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  • Epson Unveils Dedicated Terminal for Web Browser
  • February 23, 1999 (TOKYO) — Seiko Epson Corp. unveiled Epson INTERGATE, a dedicated Web browser terminal.
    It is a space-saving terminal equipped with a built-in, touch-panel liquid-crystal display. It makes it possible to search and browse contents on the Web server by just touching the display screen.

    This terminal is aimed for use in unmanned information services of businesses and public organizations. It is supposed to be embedded either in a wall or a counter. It is expected to be marketed through Epson Hanbai Co., Ltd. at market prices beginning in April 1999. Epson hopes to sell 10,000 units in 1999.

    The SH7709 runs on a reduced instruction set processor and the micro-ITRON operating system. NetFront 2.0, a version with additional proprietary features developed by Access Co., Ltd., is used for the Web browser.

    The terminal does not come with a built-in hard disk drive, and the operating system and Web browser are supposed to be downloaded from the server. It is also capable of distributing multimedia contents, such as animation, streaming video and voice.

    The software required for the operating system and system configuration is expected to be offered separately as a Contents Developers’ Kit at market prices.

    The terminal measures 305mm wide by 258.9mm high with a depth of 57.6mm. It weighs 2.5kg.

    The compatible protocols are TCP/IP and HTTP. The terminal is equipped with one each of the following: 10BASE-T port, serial port, keyboard port, PC card slot (Type III x 1), monophonic speakers and stereo audio output terminal.

    QA-2000 chips developed by the maker are used for the audio/video function.

    The display screen is 10.4-inch color thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display that is designed to display 640 x 480 dots and 64,000 colors.

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