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  • Fujitsu Unveils Storplex Concept for Storage Products
  • February 19, 1999 (TOKYO) — Fujitsu Ltd. announced a concept called Storplex covering the functional expansion of its open-system computer data storage systems over the next five years.
    The Tokyo-based company’s concept emphasizes four subjects: expandability up to the level of petabytes, intelligent operation management, storage area networks (SNA), and availability.

    Fujitsu plans to deliver products in line with the concept through 2003.

    Storplex specifies that a single storage system (a chassis) integrates three components — a high-speed disk drive, a large-capacity disk drive with a high volume-to-price ratio, and a tape library. The final target of data capacity per chassis will be about 100 terabytes (TB) and the total capacity combining 10 chassis units will be about 1 petabyte.

    Fujitsu said that connection with servers will be made with standard technologies such as via fiber channel (with a transmission rate of 100MB/sec.). And connection between devices in a chassis and between Storplex storage systems will be through Fujitsu’s original super high-speed interconnect technology called Synfinity (with a transmission rate of 1.6GB/sec. to 3.2GB/sec.), according to a Fujitsu official.

    The Storplex storage system automatically optimizes physical locations of a file by analyzing the pattern profile of an application accessing the file.

    For example, a file is moved to a high-speed disk when access is frequent and a file is relocated to a tape library when access is infrequent. Also, a tool will be provided to allow managers to operate files without knowing their physical locations.

    Functions such as load balancing on data transmission routes and cache control also are automatically optimized through analysis of access patterns and data attributes. Operability will be enhanced when two or more servers share a single storage unit.

    As for SNA-related features, a common file system corresponding to various types of operating systems will be prepared so as to promote integration and utilization of the storage system by different types of servers. Other objectives are simultaneous access to identical data and high availability, Fujitsu said.

    (Nikkei Computer)

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