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  • [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Shimamura Music Announces MIDI-on-iMac
  • February 22, 1999 (TOKYO) — Shimamura Music Co., Ltd., which sells musical instruments and operates music classes, announced a MIDI-on-iMac music solution.
    The iMac MidiModel MidiMac combines MIDI sequence software and MIDI interface onto iMac. Shimamura showcased a sample model at the MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo’99 held at Makuhari Messe from Feb.18-20.

    The software is for a new iMac in different colors with an additional 64MB of memory to 96MB in total. The date of release and the price are not decided.

    The MIDI sequence software as an attachment is EZ Vision 3.0 J developed by Opcode Systems Inc. of the United States.

    Users will be able to connect peripheral musical instruments to an iMac, such as a synthesizer and MIDI keyboard, as Roland Corp.’s USB-support MIDI interface, the S-MPU64, will be bundled. Roland has scheduled shipment of the interface for late February.

    As the package will have Roland’s software synthesizer VSC-88H, which supports GS, and all the necessary user setups for the MIDI environment are already implemented, anybody can plug and play MIDI right away.

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