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  • Sony, Toshiba Design Microchip for Home Game Machines
  • February 22, 1999 (SAN FRANCISCO) — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Toshiba Corp. jointly announced a microchip designed for computer entertainment machines at the 1999 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC99).
    The ISSCC99 was held Feb. 15- Feb.17 in San Francisco.

    The chip is a microcontroller with enhanced three dimensional (3D) graphics and MPEG2 decoding functions. It is based on a 0.18-micron design rule, and about 10.5 million transistors are integrated on the 17mm x 14.1mm chip, the two companies said.

    The microchip was described as “designed for future computer entertainment machines” in lecture materials (in the Digest of Technical Papers). And a speaker stated that it is meant for video games machines.

    Also, he revealed that the development of the microcontroller started in 1996, and that the first chip was completed in August 1998. DRAMs with DirectRambus specifications were adopted for main memory.

    When products using this microcontroller are commercialized, the mainstay synchronous DRAM for PC main memory will be dominated by DRAMs conforming to the DirectRambus specifications, the company officials noted.

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