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  • Nihon Cisco Offers Free Software for Y2K Testing
  • February 22, 1999 (TOKYO) — Nihon Cisco Systems KK set up a Web site on Feb. 16 to offer free network management software for and information about product Year 2000 compliance.
    To date, Nihon Cisco has provided information in response to individual customer requests about the Year 2000 compliance of its hardware and the different versions of its software.

    The reason for setting up the Web site is that “queries have soared recently, and Cisco products that are not Y2K compliant are still being used,” said Fumihiko Shinoura, senior product marketing manager at the company.

    As well as providing information, the company is offering its network management suite, CiscoWorks 2000, free of charge for one month so that customers can test networks that are currently in operation. The software automatically discovers Cisco products on the network and analyzes whether they are Year 2000 compliant.

    The new Web site (in Japanese) indicates whether each Cisco product can cope with the date change, and describes what is guaranteed in each case. Visitors can download a certificate of Year 2000 compliance for specific products.

    According to Shinoura, more than 1,000 customers in Japan have Cisco products in their networks that are not Year 2000 compliant.

    In most cases, the problem can be solved by upgrading to the latest version of IOS, Cisco’s basic router software.

    However, this is not possible with older products such as the AGS router, which went out of production more than five years ago and is no longer supported.

    Nihon Cisco has no plans to test AGS for potential date-change problems. Instead, the company is promoting its “Technology Migration Program,” which advises customers to trade in old Cisco products for new ones.

    (Nikkei Communications)

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