictures, or double the period of its DSC-X100 model.
    Sanyo will market the camera at a retail price of 68,000 yen (US$600) on Feb. 20.

    The camera captures moving pictures in resolution formats of 320 x 240 dots or 160 x 120 dots. Taking pictures for 120 seconds is enabled by the 160 x 120-dot image size and by using a 16MB-plus SmartMedia card. Utilization of the 320 x 240-dot image size reduces the operating time to a maximum of 30 seconds. In both cases, voices also can be recorded.

    Pictures are compressed into the Motion JPEG format at 15 frames per second. The camera is capable of immediate playback, and it comes with such functions as fast winding/rewinding and forward/backward searching.

    Pictures can be displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor on the back of the camera’s body or on a TV linked to the camera. When the pictures are displayed on a TV, voices can be reproduced as well.

    The new camera’s other picture-taking functions are almost the same as those of the DSC-X100. The camera has a 1/3-in. charged coupled device (CCD) with 850,000 pixels, including 800,000 valid pixels for picture taking. Users can select the resolution available for still pictures from 1,024 x 768 dots, 640 x 480 dots, 320 x 240 dots and 160 x 120 dots.

    It features a lens focal length equivalent to a 43mm standard lens in the case of a 35mm film camera. The focal point is fixed.

    The camera automatically adjusts the white balance and is equipped with a built-in stroboscope. The waiting time for picture processing between shooting intervals is reduced to 0.8 second from 1.5 seconds for the current model.

    The camera incorporates an optical viewfinder and an LCD monitor. Photographers can use the LCD monitor for a viewfinder when they take pictures and for playback to view pictures. The monitor is a 2-in. low-temperature poly-silicon thin film transistor (TFT)-LCD.

    Sanyo’s new camera measures 106mm wide by 61mm high by 35mm deep. The current model’s body is plastic, but the new model uses aluminum for part of the body. It weighs about 200g without batteries and 250g with a pair of batteries.

    Sanyo said it plans monthly production of 10,000 units of the DSC-X110 model.

    The company said it will continue production of the current DSC-X100 model. For the DSC-X100, it plans to offer upgrade services so as to extend the picture-taking time from 60 seconds to 120 seconds and to enhance the SmartMedia storage capacity from 16MB to 32MB. The services will start after April and a fee will be charged.

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