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  • Fujitsu Ten, Furukawa Make Radar for Smart Transport
  • February 17, 1999 (TOKYO) — Fujitsu Ten Ltd. and Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. each are developing a millimeterwave radar for automotive applications, Nikkei Electronics learned.
    The radar, which has a frequency band of 76GHz to 77GHz, will be used for a system of automatic distance control between cars going in the same direction. It measures distance and relative velocity between a car running ahead and the radar itself, and controls the speed of the car on which the radar is installed.

    This system is one of the core technologies to achieve automatic car driving that constitutes an intelligent transport system (ITS).

    Although systems with infrared rays already have been put to use, infrared rays used to cause errors in measuring distances or speeds due to diffused reflections under rainy or foggy weather conditions. Radar with a several millimeter wavelength can detect cars running about 100m ahead under bad weather conditions.

    Fujitsu Ten uses a method called the frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW). Distance and speed are detected using a system with a simple configuration.

    Antennas for sending and receiving radar, which were separated previously, are integrated into a unit. Frequencies are changed between the transmission and receiving modes with a separation of several MHz. That downsized the system to a size 106mm x 88mm x 113mm.

    The company will start sampling the products to car makers in spring or summer of 1999.

    Furukawa created its prototype system using the spectrum diffusion method, which is robust against radio interceptions. It uses an antenna for transmission and three for receiving. Its date for commercialization is not yet decided.

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