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  • [MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo] Alps, HP Japan Showcase Printers in Five Colors
  • February 23, 1999 (TOKYO) — At the Consumer Showcase booth at MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo ’99, Alps Electric Co., Ltd. and Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd. showed prototype printers for the iMac in five semi-transparent colors.
    MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo ’99 was held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba prefecture, near Tokyo from Feb. 18-20.

    Alps Electric

    Alps Electric exhibited a color version of the MD-5000 released in October 1998 in strawberry, blueberry, grape, lime and tangerine. The MD-5000 is a high-resolution printer based on Alps’ original technology, Micro Dry method, realizing 2,400 dpi. It has an option to be compatible with dye sublimation printing.

    The company sold the MD-5000i (a limited model released late in 1998) in bondi blue, the same color as the iMac, and it was successful. The MD-5000 in five different colors is likely to debut as well.

    HP Japan

    HP Japan also exhibited a version of Deskjet 895Cxi in the five colors. It is an ink jet printer released in late 1998. It has not yet been decided whether these prototypes will go on sale.

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