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  • Japanese Ministry to Establish Promotion Body for Gigabit Network
  • February 22, 1999 (TOKYO) — Japan’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Japan said it will start a promotion body for its forthcoming next-generation Gigabit Network.
    The “Promotion Conference for the Next-Generation Super High Speed Networks (tentative name)” to be started on March 2 is to ensure effective operation of the Gigabit Network, which will begin operating in April 1999.

    The conference members will consist of telecommunications carriers such as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. and Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. and communications equipment manufacturers such as Fujitsu Ltd. and IBM Japan Ltd. The Communication Industry Association of Japan, Federation of Economic Organizations and people in academic institutions will also be members. The Telecommunications Advancement Organization (TAO) will act as the secretariat.

    Their activities will include: (1) strategic review of fundamental operations for the Gigabit Network, (2) strategic review of promoting research about the usage of the Gigabit Network in corporations and universities, (3) strategic review of promoting the use of research facilities wired to the Gigabit Network, and (4) holding seminars and symposiums, etc.

    The activities will last for five years until 2003.

    The Gigabit Network will run across the Japanese archipelago at 2.4Gbps and will be completed by the end of March 1999, mainly by TAO, using the government’s 1998 budget.

    The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications will aim to release the Gigabit Network to corporations and universities so that they will promote research and development activities for a next-generation, high-speed communication protocol and highly complex applications.

    (Nikkei New Media)

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