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  • WebTV to Distribute Free CD-ROM for Dreamcast Net Service
  • February 17, 1999 (TOKYO) — WebTV Networks KK will offer a free access kit, “Microsoft WebTV Network Service on Dreamcast,” that enables Sega’s Dreamcast customers to use WebTV services.
    Dreamcast is Sega Enterprises Ltd.’s home video game machine.

    WebTV is a network service provided by WebTV Networks using television sets as a monitor, so that users can browse Web pages. The services usually require a special terminal sold by WebTV, however, with a CD-ROM users can use Dreamcast as a WebTV terminal.

    This free CD-ROM will be either sold with Dreamcast or inserted into PC magazines as supplement. WebTV will start distributing the CD-ROM around the end of March and early April.

    Microsoft WebTV Network Access Kit will have a manual for access instructions, in addition to the CD-ROM.

    To connect to WebTV is simple: after connecting Dreamcast to a TV set and telephone line, the user simply has to set the CD-ROM into the machine. At Dreamcast’s startup, a registration page will show on the TV. As soon as the user enters his or her phone number and other information, the registration with WebTV is complete.

    After completion of this process, the user can enjoy the Internet any time, as long as the CD-ROM is kept in the Dreamcast machine. There will be no charge for WebTV registration. The monthly subscription fee is 2,000 yen (US$17) for up to 15 hours of use per month.

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