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  • U.S. Optika Affiliate Expands Malaysian Local Ownership
  • February 24, 1999 (TOKYO) — Optika Technologies Sdn., Bhd. of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia said its managers and PNB Information Technologies Sdn., Bhd. (PNBit) will buy the majority share of OTSB from U.S. joint venture partner Optika Inc.
    Optika Inc. a provider of Web-based workflow software vendor based in Colorado Springs, Colo.

    The acquisition furthers OTSB’s aims to become Asia’s premier provider of business process solutions, distributing Optika Inc. products and developing innovative services for local markets, the company said.

    The ownership of OTSB by management and shareholder PNBit, Malaysia’s leading systems integration company, provides the sales and marketing company with greater flexibility and control in servicing the needs of its business partners and customers in Asia.

    At the end of 1998 Optika launched eMedia in the region, a web-based utility for document management, and the potential for this innovative business automation application will form the platform for the expansion of OTSB.

    “We are delighted to have reached such a positive outcome for all parties: OTSB, Optika Inc., PNBit and most of all, for our customers. The document imaging and workflow market is a dynamic and vigorous one, and in OTSB we have an Asian company which has the financial, technical and management resources to fully capitalize on the opportunities which exist in the region,” said an OTSB executive.

    Under the agreement with Optika Inc., OTSB will retain the exclusive rights to distribute Optika products in key territories including Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore.

    Optika Inc. will retain a 10 percent stake in the company, and will continue to transfer skills and information to OTSB as the regional distributor and support center.

    The management and staff of OTSB remain at full strength, with plans for expansion in the future. Former director of Optika Asia, Paul Johnston, will become managing director of OTSB.

    Commenting on the opportunities awaiting the Company, Johnston said, “Increasing the independence of Optika Technologies will enable us to respond more effectively to the market, and allow us to further localize the operation. We will now have the ability to increase our investments here and provide a higher level of support and service to our partners and customers.”

    (Asia BizTech Tokyo Editorial Bureau)

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